Awakenings… your one way out of the misery

mirror-prevents-see-through-There have been several awakenings in my life.

  • The first potential awakening was when I was 22 years old. I had been in the mental hospital for two weeks and my condition didn’t get better, no matter what they did to me. They even tried to use insulin shock therapy on me… that’s really bad, if you want to know the truth.Then, as a last resort, they sent me to the “showers” that you should know from the Cuckoo’s nest movie… halfway though the “showers” I snapped out of it. There I was stark naked, and the misery wasn’t me, it wasn’t even mine.

    I say it was a potential awakening because I didn’t stay awake. I had no context inside which to hold that the emotions weren’t me, the emotions weren’t mine… I didn’t know I was an empath. There was no such a thing in Hungary, and still there is no such a thing in the United States… When I say that to someone, they say “Of course you are, dear.” They are humoring me, like a small child, or an imbecile.

  • The second awakening was for real. I was in bed with the flu, and I read the book “A Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley. I still lived in Hungary.I had a flash of insight that knocked me awake: the system, socialistic/communistic system, was a great idea, except no one benefited: it was a bad system counter to human growth, because ambitious people like me, could not grow.

    I decided then and there to leave… and two years later I left.

  • The third awakening was in a Landmark event: I heard, for the first time, the “spirit wants to fly” quote from Rainer Maria Rilke, and my chest jumped and I whispered: “Oh god let it be me who flies.”From that point on, every decision came from the question: “Does it allow me, does it support me to, does it take me closer to flying?”
  • The fourth awakening was the result of my Kabbalah Centre person saying “The Creator is always there for you to connect to”
    one-way-mirror-between-paradigms“Always?” I asked, and click… I connected.This awakening was also the awakening of the Observer. The Observer does not live inside the hubbub of you: It lives outside of it, inside the Vertical Self. It is that Observer that felt where to click, how to click into that connection with the “Creator”.

    It was also the moment I could see that there is me, and there is a ton of emotion that is passing through me, and they are not mine.

    But this time, aBOUT 40 years after I first experienced it, I had a name for it, that was me being an empath. Seeing, feeling, others’ feelings. Blessed clarity.

  • The most recent awakening happened just a few days ago: I saw that what’s missing, what is the next step in evolution, is mastering your own beingness… through mastering your relationship to Word.

Reading the mixed bag of brilliance and crap of Andy Shaw’s book, Creating a Bug Free Mind, caused a new clarity, a clarity about paradigms.


What is a paradigm and why would you want to know it?

I remember 30 years ago hearing Werner Erhard talk about paradigms. I had a vague picture of concentric bubbles… but clarity didn’t come until I got to it through reading Andy’s book.

Here is what you need to know about paradigms: paradigms (or dimensions) are like concentric bubbles.

The wall of the bubbles is like a one-way mirror: you can see in, but you only see yourself and your paradigms when you try to see out.

People hear about, fantasize about, suspect about the next larger paradigm, but they cannot see into it. So they look at their own reflection and talk about that new space with words that are already used… And people listen, and they hear their dreams, their aspirations, but not a hint about the new paradigm.

Awakenings give you a glimpse of the next paradigm

The way to get glimpses about the new paradigm is through incidents of awareness and awakenings where you accidentally poke your head through the wall between the paradigms.

As you can see, it’s taken me several incidents like this to move my whole body into the next paradigm that also includes this one: the paradigm of humans.

As far as I can see, the Observer, bilocation, Word, and Beingness are the main differences, the “stuff” you need to master to get yourself into the new paradigm.

Can you practice them without leaving “The Mother Ship?” aka The Matrix? lol

Yes. You can practice them right here and right now. Each time you get it right, you get a new glimpse of that higher paradigm.

Is it Heaven? No, but compared to the dominion of human paradigm, it feels like it.

How many paradigms are above it? I don’t know… but I know that there is at least one more, because I have poked my head into it once or twice already.

Is it worth going for it, for you? Yes. You can leave your misery, completely, and for good.

So, let me repeat what are the capacities that you need to learn and practice, consciously, if you hope to get to the next paradigm… i.e. ascend?

What do you need to practice?

  1. Standing in the Observer position, no judgment, see, hear, feel what your world is, all 30 ways of being that are part of this lower human paradigm: wanting, waiting, judging, blaming, hoping, confused speaking, having an agenda, etc. Andy’s book is a great depository of these being.
  2. Standing in the Observer position and speak from there… this is from where Word is spoken, that creates Being.
  3. Strengthening your integrity, so you start honoring yourself as your Word… I am not talking about promises, and such lower paradigm interpretation of integrity. I am talking about the capacity and practice of Being who you said – with Word – you would be.

Diligent and supervised work on these three will reliably get you to the next paradigm. Guaranteed.

What about the activators?

And the activators make it easier, but you have to do the work… the activators quasi open the door, but you need to walk through it.

P.S.: Three movies I have seen that give you some approximation of the inside/outside of paradigm are

  1. The Truman Show
  2. The Matrix
  3. The Time Machine
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  1. Ivory, Power vs Force by Dr. David Hawkins
    Sophie, keep up the insightful posts. Thanks for going deep, especially this time of year. I do the Observer technique. Insightful.

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