Unlimited Abundance Download, a review. Can incantations, hypnosis, energetic blockage removal change your financial situation?

In the new context, armed with the new knowledge I uncovered this past week, let us look at some Abundance programs (including Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance, re-launched again by MindValley publishing) and see if we can see anything new about them, if we can see why they work if they worked for you and why they can’t work if they didn’t work for you.

Let me re-iterate what is new: the emotions and the thought, even the spoken words, don’t actually effect your abundance, unless they, accidentally or purposefully, create a beingness… like being depressed, being wretched, being a loser… the states of being you so easily slip into.

Beingness=state of being

Now, if it is a state of being that causes you to be a space for similar things come to you, then your emotions and your words don’t create those spaces…

But how do you slip into those horrid states of being, “nobody loves me”, “no one will ever want to marry me”, I am ugly, I don’t deserve, etc. states?

You don’t slip there, not really. You already live there. Those states of being are who you are, those states of being are the space inside which you live your life.

But, and this one is a really big but, those states of being cannot simply changed by words, and unfortunately, cannot be changed by simple

  • activator download
  • energetic block removal
  • hypnosis
  • incantations and affirmations
  • changing your mind
  • changing your circumstances
  • etc.etc.etc.

Currently all your states of being are the results of unconsciousness.

That means that you created those in an unconscious state of being…

But how do you change your states of being? They create misery and more misery… at present!

The only thing that changes unconscious beingness (states of being) is bringing the light of consciousness to it. When you examine those unconscious decisions about yourself closely, they melt away. Unless…

Some soul corrections don’t allow you to let go of them, because the fear of death is too strong.

An analogy would be the situation of a trapeze artist: if you want to go to the next swing, you need to let go of the current swing… or you get stuck there, until you let go.

Depending on how you light you are on your feet, figuratively, you will or you won’t let go of your unconscious conviction about yourself and about life. It is your free will, it is entirely up to you.

Without your conscious participation, without your conscious effort, nothing will change.

Why? Because human beingness (states of being) can only be created by consciousness.

My example of 40 years ago, the factory doctor hypnotizing me, produced an extraordinary result. And we could safely assume that it was hypnosis that did that.

But looking back, something else happened, that was like bringing the light. The hypnotis said “You have the knowledge you need to get your work done”

My issue was that I felt un-confident to do my own presentations. I prepared a colleague to do it for me, but it was my knowledge she presented.

Repeating the sentence, “You have the knowledge you need to get your work done”, the hypnotist brought the knowledge into focus… instead of the standing up, that I dreaded.

With that new focus I had no longer problems presenting my stuff… Who would have thought that knowledge of the material mattered? I sure didn’t.

I thought that I had to be good enough, pretty enough, calm enough, liked enough… Turns out that it was enough to know my stuff…

Most behavioral, beingness changes have moments of revelation like that. The moments when you realize that you were looking at the wrong places to make decisions about yourself, about life, about others.

When someone does voodoo, or when you repeat endless mindless incantations, affirmations, or download energies that have statements embedded that you have never consciously thought through… you will notice that nothing will change.

My Unconditional Love Activator is 40 statements, out of which at least four consistently creates a tightening of the chest for most people. Those are the statements that unless they are examined at the light of consciousness, the activator will not do anything, or not much for you.

If you bought the Unconditional Love Activator, then you owe it to yourself to take out the pdf and sentence by sentence go through it, and find your four.

If you are in my coaching program, bring those to the call. If not, sign up for a month, but by all means, don’t live another month with those unconscious decisions that separate you from you.

Abundance is a matter of creating value and deserving to be paid for it.

That value can be monetary, usefulness, entertainment, enjoyment, and the reward: ditto… Someone wanting to spend the rest of their lives with you, complimenting you, fixing you dinner… these are all “payments”…

Both the creation of value, and being deserving are anchored in your relationship between you and you… both are anchored in the Unconditional Love Activator.

I guarantee that without the beingness of Unconditional Love, nothing good will ever happen to you, including material abundance, relationship abundance, health abundance.


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “Unlimited Abundance Download, a review. Can incantations, hypnosis, energetic blockage removal change your financial situation?”

  1. Sophie,

    I purchased the Unconditional Love Activator awhile back but can’t find the PDF.

    I logged into the Word Press site but don’t see it on the navigation bar. Can I please get a copy of the PDF for the Unconditional Love Activator?

    Thank you.

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