The month when abundance is on your mind

wealth-and-abundanceIt must be January, because my Effortless Abundance bundle is selling a lot. And Unlimited Abundance, astutely, is launching this month…

January, everyone looking at their current situation and starting to organize themselves to improve what they have.

There is only one issue with that: the mindset that causes the purchases, the mindset that wants to improve is the mindset that will cause them to fail. 1

WTF, right?

Establish for yourself that there is nothing wrong, nothing to fix

When I suggest people to establish for themselves that there is nothing wrong and nothing to fix, they ripost with: “what will happen then? I will not feel like doing anything!”.

I even have a student who bought the Nothing to Fix activator and is now not doing anything, not even washing the dishes…

You need to start trusting Life. Life with a capital L… the Life Force.

The Life Force in you wants you to grow… you’ve been just spending all your time trying to fix what you have… no growth whatsoever.

If the only motivator you ever have is trying to fix what’s wrong, you will need to allow yourself to do nothing for a while. Your constant flailing, activity to avoid being where you are, needs to go away, and in the silence it leaves behind, you need to find yourself, your desire for life, for more life, because Life wants more life.

When you take actions from there, solidly standing in “there is nothing wrong, nothing to fix” then your actions will come from a place in you that KNOWS.

It is not easy to enter that ‘nothing to fix’ space

Truthfully, it is not that easy to enter that “nothing to fix” space, it is easier to pretend, it is easier to just give it lip service.

You want to watch your internal state: if what you say is in conflict, you’ll know. And if you find conflict, stop and reflect. Maybe say what you think is wrong with your life, say it with the intention to just be what it is: a thought. Maybe you think there are a lot of things wrong: then say them all, the same way: to make it clear that those are thoughts too.

If and when you manage to get into that space, and the Effortless Abundance helps you do that, then abundance is going to be just actions towards abundance, not a bloody struggle.

I can’t teach you being, you need to do a lot more work before I can do that, but I can teach you how to catch if and when you are not in beingness

I can teach you how to catch if and when you are not in beingness

If you ask: “what do I want, what do I need, what do I have to, what should I…” and you have an answer, then you are not in beingness: you are in greed and you are in fixing.

…And abundance won’t be available to you, no matter what activator you use.

You need to let go of
–wanting to,
–needing to,
–having to, and
do something to fix what you have. I know it’s hard, I know it’s work.

Or Did you think it will be given to you? That’s another thing you have to let go of.

Mother is not coming to rescue you.

God is not coming to give you stuff. If you’ll ever have what you want is because you worked for it. Some work is harder than others, but the most important work is to work to let go of these five things.

Or if you want to go the whole way, then buy this program… you’ll thank me for it 67 steps to abundance, etc…. a 67-day long program by Tai Lopez

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  1. Improve suggests that there is something wrong, or lacking.

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