Is Being Skeptical a good thing?

I don't believe a word you say! I am skepticalBeing skeptical is a fixed way of being in the world, an attitude. Skeptical is the other side of belief.

On the surface it looks like it’s a good thing, after all belief is suspending your own thinking capacities, and taking blindly what someone gives up. So the opposite must be good, right? Wrong.

skeptical-manSkeptical is not believing, but it is still coming from your own inability or unwillingness to make your own decisions based on facts and structured thinking.

Belief makes you jump into action, and skepticism makes you stuck on this side of action, until something comes along that you can jump with.

Either way, you are unconscious, and your vibration is low.




So, what can you do if you are plagued with this double edged sword?

Well, if there are no facts, if your thinking is not trained to do real thinking, what can you do? Take a leap and stay aware.

Instead of what you would normally do, justify your jumping, stay awake, stay aware, and see what happens for what it is.

Many of my students had to take a leap of faith to study with me, because neither the facts nor the thinking capacity were there: this is too new, too unfamiliar, too much hype in the field, to be able to make an informed decision.

So they took a leap of faith, and they stayed, with my encouragement, awake, aware, and do the work I asked of them.

If they saw that what they got worked, they now KNEW.

If they saw that what they got didn’t work… they had to decide if it was them, me, or the work…

They don’t KNOW… so they are still on the fence.

But if you do the work I ask you to do, if you use the tools I give you consistently, you will know within weeks if they work or not… so you can KNOW.

>h3>Now, what happens if your vibration is not a match to my products or my programs, but you insist on buying them?

A gentleman asked for his vibration today. His vibration is 50. He is probably ill… he didn’t say. I told him that none of my products will do anything for him. Then he asked about Mary Kurus…

I did some research, and found many complaints against Mary Kurus. She is a Canadian, who won’t show her face… hm. Then I muscle tested her and her vibration is 100. (Dropped from 170 since last time I measured her vibration.)

I wrote to the gentleman and recommended that he considers someone like Mary Kurus… because his vibration and her vibration are closer than more anyone in this field, so maybe she can connect with him.

Some side notes:

If you ask about someone who I have written about before, and all it takes is searching my site (You have three search boxes on every page!) that pretty much means to me that you are either too lazy to do the work, or too unconscious to do the work.

It’s a good feedback to you, I am not judging, I am only stating the obvious.

How you do anything is how you do everything: you’ll wait for someone else to do your work, do your thinking, to do it for you. Unconscious because no one can do your work for you.

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