Manifesting: is it possible for a human?

whenever you find yourself on the side of majority, it is time to pause and reflect. The majority is always wrong.Every Tom, Dick, and Harry teaches manifesting. Are all these people wrong?

Do I dare saying that manifesting is not possible, or will I succumb to my fear of being killed, and tell you to calm down: you can manifest, if you do it right, if you just want it bad enough?

I probably should be scared, but to tell you the truth, when it’s time, I’ll die peacefully, knowing that I lived in integrity. That is all anyone can hope for in a lifetime.

Now, with regards to this manifesting issue, here is the scoop:





Manifesting is not the result of wanting, it is not the result of thoughts, it is the result of being.

Being is like a space. A room is a space. Only what’s consistent with the room will show up in any room.

There is accidental being and there is being intentionally.

On the level of human, intentional being is possible only when one is doing to work of elevating oneself to the next level of evolution: human being. I wrote about that in another article… here is the link… (awakenings)

So teaching people what those Tom, Dick and Harry teach, manifesting, the Law of Attraction, can be considered fraud, misleading duping malevolent activity.

Why? Because without clear distinctions even halfway decent directions are going to backfire, and send back humanity to the dark ages, the age of witches, and voodoo.

How? By taking their power away.

When you are trying to get some Law, or some Higher Power to do your bidding, you stop paying attention to what’s important, the work you need to do to be all you can be.

Instead you concentrate on what you want (low vibration! greed) and what you feel, and what you think… (totally out of your control) and there goes the whole human race: going down the drain.

Now, to make confusing things completely baffling, while you are engaging in this wishful thinking, hoping voodoo activity, trying to manifest, you consistently manifest a being that is providing you with a space (remember the room created by your being) for misery, more greed, more wanting, disappointment, and more victimhood.

Comparing, feeling inadequate, never growing… absolute wretched misery.

This is where we are.

Today, if you want to be politically correct, you need to talk about manifesting.

But even the best forgets the Mark Twain quote: “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” Why? Because the Majority is ALWAYS wrong!

And the result of your reflection will be: this is b.s.

Just like god has no proof, Jesus has no proof, the Law of Attraction has no proof: if it were a law, like the law of gravity, we would know about it. It could be proven. But it isn’t… it isn’t a law…

So how come you or someone you know, from time to time manifest something other than misery?

Those are results of unconsciously entering some beingness…

Unconsciously means: you and them have not say in the matter, it’s accidental, random and capricious, until you create the circumstances for conscious creation.

As I said in a previous article, you can’t just sit down and create being, unless you have done all the cleaning work, the gross and the fine cleaning… Because you can only create from the space of nothing.

If there is anything in the space, including desire, wanting, needing, should, the being will not happen. Just ask all those Landmark graduates and Landmark leaders: not much being is happening there, even thought being is the product they are peddling… except that they hardly ever enter being at will… It is that hard for people on the level of human.

On the level of human being, as the name suggests, being will be a lot more frequent, and a lot more intentional.

The level above human being, I guess, that is the level above mine, creating will be normal. Commonplace. The standard.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

5 thoughts on “Manifesting: is it possible for a human?”

  1. Sophie, this article really made me go deep inside and look. I read this article and then went back and reread the older ones on “wanting” and got in to thinking and looking…

    I started looking if there was a difference between wanting love, money, friendship and wanting to build a greenhouse, wanting to have your own chickens for eggs and meat, wanting to provide hands on education for your kids? I asked why do I want to do it? I see that there is no difference if we want because something is wrong. I am trying to get it and really see what you are trying to teach us…

    After looking here is what I saw: If I want something because there is something wrong then I can’t bring beingness in to my life because I am simply fixing something and not creating everything…nothing for the self. On the other hand if let’s say I have an idea to build a greenhouse and I am building it because I said I can, because I am independent, because I believe in myself and love my work then I am bringing beingness. I am being who I said I would be with my word by starting and completing my project/my creation..? Doing what I said I will do.

    Can there be wanting that comes from a different place like wanting to build a building not for others sake, not because something wrong with other buildings but because it gives you satisfaction of accomplishing something great for yourself?

  2. Can there be wanting that comes from a different place like wanting to build a building not for others sake, not because something wrong with other buildings but because it gives you satisfaction of accomplishing something great for yourself?

    A, the question isn’t where the wanting is coming from. As long as wanting is there, everything/nothing isn’t there. What is there is wanting/everything else. So there is no room for being.

    The Indian gurus said that wanting is the problem, and then they stopped speaking. Wanting is not the problem, that lack of “nothing” is the problem. There is no silence, there is no peace, there is no love, there is no caring, there is no compassion, etc. because these beings cannot rise in the space of wanting, only from empty, from nothing.

    Consider that the human condition is speaking through you: the fear that if you let go of your wanting, you won’t have anything.

    But the truth is that the moment you can let go of wanting, everything is available, and inside it all the creation you can have, building a greenhouse, educating your children, have chickens, everything.

  3. Sophie, this is so much harder then I imagined. It is so not what I’ve been taught and read. It seems like the wanting is the engine that gives me power to accomplish things. And like you said about fear…. just the thought of stopping wanting to do something, I fear that nothing will ever happen. If there is no need for it, if there is no desire to do it, if I don’t want to do it then how can anything happen? If I drop all the wanting, needing…. will soul then guide me to what I should be doing? Wow, it’s so hard to see it in my bucket. I’ll keep looking…

  4. A, this is one of those things that you just need to trust. Unless you walk through that door, you will be left with your imagination. But on the other side of the door there is the new paradigm, being, that you cannot imagine from this side of the door.

    At this point of our evolution it takes a lot of clearing work to even be eligible to walk through the door, but if you get it right, it starts causing the DNA shift, and then you can start living on that side, or better said, the dividing wall and the door disappears, and the paradigm will be bigger, including the current paradigm seamlessly.

  5. Yes, I just need to walk through that door. I see my self as Truman in the boat going toward that door. To get there I have to go through storms/clearing that will leave me empty and then through the door… I’ll be consciously watching my wanting, needing, have to…. thank you!

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