7 steps to create ease and grace about making money?

dont-should-on-yourselfWhat does it take to have, make, save, invest, and spend money in a way that you end up enjoying it, benefiting from it, being enriched by money?

Before we can talk about money, we need to define what we mean by abundance… Abundance is a being that says: All is well with the world. Abundance is also an experience.

I don’t know anyone who lives in abundance, although all of us have experienced abundance for moments, minutes, hours… sometimes even days. Don’t kid yourself, rich people don’t live in abundance… every person I have ever checked, had some version of anxiety in them.

And yet… abundance is our birthright… we are hardwired for abundance. But because…

…we want abundance, crave abundance, need to have abundance to be well… all this forceful wanting kills our chances for abundance.

Therefor, if you are serious about reclaiming your birthright of abundance, before it even comes to money, you need to purge from your system the main perpetrators,

  • having to
  • needing to
  • wanting to
  • should and shouldn’t

All of these words create a beingness that is counter to high vibration, that is counter to money, counter to health, to experiencing abundance, to appreciation, to acceptance… to the being that says that all is well with the world.

The beingness of abundance is very consistent with our nature, but it conflicts with the culture we grew up in, we live in, the human culture.

The first word we hear is no, the first thing we notice is disapproval, the first question we have is “what’s wrong with me that they don’t approve of me?”

We start living in that question “what’s wrong with me?” and guess, and do the condemnation eventually before other people do… going further and further away from our nature.

Watch animals and see that they don’t live in a world where they think there is something wrong with them, although if it’s a pet, they may learn it from you and your erratic behavior.

But in their natural habitat, no animal, no bird, no insect, no fish, think that there is something wrong with them, that they should be different from what they are, that they should change. No, not at all.

The Ugly Duckling story would never happen to real ducks… wrong is not part of the animal kingdom.

And, don’t be mistaken about it, we, humans are built on the chassis, on the framework, on the genetic makeup of animals…

Wrong is made up. Made up by people. Made up to control, made up to abuse. It’s not part of our natural way of being… but to react to it is.

What creates “wrong” is words. Words create reality, and “wrong,” the word, creates a reality that must be resisted, at all cost.

Once wrong is part of the fabric of your existence, all grace is gone, all ease is gone, all abundance is gone, all creativity is gone.

Life becomes resisting, avoiding, or fixing what’s wrong. About us, about them, about it.

We create and recreate that wrong.

When anything is wrong, you have no power with it.

When resistance is there (result of the wrong) you don’t properly interface with what is, you look away from it, after all it’s wrong…

Marshal arts, done properly, are a training to make what is right, moment to moment to moment. In marshal arts it’s easy to see if you failed doing that: you get thrown.

But in our “real” life, the results are not that obvious.

We bumble through life, resisting every step of the way, misstep through misstep, all the way to hell.

OK, now, how is this article about abundance? Or even money?

your-financial-reality track-your-money Coins-2 I have money... now what do I do with it?The way to possibly get to abundance from where you are now, there are mandatory steps to take.

    1. look at your finances and find the speaking that is giving you being in that area.Examples: I should already have… I shouldn’t have to… It’s wrong to be…
    2. Force yourself to look at how it is, exactly.
      Calculate your net worth, calculate your income, calculate your spending…
      Look at those numbers and make them mean neither good nor bad… they are just numbers.
      Discount anyone’s opinion, including yours, what the numbers should be.
    3. Force yourself to look at the value you can exchange for money:
      knowledge, skill, time, product, attention, service, fun, and see if those are easy to trade, if those are in demand, if you can really trade them, or just thing you can.
    4. Price those values on market price and see if you can accomplish your financial goals with what you have
    5. If not, decide what value you are going to grow or create so you can accomplish your financial goals
    6. Do it…
    7. If you have real valuable value to offer, start offering it now.
    8. Diligently pay attention to your attitudes, actions and outlook about you and money, about making money, about value, about anything turning wrong again… in your speaking, inside or out.

The “inner shift” you produce by forcing yourself to act outside of right and wrong, should and shouldn’t will in turn lead to effective actions, and you enjoying “external results” (i.e., more money) in your life.

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