You are stuck! Sticky points, pivot points, linchpin, believe me, without knowing these you can’t get unstuck.

You are stuck! Sticky points, pivot points, linchpin, believe me, without knowing these you can’t get unstuck.

It is coming full circle now… I have another blog, get unstuck, and it’s been largely abandoned by me, snubbed by my students as a lower grade of my work, older… lol. BTW, on Amazon it is quite popular, it is in kindle format.

And, lo and behold, the whole class is getting to the same point: they need to learn how to get unstuck.


Of course, my approach, in addition to validating what I have written before, is going to be a little bit different.

When I interview people what they consider being stuck, they always talk about the big stuff. Ha-hah! But no one is stuck in the big stuff: it is just the top layer, the layer that everyone can see.

For one, you are stuck in how you view yourself: as if you were your top, visible layer.

pile of carpets stuck Imagine you trying to move a pile of carpets. The pile is 12 carpets high. The pile is not moving.

If you are clueless, like most people, you keep on trying to drag the whole pile to no avail.

If you are intelligent, hey, maybe you are! who knows, right? Then you will remove the top carpet and try again. Then you’ll lift the layers, one by one, until you get to the layer that somehow makes the whole pile stick to the floor.

And no, it is not always the bottom layer that keeps things stuck. How do you know? How do you test? If you can rotate the pile, for example, chances are it is not the bottom layer… got it?

Once you get to the stuck thread, a pin, a price tag, whatever, you can see it, and you can remove it without damaging the floor, the carpets, yourself.

That is the essence of unsticking yourself. But it is never visible without removing the layers.

So, let’s make it clear: am I asking you to analyze everything in the heat of the moment… and remove the layers?

No, I am not doing that.

Remember the slogan: how you do anything is how you do everything (really!).

When you can do the work in a course setting, for example, where you are supported, loved, coached, and listened to, you can get to the 2-3 spots that are always sticky.

There is, ultimately, one sticky point, what we will call linchpin, but it is not that easy to get to it: it may be tied in a story that doesn’t want to release its captive too easily.

But once you get the 2-3 spots, behaviors, attitudes, assumptions, fixations, you learn them well.

You will use the color exercise on them, so you can recognize them even at driving at speed limit, behind a half closed garage door… all meaning fast without effort.

You’ll practice until you catch hard to catch occurrences, don’t stop too early.

Then, when in the heat of the moment they come up, you can let them go.

stuck? dance to get unstuck There are only a handful of ways to let go of a sticky point, and we’ll learn them all.

Where? In the 2nd phase activator series… I have realized that it’s not enough to give you the activators, I’d better teach you some dance-moves of the new humanity, so you can dance through life, dance through the ascension, and have fun doing it.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “You are stuck! Sticky points, pivot points, linchpin, believe me, without knowing these you can’t get unstuck.”

  1. The good news is, I’m not totally clueless, just impatient! In my mind I was already moving the carpet, one by one, as soon as I read ” 12 piles high. ”
    I do tend to fixate, and I do feel stuck!

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