Double your reading speed… would that be really good for you?

hurry to get to the endOne famous marketer is filling my mail box with emails to double the speed of my reading. I used to jump on offers like that, I have taken three different speed reading classes, one even back in Hungary.

It seemed to me, like it probably seems to you, that getting the knowledge out of the written word faster would double your knowledge, and maybe double your success.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Hell, that’s exactly the problem with it. Everything that makes sense is from the mind. The mind says: Yeahhhh! But, almost always, what makes sense is a dead end street and is going to increase your misery.

Reading fast is the same attitude as wanting to get from A to B without having to go through the journey.

the attitude of speed readingReading fast is the same attitude that makes someone want to become a millionaire without going through what it takes to become a millionaire… Jumping.

The attitude is one of the base attitudes that come from the mind: Somewhere is better than here. Or something is better than this. Or the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Or “I can’t be happy until… unless…” you get whatever you NEED to get first.

The only place to be happy is the present moment. The only place where you can take effective action is the present moment. The only place where you can love, be compassionate, be caring, is the present moment. The only place where you can be a winner, successful, beautiful, whatever… is the present moment.

The past already happened. The future is an illusion.

Time and life is a moment by moment present moment

In the present moment there is never anything wrong, never any problems, nothing to fix.

The moment you experience wrong, or problems, or something to fix, you are not in the present moment: you are in your mind.

speed-reading for miseryThe mind is unable to be in the present moment. It is only able to deal with the past and the future, but not with the present moment.

When I measure it, there is a nine second delay before the mind takes notice of the moment, that by that time is the past.

Because the mind is a comparison machine, in the mind there is no room for happiness, joy, contentment… because, compared, everything falls short from something else. It is never enough.

We’ve been blaming education, the system, for making us live in our minds, but, I think, it is an unfair accusation: the mind has taken over our lives without the conspiracy of education and government: education and governments are people, and their lives have been taken over by mind as well… for 200,000 years.

You read books on being present, on the power of now, you meditate, but nothing changes. Why?

Because reading books happens through the mind. And the mind only gleans from the words what it likes… It wants you to yearn for being present… but it doesn’t want you to get there. Why? Because in the present moment the mind is fish out of water: it goes silent.

Getting into the present moment is the activity that is the first step towards the next evolutionary phase for humans: human being. The present stage, human, could also be called: human mind machine…

You can’t get access to being from the past

You can’t get access to being from the past, you can’t get access to being from the future: you need to be in the present moment to enter the paradise of being.

So, am I saying that reading is bad? No, I am not saying that. But if you look, when you read through the mind, in order to get to the end of the article, the end of the book, you miss what you read.

3077802You are not there, you are either ahead or behind, or at some totally different place… where the mind dragged you.

The information you may get out of a book is worthless. It may give you bragging rights, but most things, if they remain words on the paper, or even words in your mind, are useless.

The way to read is to be delighted, to be knocked conscious, to be awakened. That is the only reason to read.

99% of what’s on the internet is not worth reading because it’s mind-stuff.

It is also 99% falsehood. But I am reading a book that is only 10% true, but 90% of it is something I sorely needed… so it’s the best thing that has happened to me in a long time, reading that book.

When I recommend a book that is 10% truth value, you should jump. First off: it’s 10 times more truth than most books. Second: if I recommend it, then it’s good… Of course you’ll get 100 times more out of it if you do all the reflection, pondering, it asks you to do… because even that 10 times more truth is just mind stuff, unless you do the reflection and pondering.

And in the morass of your mind, even ten times more truth would be turned into more morass… But doing the pondering, doing the reflection takes it out of the mind and straight into your life.

The book I am talking about is the Bug Free Mind. I get 50% commission if you buy it, but I would recommend it even if I didn’t. Nothing on the market comes near it, and MY STUFF, what I teach, will become clearer and more accessible to you if you go through the reflection and pondering of the book… and downright easy if you do it twice

Will the book, bug free mind, raise your vibration?

Will the book raise your vibration? It can. Will it be enough for you to be all you can be? No. It doesn’t go into beingness, because Andy is not quite there yet.

I will take you into beingness… but can’t do it unless you do the work by yourself. I don’t have time, don’t have the capacity to do all that work with you…

If you consider going from where you are to the next level, consider the next level a Ph.D. and where you are: kindergarten.

My special contribution starts most become effective once you reach the postgraduate studies level.

I am sorry to admit: I am not very effective on the kindergarten, grade school and high school levels.

Thank god for Andy: he is really good at it.

My hope is that you will all peruse that book, and I can get the 1% that is able and willing to go to the Ph.D. level: become a human BEING.

speaker-offerJust one more thing: Having the Harmonizer (or any Avatar State Audio) playing in the background greatly increases your capacity to be present to what you read, and do the pondering. I am running a special on the high quality speaker where you can get the speaker AND the audio shipped to you and you only pay now shipping and handling, and then pay off the rest in small monthly payments.

I am taking a big risk here, because I had to buy those speakers… but it’s so important to me that you succeed, that I am willing to take the risk… Click here for the special offer

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