Money is energy. energy must move: it is its nature. moving money makes more come back to you

let a kiva loan start you on the path to prosperity and power

Kiva Loan as a vehicle to take you to a higher vibration

This will be a short post. The length of a post doesn’t indicate its significance, and in this case it definitely doesn’t.

I have been tracing it in my life and in my students life: when you are able to circulate money the energy will bring back, with itself, unexpected and welcome benefits.

When I first tested this out, I was scared. I made a commitment to a monthly donation to the Kabbalah Centre, and it was beyond my means.

Four days later, out of the blue, I was gifted 9 thousand dollars. I used some of it to pay the next 12 months worth of prepaid check go away… that was a bad move.

In circulating the money, small pushes work best. If you give money that you don’t quite consider yours, it may circulate money, but it won’t come back to you.

I have made all kinds of experiments, how much, how frequently, and with what “excuse” I give money.

So far what works best for me is lending money through Kiva, a micro-lending hub of sorts. Kiva allows you to lend money to a borrower of your choice and you get paid back.

I am giving a gift of life, not a gift of money. I honor and “reward” what is most important to me: the courage and the will to do better. Some borrowers ask for thousands of dollars. Others for a few hundred dollars.

I give all my loans to women, in countries of the Caucasian mountains, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, those tiny countries where after a long time of oppression by the Soviet Union, people are struggling to make ends meet and to regain their dignity. And the Philippines… courageous bunch as well.

I have over 20 loans that get paid back and then I just re-loan it. A standard loan is 25 bucks and it takes a few months for the loans to be re-paid.

Kiva has some free loan trials available now, and I want you to try what it’s like to be a benefactor of someone who is less fortunate than you, but probably has a lot more courage and gumption.

Allow what they have, courage, determination, ambition, to penetrate you. Soak it up, make it your own. Be them, emulate them. Watch as they pay you back from their profits, and learn from their example. Very inspiring.

This will take you out of your head and into your heart.

Here is the link to get a free Kiva trial: I don’t know how it works: you will find out. No risk, no glory.

If you never take risks, your vibration will never rise. Guaranteed.

Update: A number of you have accepted my invitation. I even have access to see who you are supporting with your loans.

A few words about how I make my choices that I get the most out of my transactions:

  1. I don’t care what the person is going to do with the money: I trust the system.
  2. I care that this is my deal with Source, not with those people. My money needs to work fast and furious. So I select the borrowers by the following criteria
    • gender. must be a woman. why? because that is the future, women liberating themselves but staying women
    • the loan needs to be urgent and make the most difference. Most of the time i pick by “ending soon” and help the loan to be fully financed in a jiffy. My money will start repaying within a few days and I can re-lend it when it is paid back… I got the most bang out of my buck
  3. When you make choices by like or not like, a lot of the persona (that keeps you the same) is involved and you will end up not gaining anything from the transaction: in fact it strengthens who you don’t want to be: it is all about you, your preferences, what you like, how great you are, and all that crap, not a clean transaction for raising your vibration

I hope this is making things clearer… I want you to win

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

14 thoughts on “Money is energy. energy must move: it is its nature. moving money makes more come back to you”

  1. you’ll see Jodie that sometimes the most selfish sounding actions are the biggest pushes in our own development. You need to have strong desire and it needs to be cultivated. Good job. You and two others have accepted the invitation. I am proud of you.

  2. I have very strong desires, big dreams, Sophie.

    You mentioned early on that you believe that my soul correction is ‘chaos to order’ and I seem to make things much more difficult than they need to be. Also the ‘hows’ of goals are getting in the way of me taking action.

    What’s getting in the way is. me taking action(s). it seems multi-layered like peeling back layers of an onion – a sweet one of course. 🙂 Take it down to my core, I think my belief is that I’m not good enough. I’ve battled depression since childhood and I don’t want that story any more.

    The 2nd phase activators have helped me immensely. I no longer take anti-depressants (since mid-March) and haven’t felt this hopeful since … hmm I can’t remember when.

    Due to many responsibilities I’ve had to get creative when I can listen or read through your website. I’ve also purchased the third phase activators and usually end my night with listening to one of the recordings and I drift off to sleep.

    I’ve said it a number of times now, also, that I am very grateful to you. Thank you.

  3. I have been a Kiva member for several years now. It’s fun to feel part of their projects, if only for a short period of time.

  4. Thank you Matsa.

    Check your mindset… it’s not a club… it’s a prosperity vehicle. One of the actions that changed Chyanna’s vibration is giving. Had she given here, it would have taken her higher. She wasn’t selfish enough in her giving: she gave me. Although I appreciated it, it would have made her more to invest it in growing Life, supporting people that are willing to grow, slowly and steadily trimtabbing this big “ship”, (humanity) around to where it is supposed to go

  5. We’ll practice distinguishing desire for longing, yearning, wanting, hungering for…
    But yes. Absolutely. Rising and staying up is the goal.
    Not rising fast and falling fast as some of the old students did. “Cashed blank checks” but no delivery of work

  6. Sophie, I tried the link and the page is not found… do you know if the trial expired? Thanks

  7. I just joined. I’m unemployed at the moment, but I’m sure some of these people are in much worse conditions than me. What a great organization! I’ve always been interested in the idea of tithing, but not being a religious person I wasn’t really sure who to tithe to. I think I just found a good place to tithe.

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