The doors to heaven swing on little hinges or the delusion that keeps them closed

the eight of your conviction takes your power away from being

What’s missing that ALL self-improvement, self-development products end up on the “fraud” pile that is as high as mount Everest?

Ultimately there are two types of teachers:

  1. Can do (occasionally) what they teach, but unaware and unconscious of what they are doing
  2. Can’t even do what they teach, but expect you to do it regardless

 the doors to heaven swing on little hingesI hadn’t thought to measure this until just this last ground breaking discovery of the “fractal” nature of our inner world.

But ever since then, meaning in the past two days, I have been looking at teachers differently.

I need people to learn from, people who have managed (they say) to get through their resistance to growing, and actually take the leap.

  • I tested Igor Ledochowski, a known hypnosis trainer: I have a few of his video courses myself. I have always known that I will, one day, had to get through people’s unconscious defenses.
  • And I tested Andy Shaw, given that I am working with his book, and given that the book is proving really beneficial to me.


This is what I found: Igor definitely has access to being, but has no idea that being is different from where other people go… because he is not a true empath. He sees though that the success rate at which his teaching goes through is about 1%.

Meaning: 99% of the hypnotists that he trains cannot do what he teaches them to do, on that same level as Igor. Why? Because the idea of entering being never even enters the conversation: it is all about mind and feelings, thoughts and emotions… and both are “fruit” in the fractal system of cause and effect.



ebm_em5_20120712112150What causes the fruit to be the fruit it becomes happens on the root level (we can call it the DNA level of that result.)

Each result you produce, anguish, fear, anger, resentment, trepidation, resistance, (yes, these are results you are producing right now) has a DNA level that no one I know attends to.

In all of human history there have been only 10 people who could, consciously, enter a being. Nelson Mandela was one, Buddha wasn’t one of them.

Being able to enter a beingness at will is a Human Being capacity, that these people, individually, achieved through long and tireless practice.

I am one of these 10.


Andy, before he switched his efforts to money making, had the gift of being, albeit unconsciously.

It was planted by the millionaire great uncle who said: “You’ll be a millionaire. Everything you touch will turn into gold.”

For a child millionaire doesn’t mean money. It means someone who can play with much. Unlimited.

And he played in that unlimited being until someone reminded him that he should concentrate on making money… the being disappeared, and was replaced by force, argument, cleverness, scheming.

He doesn’t know all this. He could easily learn the art of going into a being at will, and he has the knowledge how to clear the deck.

Clearing the deck

Clearing the deck has two phases:

  1. The rough phase: you go and clear, to the degree that your level awareness and self control allows, all known crud, aberration, aberrant behavior known to you.

    The Creating a Bug Free Mind is a book that can do that for you. to the degree that your level of awareness and self control allows… and let me add, your level of understanding and consciousness.

    And, in some instances, like negativity, Andy’s level of awareness, understanding, and consciousness.

    3slehjWhat Andy writes helps ME go really deep, deeper than I have gone before, and do some deep cleaning.

    The next level is what Andy does himself, while he is writing it: a lot less deep… because of the limitations of his awareness, understanding, and consciousness.

    The levels after that are YOUR level…

    The average level of awareness is a very narrow cone of vision: very limited.

    Why does Andy’s book seem to cause results? Because even one type of crud, when it is removed (temporarily) frees up the individual to take some effective actions that were previous to that removal of crud was impossible.

    When you give up resentment, even if it is just with certain persons, you get an infusion of energy, an glimpse at happiness.

  2. The fine phase: just before you want to go into being:

    Andy calls that into no-mind mode, but he goes wrongly about it. When you go into no-mind mode, a second here, a second there, when you come back, the mind comes back. Just like lowering the volume on a radio, and then turning it back on.

    The fine phase works differently, and can put you into no mind mode for hours without “refreshing” it, or turning the volume down again.

    How is it done?

    The process is called “clearing”.

    It is done through self-awareness and speaking with the intention to bring presence to what is spoken. By presence I mean both meanings: being present to, and being in the present moment where there is nothing wrong.

    a-prison-doorYou, the person who wants to get clear, so you can enter a being at will, speak everything that is in your “space”… unfinished business, unresolved conflicts, fear of this and that, resentment of this and that, regret of this and that… remember, with a commitment to get clear… not to indulge.

    If you forget your commitment, instead of clearing, you are giving energy to the stuff that is there.

    You need to have practice in commitment… not commitment broken, but commitment honored. If this process doesn’t work for you, you will need to strengthen your commitment muscle, your integrity.

    Clearing ALWAYS happens best when there is someone to witness.

    Witnessing means listening with no agenda, no judgment, not even positive, not even supportive. Blank.

    Clearing another is like holding the dirt they dig up, so they don’t have to.

    It is the most generous act you can perform for another: I have one person who does it for me, his listening is completely blank, no ego, no agenda, no opinion. Wonderful.

    All my other friends bring their own stuff to their listening… and I never get clear… I still love them, regardless.

    And it is the most magnificent act to clear yourself of what’s there… It’s not permanent: you can and do pick up your stuff when you did what needed “beingness” to do.

Creating beingness

Standing in nothing, the cleared space is much like nothing, but it is also much like everything… the space where everything is possible, the sum total of all beings, you pick a being that calls to you.

You speak it… and it becomes your being.

Whether it happens or not depends on your relationship to your word, or more precisely to Word.

If your relationship to Word, is that Word describes something, then you won’t get to being, you will get to something to pretend, or an agenda.

Word is the tool of creation, not a tool of description, explanation, justification, the way we’ve been using it.

I remember when I first learned Word:

These were the words I spoke that opened up the capacity for me:

I am that I have the power to create. I am that I create with my word. And the Word I speak is: I am a leader. I cause people to see possibility, to go to the next level of evolution: the level of individual, the level of Human Being. I am that I have the power to create. I am that I create with my word. I have spoken.

big-doors-swing-on-little-hingesOf course at the time I didn’t know about levels, evolution, I declared myself a Forum Leader… I saw Forum Leader as someone who creates a new humanity, a world that works for everyone with no one left out.

This article is getting too long… I’ll write about the two capacities that if they are missing, no method of clearing will every lead you to beingess.

PS: The Playground is much like the Creating the bug free mind in small groups. To the degree that you can see, to the degree that you are generous, to the degree that you are willing to let go, to the degree that you get closer to beingness.

There are no magic bullets. If you hold onto any of the “stuff” you see, to the degree that you stay stuck in misery.

The book is the same way: you are willing to be generous, let go, be aware, to the same degree it will be useful.

The higher your current awareness, level of generosity, consciousness, the more crud you will remove with the structured method of the book.

Is it worth $100? If for nothing else, for the knowledge to see how many areas you need to clean up, how much stuff you are unconsciously harboring… hell yeah, it’s worth it.

But if you expect reading the book to do it for you… there is not much that will happen, will there?

P.P.S.: what is the delusion I mention in the title? The delusion that you are clear, the delusion is that you already know it, already have it. Whether you are a student or a teacher, a delusions is a delusion that keeps the door from swinging open.

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