You live in a world of your own design

You-Create-Your-Own-RealityYou live in a world of your own design. And you create the world with your beingness.

We think that beingness is all good… But beingness is neutral. It doesn’t take sides. There is a beingness for everything, including greed, jealousy, and puniness… if that’s a word.

But whatever that beingess is, when you realize it, when you pinpoint it, you’ll immediately see that it actually created your current reality, and if you don’t do something about it… it will create the rest of your life that same…

But as a human you have access to creating any kind of beingness… you have difficulty in holding onto it. But yet, you can start. Any time, any day, any age. And increase your capacity to hold onto the beingness, honor it as yourself.

  • One of the beingnesses we are really familiar with is BEING judgmental. Or the flip side of it (they always go together, like the two sides of the coin!) BEING judged.
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    Both are beings.

    Which is more frequent? They are the two sides of the same coin: judgment. Pretending that you have the right and the power over life and death…

    All superiority, all ego.

    Now, let’s look at the being of “being judged”…

    After all, don’t you need someone to judge you to feel being judged? No. In fact, you bring the beingness of “being judged” to any situation… and, surprise, whatever anyone says, sounds like a judgment to you.

    The koan: “For you, Everything is the same as everything else … except not always” is written just for you! You are unaware that you are bringing the beingness to every situation, and your beingness creates the world of Judgment.

    Of course the flip side is right there: you judge them for judging you… even if they don’t.

    You live in a world of your own design: judge and being judged. How is it working for you?

Being ALWAYS creates a world, whether you are conscious of it or not.

Feelings, thoughts what you see, what you hear, your interpretations of what you see and what you hear are in perfect correlation with your beingness, like the front of the hand and the back of the hand. Inseparable. Always together.

  • If you are superior as a being, then the whole world will show up as inferior to you.
  • If you are a victim as a being, everything shows up as an abuse…
  • If you are forced, manipulated, coerced as a being, you’ll resist everything, because everything will show up for you as a force!

You can’t see your beingness, you can’t feel your beingness… you don’t have direct access to it.

But if you look at the world, how it shows up for you, what it is doing in relation to you, people, things, you can ask the poignant question:

What beingness am I bringing to the world (or this situation) that causes the world, people, things, to show up the way they are showing up?

Beingness is marked by words, mostly inaudible words, spoken internally.

I used to bring a beingness to life “I can’t”. I was like a horse afraid to jump the gates…
At times I used to bring a beingness to social interactions, especially groups, called “I am persona non grata, I will be thrown out.” Actually, I think I still do… And then I talk too much.

I would be thrown out of programs I paid for. People would refuse my money…

Until I, finally, distinguished and owned my propensity to bring that beingness to my interactions, I had a very predictably traumatic life. A big freakin’ drama!

So, what there is to do is

  1. get curious about the beings that you bring to situations
  2. distinguish them
  3. own them

No need to fix them, change them. The moment you bring judgment to it, or resistance to it, it becomes stronger. When you surrender to it, bring non-resistance to it, it becomes “weak in the limbs”

But only when you do surrender.

Most beingness is hard-wired, and you can’t get rid of it. The only way to be free inside the “machine” and the hard-wiring, is to surrender.

The moment you do, you can move about freely, you can create pretty much any being.

Let’s hope that you’ll create some beingness that is enjoyable.

Watch out for part two: How to create a world, how to design a world, and what help you have… OK?

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “You live in a world of your own design”

  1. It was just as I was reading the first part of this article that it struck me as so obvious that at the same time I “think” I am being judged by certain co-workers, I am working overtime to counterbalance the equation by judging them. It seems it’s a protective device from the perceived judgement from them. That’s the first time I have seen it in that way. Thank you!

  2. It is relatively easy to see instances. But to accept that this is ALWAYS this way is too painful to accept. Because then we need to be responsible for the world we live.

    Try to run home-life through this and see what you get. They think/feel etc when I do disappear/read/ etc.

    For example we attribute some expectations to others… meaning we think they expect us to X… and then feverishly try to meet that expectation, while the other didn’t expect that at all.

    This is what happened with my article where I pointed it out that people are not grateful… I got a lot of thank yous, which indicates that that is what people think they are expected to do. Maybe that is what I said? But I doubt it. I expect my clients and my students benefit from the work I do, and that is the thank you… but of course it is always easier to do the talking that do the work.

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