From filing clerk of information, to glorious human being

  • mr and ms filing clerkMind says: the important thing is to have the answer.
  • Life says: the important thing is to have the question.

Thinking, the proper use of the thinking part of the brain, is to ask questions. Questions allow you to penetrate things deeply, to see new connections, to see what’s below the surface.

The mind, also a part of the brain, isn’t interested in that, the mind really isn’t interested in anything. Maybe gossip, but that is it.


writer-readerI had a client session the other day. The client was a University Professor of literature, a glorified librarian, in my opinion. Before he arrived, I was sure we were going to have an interesting conversation that will bring up new questions, new perspectives, that the conversation will enhance my work with you.

In a way it came to enhance my work with you, even though the conversation was not interesting: I discovered that someone can be absolutely not interested in anything outside of what they already know. Very boring, no conversation, instead a monolog.

He enjoyed the conversation… What conversation?! I say.

The only reason to EVER talk to someone is to get new directions, to get a glimpse of stuff you haven’t thought to explore, stuff you haven’t thought to ask questions about. But, as long as you live in your mind, you will ask questions from the mind… librarian questions: no new territories from it. Your questions, asked from the mind, keep you in the mind, no matter what I answer. You will NOT even hear anything outside of what you already know, because question from the mind demands an answer from the same Tree of Knowledge.

I answer my own email. I answer it because I consider it opportunities for conversations, opportunities to see stuff I haven’t thought to consider.

Most of these are very disappointing, but I am still learning. I have learned through these conversations, and conversations on the coaching calls, how you function, how you think that makes you utterly miserable, utterly ineffective, shrinking, bored and boring.

Don’t be offended, offending you is not my intention. Waking you up is.

I’d like to wake you up that you imprisoned yourself in your mind, and because you did it, you can get out of that prison.

How? I am not sure what YOU need to do.

But moving towards the sensations, the feelings, is, in my view, the direction you need to move to.

In an answer to a 100% mind dweller’s question I wrote:

…I will explain something that is going to be totally new to you: eyes see, and that is a kinesthetic feature, kinesthetic activity of the mind. The rays of light are totally physical, and the activation of the cells in the eye, the nerve impulses are all physical, which I call kinesthetic, because that is how I perceive it when I am in your body, i.e. I am connected to you. The mind doesn’t know anything about what you see for a long time, and even when it does, it only compares it to what it already has stored.

The mind is not your brain, the mind is the storage/retrieval of information function of the brain.

So when I say mind, I don’t mean your brain.

Intellect is your capacity for structured thinking, your capacity to make connection, not mind, not from the mind, not using the mind: it is the thinking function of the brain. Not the librarian.

It is quite kinesthetic: the electrical impulses are quite clearly felt by me, the empath.

When you say you lived in your mind for over 50 years simply means: you identified yourself with the librarian.

Muscle test shows, that 3% of the time you actually used your intellectual faculties in all that time.

The problem with what people teach is this: pseudo scientists teach one way wrong, scientists teach another way wrong…

But for most people everything is the same as everything else, except not always… meaning, most people have no distinctions, or not enough distinctions. Calling the brain mind is one of those no-distinctions symptoms.

What I intend to say there, that anything that is a physical change, whether it is electrical, chemical, or state change, is part of your physical being, even if it happens in the brain.

Mind is not part of this physical being, physical being is outside of the mind.

No matter which aspect of the physical you choose to explore first, you are away from the mind… and moving towards the state where your beingness can be created, changed, explored, beingness that defines your world, the world YOU live in, the world people respond to.

You have been taught that your thoughts create your reality, but that is not true.

Thoughts do not create anything, even thoughts that seem important, like Einstein’s thinking.

No, beingness is created with the physical aspects of your being, and if you are cut off from it, imprisoned in the mind, you are condemned to powerlessness…

So, starting to move away from the mind is urgent. Please, start it yesterday.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “From filing clerk of information, to glorious human being”

  1. I like these directions for living outside of the mind. Feelings and emotions are indicators of our state of being?

  2. I don’t say it anywhere, h. You can have nearly any feeling in any state of mind. But your dominant emotions are a fairly good indicators.

    But being has nothing to do with feelings or emotions, whoever teaches that is wrong.

    Inside beingness, happy is not a feeling. content is not a feeling. Sick is not a feeling. Greedy is not a feeling. But feelings show up inside certain feelings more readily.

    Please h, notice that you are asking your questions from the filing clerk’s position…

  3. state of being is like a room. whatever shows up in a room, feelings, actions, attitudes, can only show up in that room.

    The questions that probe the beingness are many, for example: who are you being now? Who must you be that this thing is showing up? whatever that thing is. It takes a while to tell the difference between the pretense “being” and the actual being.

    Often someone looks caring, but really is self-serving.
    Often someone looks loving, but really is agenda driven.
    Often someone looks angry, but really is personally offended.

    The better question would have been: how many beings are there? And make a list, and tune into them.

    You can tell, if anyone can tell, I know you. And everyone senses it, because beingness is an energy, a vibration, unmistakable.

  4. OK, great, this helps. I can’t quite grasp it yet…needs more work.

    “Who must you be that this thing is showing up?”, seems to be a really good place for me to start working on this.

    I also like the question, “How many beings are there?”, even though that is a really hard question for me. Most likely been living in the mind too long! :)) It will be interesting to see what I can come up with. Thank you, again.

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