Remember: How I learned Hebrew and how it can help you to become the new human being in no time flat

remember Hebrew: you used to know it. Remember who you are: you used to know it.

Motto: Mentor: Someone whose hindsight can become your foresight

Remember who you are

In 1981 I got a letter from a man from Israel. He claimed to be a second cousin on my father’s side to me. He was coming to an educational conference in Hungary. He came with his wife.

We spent time together, they were staying with me, in my one-bedroom high-rise apartment in Budapest. He visited with every member of my family, and witnessed their contempt for me first hand.

He promised to be family to me if I decided to go to Israel.

One year later I packed a suitcase and left Hungary. illegally. It was winter in Hungary when I left, in fact it was below 15 minus, very cold. It was about 80 degrees in Israel when I arrived, penniless. I knew one word in Hebrew: shalom.

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I enrolled in an ‘ulpan,’ a free language school paid for by the government as part of the Law of Return: every Jew has the right to get support to return to Israel.

dyslexia I was horrible at the ulpan. I am dyslexic, and my dyslexia became worse than normal: the writing is from right to left, and it was a curve ball for my brain… lol. 1

Ulpan ended at 1 pm. For six month, at 1 pm I walked across town and started my second shift: doing drafting for an architect… I am an architect, but I could not hope to get a part time job as an architect.

On the weekends I cooked for a rich religious American Jew. After a month or two I had enough money to buy lighter clothing to match the weather.

I spoke English with everyone, but in my dorm room I was tireless in learning Hebrew. I borrowed tapes in the library. I watched the news and took notes: I wrote down every word I didn’t catch, and then spent hours trying to find these words in the Hebrew-English dictionary.

I wasn’t going to let Hebrew or Israel beat me: I saw too many newcomers that were beaten down, and returned to their country: I had no place to go. I had nothing for me in Hungary.

After exactly six months I uttered my very first sentence, publicly, in Hebrew: grammatically incorrect, but I spoke. I got a job at the City Planning Department of Jerusalem, and started to work there as an architect.

After 9 months my boss got sick and someone needed to represent the City at a hearing: I took it on to myself to do it.

In front of hundreds of people I represented the City of Jerusalem, in Hebrew. Probably bad Hebrew… lol. But nobody laughed. I am crying as I am writing this.

Why am I telling you this? To brag? No. There was a secret I’d like to share, that is useful, and that is still the foundation of my life AND my teaching:

remember forget I heard in some lecture (in English) that the embryo, the unborn child knows Hebrew, knows who they are, but just before they are born an angel smacks them above the lip (the reason for the dip between your nose an your lips, lol) and they forget everything.

I was devoutly unreligious, but I liked the story. It had potential, it “dinged” within me. I took it on.

So when I was watching the news, my context for listening was: “I used to know Hebrew, I used to be able to understand, so I only need to be reminded.”

So, whenever I successfully found a word in the dictionary (not that easy, by the way) I nodded and said, “Oh yeah, I remember.”

Effortless… I never actually had to learn words, just had to find words I wanted to remember.

My results were unusual, even for me: just 9 months from nothing to relative fluency… not your usual result.

Today I am doing activation of capacities… with the activators.

Can you see the similarity? An activator doesn’t add anything. It reminds you. And it doesn’t matter how many years you didn’t remember: it doesn’t matter at all. The moment you are willing to assume the attitude: Oh, I remember now… you will not resist, you will not set up barriers, you will not need to learn the “new” capacities like impervious, powerful, unconditional love, humility or the dozens of other spiritual capacities.

You will just nod, and start using them, just like you get on the bicycle and start pedaling… after a few uncertain, tentative pushes you are riding as if you had never stopped riding.

Connecting, on the other hand, is a little trickier.

Humanity was never informed that they are supposed to do something… instead they made up likely scenarios, likely stories of how it was… and so far all religions, all “modalities” are off: all made up, and all fancy, interesting, fascinating, but as far from the simple and elegant Original Design as you can get.

And, of course, connecting is an unusual “movement”, there is no model, there is no memory… but luckily some rare individuals did connect, Moses, King David, Jesus, some kabbalists, a few Eastern saints (not many) Vianna and myself.

Coming to the calls with the attitude “I’ll remember” and jump across the abyss between not knowing and knowing.

And get the Second Phase activators, also with the attitude of “I’ll remember…” or the avatar state audios or the DNA capacity activation

Your life will never be the same!

Download the pdf version of this article dyslexia-2
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  1. All my childhood I was called stupid by my parents because dyslexia wasn’t, and still isn’t recognized in Hungary. My younger brother is also dyslexic. I can read well in bed where there is no distraction and I can hold my head in a fixed position. I cannot read well on the computer: I use software that reads what I need to read, if it is longer than a few sentences. It takes an immense amount of ambition and curiosity to beat dyslexia, but it’s possible. I am still learning-disabled, by the way, I think that is my advantage in life. People who understand things easily never invest the work that is needed to become an expert.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “Remember: How I learned Hebrew and how it can help you to become the new human being in no time flat”

  1. Sophie, I asked for this and you were very quick in offering it. It’s not a magic pill, though 🙂 and I’m struggling wandering how am I going to apply it to the areas of my life I want to change.

  2. Alex, you have a way of incubating knowledge for a long time before it comes out as real usable knowledge. Make peace with that.

    Second: know that remembering is the mechanism through which insights and intuition operate: it is not a personal remembering in the mind-sense, it is remembering that you are FROM Source, and therefore you have known what you need to know.

    That attitude brought to life creates a no hurry, no anxiety, no fear space inside which what you need can really reach you.

    That is how you use it.

    This will make sense when you try it. You can’t think your way through it. It’s an experience. No risk, no glory.

  3. Incubation, that’s exactily how it feels!

    Some deeper part of me resonates with what you wrote.
    My mind is fretting on how challenging it will be to try to relax and trust.

  4. I’ve felt stupid my whole life. I get nervous when learning new things and my brain panics and switches off.. it has stopped me from learning for so long.
    Thank you Sophie for this advice. The mindset of thinking I’ll remember has already got me excited.

  5. learning hebrew and learning other things are not the same… the hebrew myth says that we forgot the language, but it doesn’t say, for example, that we forgot biology…

    sorry about your experience

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