The greatest secret of life is that life is a gift. And so is happiness

osho: the man who loved seagullsI think, that of all Osho’s talks that I know, this is the most significant, and the most helpful, if you EVER want to be able to return HOME, to the present moment, where you can be content, happy, and start living.

Osho talks: The Man Who Loved Seagulls

7 May 1975 am in Buddha Hall

There was a man living by the seashore who loved seagulls. Every morning he went down to the sea to roam with the seagulls. More birds came to him than could be counted in hundreds.

His father said to him one day: I hear the seagulls all come roaming with you — bring me some to play with.

Next day, when he went to the sea, the seagulls danced above him and would not come down.

The greatest secret of life is — and remember it always — that life is a gift. You have not deserved it in the first place. It is not your right. It has been given to you, you have not earned it. Once you understand this, many things will become clear.

If life is a gift then all that belongs to life is going to be a gift. Happiness, love, meditation — all that is beautiful is going to be a gift from the holy, from the whole.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “The greatest secret of life is that life is a gift. And so is happiness”

  1. Thanks Sophie, I have read your full article on the seagulls. and have laughed and cried through it all. My ‘seagull’ was just a ‘brick wall’ with alive moss and ferns and flowers growing out of it. I thought that I used to talk to it, but ‘it’ actually was the comfort and aliveness in me. wouldn’t dare tell anyone that in case I was committed to an asylum. and I was only a kid then, but reading Osho today brought up that feeling that I’ve missed for so very long. I laughed when I read Osho talking about the ‘small booklet from Jesus freaks’ 🙂 99% nonsense and 1% really beautiful,,, I guess it’ like trying to say not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. He also says that god doesn’t believe in shortcuts,,, and I immediately thought ‘neither does Sophie’ 🙂 I’ve read Osho’s books over the years and I find it strange that in one book he believes or at least talks about a god and in the next there is no such thing as god… I want to slap him sometimes!!!! Thank you for such a great article, I really loved it and it has brought a lot up for me.
    I appreciate what you do for us all.

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