I love you but… You are rude on the calls! heaven?

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Be Nice! I love you but…

You are rude on the calls, where is the Heaven on Earth that you promise?

From My Mailbox:

I already love you and care for you because i can feel your heart…way big. The challenge is that the ego is still getting in the way of your delivering the Heaven on Earth and your special talents bringing down energy.

The meditations are rather distracting and the tone you offer to the participants is a turn off.

My wife is not going to be getting on any more bc it was more unsettling (the demeanor with some girl on the call and others) than beneficial.

I am telling you this bc if you are like me you will process this and come up with a more loving solution for your meditations. I felt the same thing Tuesday and my interest weaned in what can truly be a Heaven on Earth. Please understand this is offered with love and not really interested in challenging you to help you grow..just how and what my wife observed. Love

My Answer, Or Better My Musings:

I find it really useful to note that much criticism, most deadly blows come with a disclaimer: I love you, but…

That is the extent our love for our fellow human beings.

This is why the Unconditional Love Activator is such a godsend: it frees you us to just express your displeasure without a disclaimer. That leaves the other person whole and complete, not a rotten apple…

People who use meditation as a nice experience are using it as a drug, and are addicted, probably, to other means of feeling nice, I have no doubt about that.

The main question here is what is the purpose of meditation, and what is the purpose of coming to my calls.

If you are coming to have a nice time, a nice experience, you are better off going to Christie Marie Sheldon. She will serve you well.

I have no commitment to you enjoying the calls. It’s OK with me if you do, it is my preference that you do, but no commitment there.

What am I committed to if I am not committed to your experience in the sessions?

I am committed to waking you up. I am committed to call a quickening, an awakening in you. I am doing my darned best to do that. Including strengthening your capacity to stay well and unphased, unfrazzled, untouched when things happen in your environment that are maybe upsetting, like someone being thrown off a call.

All my work, all my products are designed to bring you out of your childish expectation that the world is supposed to be a nice fair place. It isn’t: it is not ever going to be.

My flag bears the goal: “A world that works for everyone.” But is that statement about changing the world? No. It is changing you! Your perception of reality, your awareness, your way of looking at things.

When your “sky” is that it should be a nice southern style nice-nice, polite, politically correct world, the clouds my sessions are going to be nasty and not what you want. But if you look behind the fake nice-nice, people are back stabbing, and the KKK 2 is from the South too… right?

I teach you, train you, poke you, activate you, and help you with the Heaven on Earth energy bundle to have a blue sky, no shoulds, on which the clouds, dark, fuzzy, pretty, stormy, whatever clouds pass across, but your sky stays the same. No conflict.

But, of course, you need to change to change the sky!

If you are coming to me to help you be happy while staying the same, I will strike you as unreasonable, harsh, and unfriendly.

Like the people on that particular call:

not doing what they were supposed to do… expecting me to do it for them
not reading the sales letter expecting this to a general advice call… and getting upset that it isn’t
bringing dark blocking energies to the call, preventing my work to be done, and cursing me out when I ask them to leave

You see, if I could have this work done nice-nice, I would. I wouldn’t feel like a tank just ran over my body after every call!

I don’t expect this work to be a walk in the park, neither for me, nor for you.

Heaven on Earth on the call equals hell everywhere else!

I’d rather that you consider my classes base camp, boot camp for life: for a great life where you have all the power.

By the way: from now on I am screening the applicants and won’t admit anyone whose vibration is under 190.

Both you and your wife are under 190.

Why 190? Because under 190 all you are concerned with is you. You can’t see the big picture, and therefore you are not trainable.

I’d prefer to set the threshold lower, but my best student, when she started with me, was at 190… so I don’t want to exclude my next best student. By the way, she is at 330 now, after two months.

She came for what’s possible, not for a peaceful respite. That’s the difference. And I am even nice some of the time, lol.

PS: By the way, my beloved teacher, Robert Plank, is anything but a nice guy. He, in fact, is a real prickly one. So why do I love him so much? Because he forced me to do the work, and because he was more committed to that than being nice.

Nice keeps you the same. “Prickly” has a chance to push you over the resistance and get you moving… so thank you, I don’t want to be nice: I want you to be moving.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

19 thoughts on “I love you but… You are rude on the calls! heaven?”

