The $100 loan and other distinctions that raise your vibration

hundred dollars can make you start your journey up The $100 loan and other distinctions

In 1998 I needed a major surgery. I had been ill for almost a year then. No insurance, no money, no family.

I had a magazine that was just sitting there: I wasn’t well enough to actually do the work and publish new issues. My staff long gone, I was silently dying. I was losing blood at an alarming rate, and my mind was going foggier by the day.

An advertiser of my dead magazine decided that he was going to be good Samaritan, and sent a limo to pick me up to take me to his friend who owed him a favor.

The friend, a surgeon, immediately took me to the hospital and had me admitted. I needed a surgery, but a gynecological surgery: not his specialty.

The gynecologist refused to operate on me: I was a charity case. She sent me home to die.

My advertising client found out, and sent the limousine again. The regular surgeon found a willing medical resident (a student. The hospital was a teaching hospital…) and the two of them, two non-experts operated on me for three and a half hours: it wasn’t an easy job.

I came out of the surgery with a serious case of vertigo, and a major brain damage.

My chances of survival, in a world where you need to make money to live, were very low.

Some former advertisers came and asked me to do some work for them, and I accepted. Another advertiser gave me a $37 advertisement in the state newspaper, and the fees I made were a whopping $100.

That was my starting capital. For 8 months, every night, when I counted my money, I had exactly $100: that is what remained after expenses. But I was alive, and that was an accomplishment.

hundred dollars And then the $100 became $105, $110, etc.

After another 4 years I magically was lead to a method that snapped my brain out of the state where it didn’t know it was damaged. It started to heal itself.

Today I have 95% of my brain back, and here I am, a teacher, an innovator, happy, and loved.

Why am I telling you this story?

Because last night, as I was looking to put my $100 into loans, I saw that several women in the Philippines were asking for a $100 loan. I gave one the whole $100 and wept.

I wept at her courage. I wept at the magnificence of the human spirit. And I wept at the magic, where $100 can start someone on their journey up and high…

I then checked “my little group”, the ten people that followed suit and accepted my invitation to give a loan to women like I was 13 years ago: give them a chance. I am moved. I am touched. I am inspired by who you are.

The new humanity begins this way. With the right mindset, with the right actions.

Giving charity is saying that you are better, that they are inferior. Wrong mindset.

Giving money to support those that want to fly opens up something in you that is about flying.

Remember: “The spirit only wants that there be flying. Who is doing the flying, the spirit only has a passing interest.”

Causing flying will cause YOU to fly. Don’t be mistaken about that.

Causing prosperity will cause YOU to enjoy prosperity. The path? Can’t be predicted, but I think this action frees up a part of you that is now too busy complaining that it isn’t given enough, that people don’t love you enough, and turn that part of you into a flying spirit that is willing to do something in the world.

The 2nd phase activators are about that too: free you up so you can be flying.

Congratulations to the ten that heard the call! You’ve started on your journey up.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

9 thoughts on “The $100 loan and other distinctions that raise your vibration”

  1. I really appreciate this share, and can relate to it in so many ways. I’ve had many similar situations in my life, but one really stands out.

    I decided to change professions and go into physical therapy. Pilates was part of the training, so I helped teach a class, making next to nothing. Most of the women I taught were of the “socialite” category. They got me to join one of their organizations called “Lindy’s Place”. It was established by Lindy Boggs, and is a home for women who have successfully overcome drug and/or alcohol problems. They receive training in a chosen field, and are prepped to go out into the workplace, while living for free in this house. At the end of each year, one top student is chosen and honored at a charity event, to include a silent auction where proceeds go to the home.

    After class one day, the group were talking amongst themselves about the upcoming event. The talk was centered around who was going to wear what designer, what jewels, and how many thousands they had spent on their outfits of choice. I was taken aback and intimidated, because not only could I not afford to be part of their group, but what about the person we were honoring. She would be starting out in the world with nothing. I suggested that instead of worrying about what they’d be wearing, they should donate that money to the woman and the home. Guess what? I was frowned upon and ousted! I think they would have been happier to give up their first born. I was grateful to be set free….

    I give as often as I am able, and I don’t ever expect or even want anything in return.

  2. Christine B, your most important job is to tame your superiority: it lowers your vibration and you have been going backwards. I know it is seductive, but you could have written this whole story from a neutral perspective, not from “I am superior to these women” perspective.

    The proper mindset is “I am not doing this to help, I am doing this for myself. To increase my capacity to move money, to experience myself as a mover of energy.”

    If you give and expect nothing in return, you are a pretender: underneath there is evil.

  3. What a moving story, Sophie. You came full circle. I was unaware of Kiva until you offered the invitation. I love the fact that you can get involved with the story and watch what happens. I’ve also passed this on to my two teenagers. <3

  4. I felt resistance before making my donation..I thought(terrible habit) maybe I should put up a profile and ask for money to help fund my business.(who said that?)..this work we are doing is helping me to get to know myself…..yuck!…I thought I was such a reasonable, forward thinking, nice guy and I am, but turns out that is no way to be!…I thought I was enlightened, what a joke.

  5. Great catch, Aaron. Just being willing to notice AND acknowledge it publicly probably earned you a large rise in vibration.

    The real struggle is between our instinctive nature that is based on scarcity, an either you or me world and our Self that is connected to the endless and knows that the scarcity is imagined, not real.


  6. What a journey…and most of it is the complete opposite of everything we have ever been taught…I am re-committing now to do the work, I realize now just coming to the calls and taking the remedy is not enough, thanks again for poking me.

  7. Aaron–I’m one of those “nice guys” too LOL. Yes, it is contrary to our (my) existing mindset with regard to giving/helping and being selfless;
    I never, ever, expected anything in return either.
    Thanks, Sophie for explaining the “right” mindset.
    As a result, instead of blindly giving for the sake of giving, I suppose I will first be moved to ask if this is a cause that wants to fly?
    What’s your take on choosing whom/what to support?

  8. Charlie, you are completely misunderstanding the primary mindset.

    The primary mindset is purely to move money so you can get energy back. That is the correct mindset. Most people give to black holes that don’t circulate the energy.

    So the secondary mindset is: give where it goes the most circulation fastest. NOT where it’s most needed, but where it is going to cause flying fastest.

    I don’t give to organizations. Organizations don’t move money. I give to individuals, I give to entrepreneurs. I don’t give for survival. I give to those that circulate the money I give them.

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