Are you a nice person? Let’s take a look at that

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Is it fear? Or is it unwillingness?

The human DNA isn’t a DNA for kindness, caring, or any of the ‘nice’ stuff we are supposed to be.

In fact, it will take changing the DNA to go to the next level. To the level of human being, to be able to be kind, caring. For altruism…

Our ‘soulcorrection‘ is the path.

The soul, an aspect of us that knows what will take each individual to the place where they can cross the great divide between human and human being, if they wish, keeps on nudging us, harder and harder as we fail to do what the soul asks us to do.

im-not-always-nice-but-when-i-am-im-pretendingInstead of doing the soul work, most humans opted to pretend that they have already gone to the other side. They pretend that they are kind, and caring. many of them curse me out. it is really funny to watch. Not funny as in ha-ha funny, funny as ‘who are they kidding?’ funny.

Certain areas of the world are more pretentious than others. Canada and California are the leaders. UK is not far behind. and the Southern states are also contenders to be a culture of ‘I am such a nice person‘.

Cancer fills the space between the pretend you and the real you. the ugly one.

Kabbalah says, that cancer is an opportunistic disease. it fills the space pretense creates between the you you project, the you you pretend to be, and the you you really are.

I wonder if there is any statistics of cancer killing more people in pretentious areas…

Why aren’t people nice? I understand that DNA isn’t dictating being nice. but being agreeable is actually quite easier than being difficult…

But, of course, ego, the aspect of you that is more interested in being right than being happy or rich, doesn’t allow you to be agreeable.

Everyone seems to step on your toes, everyone seems to block your light… everyone seems to get more than you, easier than you… so you resent them, envy them, want them dead.

That is what’s natural with the DNA we have, to be selfish, nasty, judgmental, competitive, a thief, a liar, stingy, arrogant… whatever your soulcorrection is

That is the starting point for most people in performing their soul’s correction… and, of course, they are not willing. Not willing at all.

Now, being not willing is not pretty, especially in light of what one must pretend, so we, humanity, have invented all kinds of smoke screens, to cover up that we are not willing.

Smoke screens galore to cover up our real nature

  • Fear is such a smoke screen. When you feel fear, it is really to cover up, even from you, that you are not willing.How do I know? I guess that is why I was made an empath
  • Not feeling your feelings is another cover up, another smoke screen… I don’t feel anything… so you don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to change, you don’t have to feel bad, you don’t have to… meaning… your unwillingness has won out, yet again.
  • Confusion is another smoke screen… very effective. No one can ask you to think clearly if you are confused, do they? You are off the hook again… Congratulations.

We could go over about 25-30 different smoke screens.

May I ask you to suggest a few smoke screens in the comments?

I’d like you to take an active part of this work… if you are at all interested in going to the next level, taking an active part is going to be mandatory.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

26 thoughts on “Are you a nice person? Let’s take a look at that”

  1. Smokescreen,,, ‘other peoples issues’ are always more important than yours,,, as in your friend above that the minute you change the subject, they basically loose interest and have better things to do. That’s basically my thing. And I’ve done it for so long that I am truly pissed of with myself and now I think I am a pretentious fraud because I don’t want to listen to them anymore, but I still do!!!! but yet I want to run away from them. Just not really real and truthfull with myself. Or them to be honest. annywauys I an going to have to read nyour blog again,,,
    thank you sophie

  2. Hi Sophie,

    Some feed back to the above on smoke screens

    Blaming, Embellishing, (Lying), Stubborn, Avoiding, Superior, complaining, condescending.
    I am special.

  3. T, the smoke screen is to cover up that you are not a nice person.

    Superior and condescending are the issue itself that you want to cover up…

    Look again. Find ways you make other people believe that you are a nice person… and then look how to avoid being seen for what you are, condescending, and superior… at other people’s expense, of course

  4. Pretending you agree with an opinion to keep from expressing your true opinion (going along to get along)


    Faked enthusiasm

    Giving unwanted advice

  5. Not saying anything (to appear nice, or to avoid an argument).
    Pretend to know, to care, to understand.
    Appearing to be healthy, pain free, problem free…. I have a lot of smoke screens to deal with.

  6. Being tired (indulging in off-the-course activities for the ‘relaxation’ that you deserve, or just doing nothing, among others).

  7. I think so, Miko… I think your soul correction is to resist… or better said, learn to surrender to what you need to do, so you can start having a life worth living… instead of a life of resistance and no joy. no results.

  8. Doing things to avoid confrontation and arguments and being called trouble maker i.e avoidance, being busy, playing victim, arrogant, fear, dominating

  9. so these actions make you look like a nice person? look again Peacock. Without judgment. Better yet, observe as you are doing these actions, and watch others reaction to it… again: no judgment.

  10. Thanks Sophie. I’m avoiding voicing my opinions so that I appear agreeable. I’m doing things and giving my time for other people so that I’m thought of as a nice person. Listening to other’s complaints so that I’m thought of as a good friend. What I have observed is that the others are only concerned about themselves and want to talk about themselves and their lives. They don’t give me their time as fully as I do.

  11. I see. They don’t need to appear nice. Please notice that you do what you do in order to appear nice. To cover up that you are NOT nice, that you don’t care about them either. Very important that you get that without any judgment. Just get it as a fact.

  12. Offering information that I know much about in order to appear nice. Also, it just occurred to me that being nice has been somewhat of a safety mechanism, and/or a way to gain favor…ugly stuff, indeed.

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