  1. A great teacher radiates unconditional love (jesus got angry ONCE), we all have been beat up enough and we must go through more boot camp, yayyyy!! I meant nayyyyyy!!! We all have family conditioning, programming and perspective of world we have responsiblility to change if we wish to see a better world, even the “gurus”. Perhaps the world is beautiful if one has the wisdom of perspective to always see it that way, then it wouldn’t always be an unfair world perhaps that my mommy or daddy told me or whoever. Go to the marines atleast you’ll get paid to get beat up . There is nothing wrong with choosing an easy, fun path, do I need to remind you we all create our lives and how we go up the mountain (and come down)? We are all born masters, a guide along the way may help but be careful if people make you feel uncomfortable, you have a right to be comfortable and have fun

  2. amen to that! being nice so everyone will like you get’s you no where! still learning…lol

  3. most likely they were probably composing their letter in their head during meditation…staying in indignation rather than in connection. Stick to your requirements and keep the bar high.

  4. Sophie! I love the fact that you kick us in the ass to do the work. I believe without it, without skin in the game we are no better off than Marionettes. Thank for teaching us how to cut the strings and fly on our own –

  5. Most people are too entrenched in their comfort zones and regard any attempt to shift them from that state as hostile. Their loss I am afraid.
    Thank you Sophie for a great session. I am noticing some shifting so I’m looking forward to the 2nd phase.

  6. I don’t mind how you teach or your tone.. If I can’t stay connected and it will not benefit the group – then by all means – take me off the call!! It’s only fair. I think I’m connected most of the time and enjoy it!! I’ve learned a lot in this short time and appreciate your work!! If someone is doing something that is not for the benefit for all of us – then they should be taken off and let us that are doing things for our higher good continue… You are a gem and you have helped me much.. I went through turmoil for a short period and now my life is transforming into the most magnificent times!! Thank you Sophie!!!! <3 <3

  7. To be honest Sophie, in the early stages of working with you, there were a few times I decided didn’t like your attitude and wouldn’t attend another call. But I sat down and really thought about why it bothered me so much – it was because you made me uncomfortable, you took me out of my comfort zone.

    I now realise that you don’t achieve much in life by staying in that safe little comfort zone! And while everyone is responsible for their own behaviour, they are also responsible for how they react to other people’s behaviour.

    That’s one thing I have learned from you Sophie – by stepping back, I can put myself in a position where I have a choice about how I react. I can choose to become offended at something you say or I can choose to remain impervious. Its entirely up to me.

    While your teachings may not come in the most pleasant of wrappings sometimes, the results are the real gift! 😉

  8. it is just like an umpire calling you out…if you are out then you are out…doesn’t mean you can’t play the game anymore…after getting kicked of today I was not mad…I have respect for the umpire and the other players, and I would never do anything “purposely” to hamper their progress, just means back to the fundamentals!

  9. Great attitude, Aaron, I am proud of you. And I think we may need to do some personal work: release some of the fear that is there, or at least learn how to have the fear instead of it having you. email me and we’ll set it up, ok?

  10. ok sounds good, thanx…maybe I will stay off the live calls until then.

  11. Let’s ask her on the next Activation call to write an article.

    But… what you don’t know but I can see on the “spy” software, is that she bought all the activators that I sell and used them several times, that she spends hours doing the meditations, that she never misses a call unless she must, and maybe most importantly: she has a vision of herself on the same level as me.

    She found ambition, desire, and motivation… they are very strong forces.

    Please remind me to ask her.

  12. Frist of all last I heard everyone who wants heaven on earth and hasn’t already got it need to go throgh hell on earth. Second of all I have only a very limited understanding of NLP but I know more than enough to say whoever came up with that headline, might benifit from learning some very basic NLP and starting to look at their own words from that perspective.

    My limited knowedlge taught me alot about what I has been doing wrong all these years, and I helped me take my first step toward heaven on earth (and I only using it on myself). Just something to consider.

  13. This is my third attempt to reply to this. Crazy technology erased all with one little tap. Or maybe, Source was trying to save my dumb ass…

    But, I can’t help finding this totally entertaining, especially the mans e-mail, and choice of words. However, something is driving me crazy, or crazier, LOL. Am I the only one who is wondering why this woman (you) can’t speak for herself??? I’d rather be dead than have someone do my talking for me. Does she even know? Does she care? Can she think for herself?

    You see, my reply would have been a very simple, two short words, or I would have just deleted it and moved on. I am a huge fan of the delete button!

    So, in my delay of responding to this, it hit me clearly why you are the teacher, and a very good one at that, and I am the student. All I had to do is “step back”, and compare your response, Which I thought was brilliant, to what mine would have been.

    Stepping back is going to be a very good thing!

  14. Forgot to mention, I am well aware that this is my first failure of the month!

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