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the-spiral-staircase-that-has-age-limits-3If we continue with the analogy of climbing a circular staircase, in each paradigm you can be at the bottom of the steps on the top, or anywhere in between. 1

Let’s consider that it takes 100 rotations to get to the top of the staircase inside your current paradigm. Wherever you are, you’ll find yourself somewhere on that 1 to 100 scale. Most likely closer to the bottom… Sorry.

vatican-stairway-to-heavenWhen we talk about raising your consciousness, what we are really saying, inside this analogy, is that you need to climb higher on the steps, from where you can see different things. No one can take you higher, you have to do the climbing yourself.

climb-the-spiral-staircaseAs you climb, you develop the muscle strength to match the level where you are going.

When you come to one of my classes and I give you a glimpse of what you could see from a higher level than where you are, you fancy yourself being there.

cathedral-church-of-saintIt’s an illusion. You still need to do the climbing, but now you have more energy to climb, because you know what you will see from there… Knowing what you will see is not the same as seeing it.

Reading a recipe of a great dish, seeing the picture of a great dish is not the same as eating that food… and even that is not the same as being able to make that dish.

That is another way to “explain” levels of consciousness.

Let me share a little bit of my climb on that staircase:

There were distinct moments of getting a whiff of what’s available, what it would taste like, getting a glimpse of what could be seen.

It didn’t really start until I did my first “Landmark” course in 1985. 2

I saw a little glimpse of what’s underneath of my misery: and I was miserable, punishing the whole world for it.

The second insight also came in Landmark: I saw, for the first time, what it’s like to be with me. It was traumatic and it was glorious.

From that point on I had glimpses galore… but why?

Because I was climbing the staircase of consciousness, diligently, every day, because I was pulled by the new reality the glimpses indicated awaited me, eventually.

I put myself into every training program, assisting program, volunteered to call people… I knew that my consciousness was below the average American: I came from near-madness, so for me to get to just normal would take more that the average American to get from one to two.

I also knew that gathering speed, developing muscles, putting in the work, will allow me to breeze by them, and I did… in about two years.

Participating as a strategy to avoid doing the work

When I observed (judged?) others I participated with, side-by-side, I saw understanding, I saw coming to classes, but I saw NO work done on their own. Even people that did training programs, assisting programs, volunteered, like me, used it to feel superior, and to avoid doing the work themselves.

The majority employs doing what they do, as a strategy to avoid doing the work themselves, to avoid having to look at the ugly below the surface.

For me it was life or death

For me it was life or death, and ugly doesn’t even come up in that context, does it? Ugly, shmugly… let’s look at it, without blinking an eye. I call it “with sober eyes”…

That doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt. It did. I cried a lot. I slipped back occasionally. But I recovered, and went back.

I developed an unusually high pain tolerance: I need it, as an empath, attacked by dark practitioners, or having to feel your pain 100 times stronger than you do.

My vibration went from 35 to 85 to 120, to 150, to 185… years in between these markers.




scaring-you-away warningPeople come to me, buy an audio, and email me the week after to find out if their vibration has hit the roof yet. When I ask what they did that they expect a change, they say “nothing.”

No work, no gain. Work on your own. I can give you glimpses, but can’t raise your consciousness, can’t raise your vibration. Only you can.

I have moved to the “next” paradigm, the paradigm of human BEING, the paradigm that I can’t even give glimpses of, sorry. It was about five years ago.

I am using the Bug Free book to help me climb this new leg of the stairs faster

I am using the Bug Free book to help me climb this new leg of the stairs faster than I did the first leg (the paradigm of human) and it is working famously. In one week I got from 20 to 30 on my 100 scale.

Compare that with years.

How can a 10% truth value book raise MY consciousness? How can a book written by a guy with 195 vibration can help ME raise my vibration?

The 10% Andy put in this book is nearly all you need to do your climbing, and raise your consciousness. The 90% he put in this book: don’t worry about that: it will be the stuff you nod, because you already know.

He asks you to work with the 10%, because that is what he does.

And even if some of the 90% leaks over, you’ll see it for what it is, when you’ll be ready to use it.

It is NOT what somebody says that matters, it is what you can SEE that matters. What you can SEE depends on your level of consciousness.


When Andy speaks, I hear it from a totally different consciousness level than his, and it lights up like a Christmas tree for me, lighting up corners I have never considered looking into.

That is how I climb: the corners are all ugly, by the way. It takes looking at them, to see beyond them.

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  1. Look at the picture on the left: on the bottom there is crowding, competition… towards the top less and less people are on the steps… that is exactly how it is in raising your consciousness… people give up.
  2. It wasn’t really called Landmark then, but for simplicity’s sake, I’ll just call it Landmark.
  3. Just look at all those comments I get calling me judgmental, hateful, competitive. They listen to me and hear that… on the consciousness level where they are.

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