Are you intelligent enough to use this tool to change your life?

There is a tool that you could put in your tool box, and get out of tough spots, conquer every issue, and become a happy, wealthy, fulfilled person… It’s asking different questions… to see different paths.

But neither you, nor myself have been trained in it, so we keep on asking the same questions and end up with the same miserable life…

How do you develop the capacity to ask intelligent questions that also alter your reality?

Yesterday I had a long conversation with one of my students. I suddenly had an insight into soul correction, that had been hidden from my view before.

How did I get to that insight? I asked different questions.

Asking different questions is one of the missings for you. On the level of human, this is ultimately the most important factor that the lack of it is holding you back from “ascending” to the next level of evolution where you can create your state of being at will.

Our upbringing, our education, our culture, our society, does not like questions. Especially different questions. Poking questions.

Adults get stumped even with the inane “why” question of the 3-year old. Incessantly asking why of a person who is incapable of hearing why in different ways, is inane.

That ‘why’, by the way, gives you an insight into the hard-wiring of humans: it is looking for causes for everything, as if the world we lived in were two-bit. In a two-bit world there are causes and there are effects. In a chaotic, complex world, like the universe, everything is both a cause and an effect… and the question why is inane… like using tweezers to catch flies.

Asking good questions takes intelligence, but it also takes learning.

Asking good questions takes intelligence, but it also takes learning. If you have no one to learn from, you are condemned to stay two-bit: no chance to ascend.

Each question is like a different filter, a different lens, through which you look at a phenomenon, and each question starts to give you a more rounded, more 360 degree view of reality, instead of the two-dimensional, simplistic view you have based your life on, so far.

So how do you ask better questions? Unless you LEARN and then practice, you won’t.

I am NOT very good asking questions, on a scale of 1-to-10, I am a 3 in asking good questions. And that is the level of being able to ask a good question accidentally. I have a lot of growing to do.

Obviously, some of you will beat me in this arena after just a few hours of learning and practice, and it will make me very happy.

Because it is true, that if you ask good question, you will be successful at whatever the questions are aimed at.

  • Finding the truth by asking different questions, looking at things from radically different angles, radically different distances, probing, testing, etc.

    When you can get to the truth without outside help you start becoming an independent individual who pulled themselves out of the influence and agenda of others

  • Finding what is “wrong”, what’s the mistake, what’s out of line, so you can correct it. Not fix it… correct it.
  • Finding what you should do with your life, instead of doing nothing, waiting, or forcing a direction that is not a good match for you
  • Unearth Your Truest Desires, meaning, really find out what is important to you, what is so important that you are actually going to go for, instead of pining that someone isn’t serving it up to you on silver platter
  • Define Your Ultimate Vision: a vision for you, a vision for your life, a vision for your purpose, a vision for your relationships, a vision that is entirely doable with what is going for you, with your innate strengths
  • Discover Your True Purpose, the purpose that will trump all the puny urges, all the puny distractions, all the puny fears, because it is more important than life itself
  • Unleash Your Creativity. When you ask new questions, you find new answers… and the new answers will come from a place that you didn’t know you had… that’s creativity… the answers that come from that place beyond what you already know.
  • Accelerate Your Pace of Success… Get out of your own way. Find new context for success. Find new ways of approaching it, other than greed, wanting to, and other scarcity and fear based states of being.
  • Realize Your Full Potential… little by little, question by question, bet closer and closer to become who you were meant to be… The distance between who you are and your potential is vast… but you can close that gap with every new question. Guaranteed.

ask-questionsThe book I am going to use to learn asking better question, by using the questions in the book, is Ken Foster’s Ask And You Will Succeed

Ken Foster’s book contains 1001 questions… a great way to start learning to ask different questions.

Why does it work?

In the normal course of events you keep focusing on the same darn thing, narrow focus, and ask the same darn questions.

Questions are a great way to move your attention, to move your focus.

If you want different results: ask different questions. Expand your cone of vision (big picture + timeline) and remove your fixated focus.

Everyone says: get out of your own way, but no one really says how. This is how.

Sometimes you need outside help to ask different questions. One of the Idea Machine exercises is to ask a famous dead hero of yours 10 questions.

There are many different questions you can ask… And I can pretty much tell you from your questions what is your stuck world view, what is your stuck self-view.

So I was instructing my student, after every round of questions, to change the focus of the questions.

Because unless the focus changes, nothing changes. When the focus changes, maybe even your fundamental world view and your utterly damaging self-view can stop keeping your hostage: poor, bumbling, empty and unfulfilled.

874 BILLION webpages on asking better/different questions haven’t made a dent in the world.

You are so stuck that you cannot ask different questions?

Or are you so afraid to let go of your main self-view (wretched, by the way!) that you don’t want to ask different questions?

What is the truth about you?


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