Instant Transformation: Who Is Speaking? Who Is Listening? What Is Speaking? What Is Listening?

who is speaking? who is listening? Who Is Speaking? Who Is Listening? What Is Speaking? What Is Listening?

I am noticing that no matter what question I ask, people, unconsciously, translate the question to a Tree of Knowledge, pedestrian question, and then answer their own question.

Asking the same questions leave you unconscious and your life unchanged.

The power is in the questions that make you pick up your head and say: What?

The two paradigms, the pedestrian paradigm, and the elevated paradigm mostly differ, not in their answers, but in their questions.

The four questions (all four need to be answered, not just one!) create a several story jump… unless, of course, you turn it into a pedestrian question.

When I first started to work on raising my vibration, there were no tools. There were only courses, and most people used them as brain candy, to be smarter in conversation with their peeps.

who is speaking? who is listening? As I am learning disabled, and a foreigner, and a certified loner, I had to chew on each sentence, until I got it. Being hard of understanding is a definite advantage in this type of work. The sharper and quicker the person, the more superficial and pedestrian the understanding.

Most of the people that taught courses or seminars for Landmark, for example, were the quick-witted ones… fast and superficial.

The better someone’s command of the English language, the less depth they had in their understanding.

Then they taught you veneer… ugghhh. I always marveled at the foreign course leaders’ profound grasp of the depths of the distinctions… or the leader who helped me most: who had to work for seven years to become a leader because he was slow, like me.

He needed to create illustrations, analogies, metaphors to even grasp what was being said: and in his unique way taught students better than any of the smooth talker smarties.

I am one of those dummies… lol. Slower and dumber than the slowest leader.

who is speaking? who is listening? I had to teach everything twenty-thirty times before I would get it. But then it became mine…

If you are one of the quick-witted ones, please slow down, and consider that you are only seeing the obvious… and that is the booby prize… worthless. Go deeper.

Now, returning to the questions in the title: at any moment you can ask the four questions… You can be on your own, by the way, you don’t need another person, just you, yourself and you. You can be on stage. You can be someone whose boy friend is picking on you. You can be someone whose children are being children, god forbid… lol… in any life situation. The questions can be asked and shed light to what’s underneath the veneer.

who is speaking? who is listening? Ponder those questions. Map out who and what is speaking, and who and what is listening.

You’ll learn more about yourself in the process than any other time, I guarantee it.

If this whole thing is like Chinese to you… maybe you want to get more distinctions, and get smarter in the Activators Class… Become self-aware instead of self-conscious, impervious instead of reactive, decisive instead of bumbling and fumbling and seeking and not finding.

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