How to get love, beauty, magic back into your life?

Recently I found myself finding my life blah. So I set out to regain my will to live… because with blah comes no will to leave, much like when you are forced to eat tasteless food, you lose your will to eat.

I also noticed that the color faded from my language. People stopped complimenting me on the turn of phrases, the expressions, the metaphors I used… because I stopped using them.

I suspected that there is a connection.

I have been reading drab, colorless non-fiction, for the past six weeks.

Last night it was really cold. I found myself in bed without that colorless non-fiction, so I reached up to the book case next to the bed and pulled down one of the Osho books I hadn’t touched for a long time.

And there it was, my answer, in the first pages: without poetry life is drab. Life is colorless. Life is not enjoyable. Right! Poetry has gone out of my life.

Poetry, you say, I don’t read poetry, I don’t like poetry, you say.

But you do, my friend, you do. You have just taken the word poetry literally, as if it could only mean “a poem written by someone who puts together words in an unlikely way!”

No. In fact, poetry has less to do with poems, than fascinating, and putting you in a state of magic: like you were when you were a kid and read about giants, and fairies, and rabbits that talk.

The magic dust, the fascination, the enchantment that makes life beautiful.

I teach, and so do others, that there is nothing wrong in the present moment. What I haven’t realized is that there is nothing right in the present moment either.

In the present moment there is no thing… If you bring wrongness to it, then there it is: you got it. It is wrong.

  • If you bring rightness to it, then there it is, you got it, it’s right.
  • If you bring poetry to it, then there it is, beauty, charm, excitement…

There is no poetry, there is no charm, there is no beauty in anything: these are all added by you. Life is what you bring to it.

But what if you don’t know how to bring beauty, charm, poetry to life?

Of course you don’t know how. That is what has been the “job” of the select few, the story tellers, the magicians, the gurus. The give you the feeling, and then, if you can hold onto it, bring it to life.

The evolutionary problem that needed to be solved when language developed is exactly what we are dealing with today. Life was drab, but humanity that now had language, wasn’t willing to put up with a life that’s drab, utilitarian, boring, and, let’s just put it straight, hard.

Sex, without poetry is, at best, disgusting.
Child birth, child raring, without poetry, is slavery.
Marriage, without poetry, is a prison sentence.
Work, without poetry, is drudgery.

And guess what: if I had poetry gone out of my life because of one darn book, that was, by the way, useful, then what do you think happened to you?

Poetry is stories, poetry is excitement, and poetry is also gossip. Juicy. NOT like YOUR life.

So you turn to whoever can supply you with poetry, witches, gods, psychics, channellers, spells, people speaking from and about the beyond, instant healing, connect to Source, pure magic.

And if they can combine magic with getting more stuff… so you can get more magic, then it is even better…

Looking at life, looking at gurus with this new “filter”, I am starting to see what makes someone successful, and attract a large following.

In olden days it was the Bible… the chosen people, the people who followed God’s son who died to save you, get into heaven through me, dancing, copulating, cheating, angry gods, Harry Potter, the secret cults, all so that you can live inside a story and have angel dust, poetry to life.

The interesting thing is that we never realized that we are blessed with the ability to create our magic dust ourselves! And maybe refuel from time to time.

Having spent 20 minutes with Osho’s poetry, I have recovered my ability to manufacture my own magic dust. And I woke up to a glorious day, with the sun just painting a sliver of the sky red… beautiful.

You see, we live outside of the Matrix, and it’s ugly.

What creates the Matrix, the colorful life with the sizzling steak, and the laughter is human language used creatively.

You can hope the world to change, but it won’t. The world is the world, drab, empty and meaningless.

It is your job to provide the meaning, provide the beauty, provide poetry.

We live as if all we can do is hope that someone will come along and bring love, lust, magic, with them. We live as if money could bring it with it. We live as if we needed someone to read us bedtime stories… we really do.

If you depend on others, then you have given all the power to them. They can provide, or they can deprive you…hold you hostage, much like blackmail…

On the other hand, if you learn to use your language to create magic dust, taste, joy, excitement, they you will depend on no one, you’ll be free.

And in that world of enjoyable magic, growing like a weed, exploring, discovering, going deep into the rabbit hole is natural and you won’t resist it.

In the world of utility, in the world of drab, you resist everything, because it feels like it can only get worse… but the moment you get, that it is really up to you how it gets, where it goes, then the child you have buried alive will come out and play.

I know, I know, you have all these habitual ways of relating to the world… “reality”.

You have subscribed to the collective concept of reality, and it is very utilitarian, drab, and fear inducing. It makes you want to survive, but survival means more drab, more utility… not poetry, no joy.

Because all that you crave, all that you want is not in the world, it is in you.

And that is what I want to teach you… this is the Ph.D. course.

I have sent you to Andy Shaw to go through kindergarten, elementary school, maybe even college, so then I can start working with you, when you have unshackled yourself form 80% of the world’s favorite habits: fear, anxiety, worry, belief, avoidance, resistance, and such, about 30 different shackles.

Once your shackles are gone, we’ll start to learn flying. If we find some more shackles, we’ll let go of those too… so we can fly and soar, and enjoy a world we created with just our words.

That is the next evolutionary step for humans. Are you up for it?

I just saw a tweet… “Dems can make bad policy sound great; Repubs can make great ideas sound stale.” Be a dem… and create with your Word.

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