Beingness and being, is there a difference?

being free regardless of the circumstancesBeing 1 is a tricky word, in every language I know. We use it as if it were cheap, inconsequential, but it causes mischief.

When you say “I am depressed” instead of “I feel depressed”, without knowing that there is a difference, you, unwittingly, practice self-definition.

You can feel a lot of things. Feelings and emotions have a normal tendency, that when not resisted, they move. They change. They morph from one feeling to another.

Feelings are energy in motion, feelings are the weather report. Being, on the other hand, is more permanent.

range of emotionsYour body, your internal states, your emotions, your feelings, change like the weather in Central New York, where it is an adventure to go out, and you have to pack for all kinds of weathers…

Fun for me, not so much fun for someone who expects the world, Life, to stay the same.

Central New Yorkers never dress for the weather. They learned, early on, that you decide how to dress, and you stick with it: you simply ignore reality.

People don’t even own winter coats, or real winter jackets. People don’t own warm socks, and never button their jackets even in sub-zero temperatures. Hats? No way!

Men, women, with chattering teeth in the winter, or sweat stained shirts in the summer… totally disregard the weather.

This will actually lead to the first question: is there being or is there beingness (The state or quality of being being; existence) in the Central New York folks that make them act so strangely?

value-to-beingnessBeingness is the highest level of consciousness. It is like a floor on which you can do lots of things consistent with the highest level of consciousness, and you can be any being that is consistent with the highest level of consciousness, the floor.

But, of course, your consciousness is what it is… can be accurately expressed with your vibration number, 120, 150, 200, 215… whatever it is.

That is your level of beingness, your level of consciousness, your level of awareness, your level of being able to be the Witness of your being, doing, feeling, and others’.

Lots of nasty beings are consistent with your “floor” and some nicer sounding beings…

emotional-statesMost of the nicer sounding beings that other people say you should be, are not available for you on your level of consciousness: you have to pretend.

Your world view, your understanding how it is, your understanding the different active aspects of a human will limit what’s available to you.

For example, caring is considering the other person’s need important, the other person’s pain valid.

But looking at that, from a lower level of consciousness (under 700 on the vibrational scale) it looks like if you care about someone, or something, you have to give them what belongs to you. You have to self-sacrifice. In that world of yours it is either them or you. Of course you can’t allow yourself to care… but you will give plenty of lip service to caring.

Instead, you will feel sorry for them, which is a desire-for-the-self-alone state of being, you are better than them, and you are the one who feels sorry for them. Feeling sorry also keeps the gap between you and them… Nasty, nasty, nasty.

Observe your bank clerk, if you go to their drive up window: they have an inviting, interested smile, at least where I live. But as soon as the transaction is done, their face returns to show the “real” being: bored, contemptuous, or whatever… their welcomingness, their cheerfulness was just a pretense, a mask. Social grease.

So, let me return to the main topic, beingness and being:

Beingness, like everything else, is not a pregnant/not pregnant phenomenon: it is a sliding scale.

room-of-your-beingYour beingness “number” corresponds with your vibrational number, and allows for only certain beings to exist.

Your dominant beingness, in my humble opinion, is determined by your soul correction: stingy, victim, self-protecting, cowardly, resistant, nasty, etc.

And on the top of that you can be, in the moment, changing like the weather, attentive, condescending, clever, believing, hoping, ignorant, superior, etc.

When your vibrational level rises enough, through you accessing the world mostly through your body, not your mind, inventing being will be available to you.

The invented being will have a longer shelf-life than your current states of being: it will create a floor above the floor, and will allow states of being that are “nicer”, more wholesome, more life-affirming than your current states of being.

My goal is to get you to a place where you can start inventing beings and start altering what shows up in your life…

The Law of Attraction should teach you this, but unfortunately NONE OF THE TEACHERS are up for it: they are not on the vibrational level, consciousness level to live it, let alone teach it.

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  1. The state or quality of being being; existence

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “Beingness and being, is there a difference?”

  1. Hi Sophie – I need some clarifications ..

    Isn’t inventing a being the same as pretending?
    Is the goal to have the being be the ‘inventing being’ ? ..someone who can be any being? i.e caring, happy, courageous etc
    What kind of being do I invent when 99% of the population is there to make me feel bad?


  2. Other questions – For example, if my highest level of consiousness (my floor) for now is between Worry and Anger from your chart above, then I can only be those “beings” i.e rage, hatred, fear, frustration etc ?
    Can I not go pass those levels into confidence being or gratitude being without raising my vibration?

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