A reader asks: Isn’t inventing a being the same as pretending?

pretending-to-be-happy-2Hi Sophie – I need some clarifications ..

Isn’t inventing a being the same as pretending?

Is the goal to have the being be the ‘inventing being’? ..someone who can be any being? i.e caring, happy, courageous etc.

What kind of being do I invent when 99% of the population is there to make me feel bad?


and a second question from the same reader:

range of emotionsOther questions – For example, if my highest level of consciousness (my floor) for now is between Worry and Anger from your chart above, then I can only be those “beings” i.e rage, hatred, fear, frustration etc ?

Can I not go past those levels into confidence being or gratitude being without raising my vibration?

These are excellent questions coming from exactly the vibrational level, consciousness level of the reader.

All the questions come from a place where you make, what is, what you feel, where you are, wrong.

You can only invent being when there is nothing wrong with what is, the herenow.

For moment, that state is available on every level of consciousness, but a moment is not enough to invent a beingness.

Remember I said in another article, that the empty space from which you can create takes a lot of work.

Rage, hatred, fear, frustration are all states where you say: other people, circumstances are responsible for what I feel.

Unless you take 100% responsibility for all of it, meaning everything you can own, everything that you can claim as yours, you will still be an effect, and effects don’t create, effects react.

You have a lot of work to do, my dear, you haven’t even scratched the surface.

Pretending is a way of being that tells the truth: the person doesn’t live in the present moment where nothing is every wrong, they live in their minds, in some imaginary future, where hopefully they will have fooled everyone into thinking that they are good people, holy, generous, compassionate, etc.

But one really only pretends when they are the opposite of what they are pretending.

In the article you commented on, about violence and Gandhi, Gandhi pretended to be non-violent. Because he condemned violence, he needed to pretend.

Only when all is good, whatever you feel, whatever you think is good. You are angry, good. You are frustrated, good. You feel hatred, enjoy it.

All these feelings show the hidden areas of unresolved, misunderstood conflicts, events of your life that you judged and you didn’t realize that you are responsible for what you are responsible for, and that is your stories, your myths, your beliefs, your demands, your desires, your selfishness, your victimhood, your blaming… yeah, you are, or could be totally responsible for… that is if you wanted to be free of that hatred, frustration, and anger.

Of course, in your case, I bet you can’t see what you would fill your life with if you weren’t ruminating on how angry you are, how poorly you are treated, what a miserable life you have.

So you keep your stories, your myths, your beliefs, your demands, your desires, your selfishness, your victimhood, your blaming… but then you want to take responsibility for that: you are choosing those, but they come with the anger, the hatred, the frustration.

You can’t have them, and peace of mind, confidence, or gratitude. A five dollar bill’s other side is not a hundred dollar bill… it’s the other side of the five dollar bill.

Drop the myths, etc. and you can have any life you choose.

OK, one more thing: there is no goal, because the moment goal comes into the picture, agenda comes into the picture. Future comes into the picture. And no one can be present if the future is filling their cone of vision…

Goals can be invented to give direction to activities, but then dropped, because the goal creates a context in the present that is a misery-maker: you are missing something, you are needing something, the present is bad and needs fixing.

Guaranteed low vibration, guaranteed powerlessness, guaranteed misery.

Instead, in your case, (your soul correction is “revealing the hidden”) the aim of your activities could be to look under the surface, for the invisible aspect of reality that is pulling the strings. And that is where you will find your power by owning what you do there.

Taking responsibility is your access to personal power. It is also your saving grace.

what is vibration? how do you measure vibrational frequency?Upon reading your questions again, here is another bit: you ask: “Can I not go pass those levels (anger, worry) into confidence being or gratitude being without raising my vibration?”

The simple answer is: You can’t. You can be an angry, worrying person pretending to be grateful, and confident. And miserable. More miserable than just being angry or worrying, and enjoying it.

Yesterday I had a few minutes when I was angry, maybe even vengeful. I owned it, enjoyed it, and it went away on its own, because I didn’t resist it.

Not wanting to be how you are is resistance. You want to force your ego’s will on your being, and it isn’t working, is it? Your ego is interested in you looking good, respectable, likable, and not you being who you are, happy with who you are, no matter what other people think about it.

pretending-to-be-happyLiving in pretentious California doesn’t help either. I feel for you. I would not live there for anything.

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