Carol Tuttle bio and Dr. Eben Alexander bio… A guru’s bio: any of it is true?

selling with a story: your bioIn another article I wrote about the importance of the “story”.

Because the customer, the buyer, the client, can relate to a story, a well crafted story sells you and sells your business. Why? Because the story appeals to the emotional, hypnotizeable part of the brain… People buy into the story, and if the story was true, then all is good. If the story was a lie, then only the people who have a religious bent will stay, the rest leave, or cry bloody murder.

In personal development, spirituality, we mostly deal with the beyond, what is beyond people’s conscious awareness, what mostly cannot be tracked, measured, documented, or even agreed upon.

selling yourself with a made up storyMoreover, the elements of this “industry”, energies, vibrations, spells, consciousness, awareness, mind, ego… are not clear cut, not measurable, and it is hard to find two people who would explain them the same.

The next area of muddy waters is the “best” for fishing, or maybe even shooting fish in the barrel: the results depend on the accurate execution of a program, and show me a person who has ever done that.

I don’t know any, including myself. I am just like you, I do some parts, don’t do the rest, or do it differently.

So, as a result this industry, and I’ll include the self-healing area as well, rife with marketeers, with frauds, fakes, operators, false gurus, and misinformation.

Because of these three issues, made up stories to sell, invisible, immesurable, imprecise, intangible elements, and the chance to push the responsibility for no result on the client, this industry is a gold mine, as in stealing other people’s money.

Two examples: Carol Tuttle, and Dr. Eben Alexander

carol tuttle bio

Carol Tuttle bio

Carol received her post-baccalaureate training (meaning she took some courses, but not in an accredited school as the name would indicate, or she would say so. I doubt that the Mormon University, Bingham Young teaches courses like that…) in numerous energy psychology and natural healing methods. (hm, where and by whom?) For over 20 years, her work in the field of self-help and personal development has helped (maybe reached!) hundreds of thousands worldwide to improve every aspect of their lives–from money, to health, relationships, fashion, parenting, to overall emotional well-being.

Her first two books, The Path to Wholeness and Remembering Wholeness, promote personal growth by teaching empowering energy healing methods. (here is a great example of using the word “energy” and meaning only hype by it. Carol has command over NO ENERGY, and that’s that. No healing, no energy…)

In her experience with energy healing, Carol observed that different people express different energies and natural movements. She developed a program called Energy Profiling that helps people identify and honor their true natures, strengths, and gifts. Her book, It’s Just My Nature, explains this program in depth.

Applying her Energy Profiling model to beauty and fashion, she then created an online makeover program called Dressing Your Truth. Women from over 60 countries around the world have become members of Carol’s Dressing Your Truth program. Carol’s book Dressing Your Truth: Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile is the first step to dressing true to your nature.

Carol Tuttle’s latest book applies Energy Profiling to the world of parenting. The Child Whisperer turns longstanding parenting assumptions on their heads and shows how parenting can be an even more intuitive, cooperative, fulfilling experience than any good parent even imagines.

Carol is the mother of five grown children. She and Jonathan, her husband of 32 years, reside in Utah. Carol enjoys the outdoors and loves to challenge herself through competitive tennis and triathlons. Her favorite place in the world, besides home, is the North Shore of Oahu.

Personal vibration: 170. Inside state: burning, blocked, resistant. Truth value/efficacy: 1%. Authenticity: 9%

dr eben alexander bio

Dr. Eben Alexander

He was an oft fired surgeon. He was fired for altering the books… to avoid responsibility.

Later he came out with a book that proved that there is life after death… proved that there is heaven.

The Esquire writes: “Before Proof of Heaven made Dr. Eben Alexander rich and famous as a “man of science” who’d experienced the afterlife, he was something else: a neurosurgeon with a troubled history and a man in need of reinvention”

He admitted to making up stories in his book to add to the drama… and the effect of his story that is debunked in the article above.

I don’t know what he is doing, but being called a prophet is a perfect match for a cheater and a liar like this doctor.

Lying for the purposes of financial gain is criminal activity, not fibbing.

Conclusion: I am writing these vibrational reviews to wake you up and encourage you to make better decisions, to be less duped by operators.

Are you capable of that? Yes. Will you? I doubt it.

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  1. Sometimes I feel very cynical. I know I don’t care, but, it gets to me, collectively. Are there really this many liars, embellishes, out there? I told you I didn’t ‘feel it’ about Christy Marie when I first landed on planet Sophie!

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