Soul Correction: Removing Hatred

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self-hateNew insight: 10/10/2019

This soul correction is easiest to recognize by their tendency to seek attention. Maybe to reassure them that they are wanted, that they are OK? I don’t know… We shall see. I’ll report back here when I can see it.

Today (9/29/2016) I saw something I did not see before… And it surprised me, and filled with compassion.

The seed level, the dominant belief of this soul correction is that something inherently wrong with them, and that they are worthless.

Of course it is not the truth, it’s a dominant belief you are born with… I have traces of it, and my soul correction is “Forget Thyself”… and every achievement, every accomplishment I had for 50 years or more was to fix it.

It cannot be fixed because it is not true. And therein lies the problem: what do you do with something that is not fixable?

Unevolved “Removing Hatred” people hide it. And they pay a price. A big price. I have two people in my family with this soul correction… one died at age 40, the other, her mother, is severely ill… self-denial… leading to Parkinson’s disease.

So just know: it is urgent to look this beast to the eye, and say f… it. I am going to do things that are worth doing, even if I AM worthless…

This is what I did. And worthlessness, surprisingly withdrew. It didn’t disappear, but it doesn’t run my life as much as it did before.

Update on 10/28/2012:

Removing hatred: you can’t love yourself unless you like yourself. With hatred/resentment/prejudice in your heart you can’t like yourself.

Your job is to recognize, own (no reasons!) your feelings, and transcend them.

People are people. No one appointed you to be the judge.

Hate/anger is eating the poison you mean for another, yourself. They don’t even know about it, but you are poisoned.

If a person witnesses any form of hatred—on his own street or anywhere in the world—it means this person still has some measure of hatred lingering in his own soul.

If we harbor even the slightest bit of hatred or animosity for another person-for any reason whatsoever, valid or invalid, whether we’re aware of it or whether we’re in self-denial —we still bring. destruction to the world.
By cleansing. the hatred in our own hearts, we can remedy all the world’s problems at once at the level of their root cause.

Spiritual Practice:
Be painfully honest! Acknowledge every person or group of people toward whom you feel anger, envy, malice, total disgust, or any combination thereof. With the Light of this Name, drop those negative feelings like a load of wet laundry!

The basis of this hatred is the mind. The mind will not accept anyone or anything as valid…

What there is to do is: step out of the mind and become innocent. For an innocent person there is nothing and no one to hate.

Step back into your Self, the part of you that wasn’t born when you were born, and won’t die when you die.

When you look at the world from there, there is no past, there is no similarity and dissimilarity. There is no color, and there is no sexual orientation. There is nothing to protect, nothing to attack.

Go there as often as you can.

PS: this soul correction is probably the most pretentious of all soul correction. The biggest value for them is respectability, and they will hide their hateful nature for that.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “Soul Correction: Removing Hatred”

  1. I started Mother’s Day by riding a train in which a group of women were abusing a disturbed small boy in their care. the women were confident that no one would say anything, and did what they did without fear of interference. I thought I could stay impervious, but this casual repeated violence and hatred directed to a small child still had its hooks in me this morning. After reading this I was reminded that this was mine, too, and somewhere this violence and hatred was coming from me. Today while naming it and all my other hatreds and prejudices, I am choosing to continue to be alert and continue to practice being impervious in all situations to strengthen this different way of living with bravery, innocence, and unconditional love.

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