Don’t forget to put the most important person on your Christmas list!

Yourself! The biggest gift you can give yourself is feeling better about yourself. Being more together, making better decisions, being able to move forward in life.

I can’t promise what you will do anything, because it is entirely up to you, but I can offer a powerful tool: the Activator, that will help move to a place where you feel better, make better decisions, think better, and are more able to move forward than without it.

Challenge: Play audio 24/7: Solved

high quality mp3 speakerGet the Amazing Mini MP3 Player with the Harmonizer or the HOE long range already installed.

Pay only shipping and handling today*

With activator: USAnot USA
without activator: USANOT USA

Package will arrive with first class mail, probably AFTER Christmas

The results will last forever

Last minute bonus!** Never offered before. A $200 value. Get a 1-on-1 consultation with me to get clear on what is your soul’s correction, what is the work that you need to do to raise your vibration. Priceless.

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*the rest in four easy monthly payments.
** only if you buy this speaker deal before the end of the year.

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