The secret to raising your vibration: start to grow, unstoppably

if you don't know where you are going...This article is not for everyone. If you are the type that reads, and nods, and starts to read the next article, this article is not for you.

This method, the secret method to raise your vibration is the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do in your life. No wonder that the vibration of all of humanity is going down steadily, including yours. Only a handful of people even contemplate this method. Why? You’ll find out.

The secret method is called “surrender”. Become a disciple. In discipleship the work is done by you, only the guidance comes from the master. The master points to the direction you need to look so you can get what you need to get.

Osho: You become disciples the very day you forget about what is good, what is bad; you forget about what is accepted, what is not accepted. You only become a disciple the day you are ready to expose your whole being to yourself.

The master is just a midwife.

He helps you to pass through a new birth, to be reborn. And what is the relationship between a master and a disciple? A disciple has to trust; he cannot doubt. If he doubts, then he cannot expose himself. When you doubt somebody you shrink; you cannot expand. When you doubt…. A stranger is there, then you close yourself; you cannot be open because you don’t know what this stranger is going to do to you. You cannot be vulnerable before him; you have to protect yourself and create an armor.

With a master you have to drop the armor completely — that much is a must. Even with a lover you may carry your armor a little; before a beloved you may not be so open. But with a master the openness has to be total, otherwise nothing will happen. If you withhold even a little part of yourself the relationship is not there. Total trust is needed, only then can the secrets be revealed, only then can the keys be offered to you. But if you are hiding yourself, that means you are fighting with the master, and then nothing can be done.

ego-dust-in-the-eyesSurrender… surrender to whom? Surrender what?

Surrender is laying down the arms… laying down resistance, laying down forcing, fighting, denying, covering up, pretending.

Surrender is an act where you tell the ego: “Ego, you are dethroned.” Where you tell the mind: “Mind, you are dethroned.” And where you hand the power taken from ego and taken from mind over to awareness and consciousness to do with the power as they see fit.

What is ego’s job?

You see ego is there to protect you. It protects you from seeing what you are afraid to see.

Ego considers you fragile. It considers you a wee child. It covers your ears when uncomfortable truths are spoken. It covers your eyes when you look in a mirror at yourself. Instead it asks the mind to paint a pretty picture.

Ego doesn’t like truth because it fears that you’ll break, that you’ll die.

It makes you behave like a child, believing everything, and then as a child who resists everything.

Ego doesn’t like shades of gray: for ego is always black or white, everything or nothing. You or them.

It is NOT mind that does that, it’s ego. Everybody has it, and nobody knows how to “control” it.

Our relationship to ego is that ego calls the shot, because we have placed nothing over it.

guilty conscienceConscience vs. Consciousness

But in the Original Design, Consciousness is the Boss… but we, for the most part, haven’t even distinguished Consciousness. We have seen conscience, but it was given to us, conscience is a morality: totally cultural, totally man made.

Conscience is the part that tells you you are guilty. That you are bad and wrong. That you are a sinner.

Consciousness is the god part of you, not man made, can’t be tarnished, can’t be controlled, it knows all and sees all. Consciousness chooses. And consciousness doesn’t judge. It is a forward movement, while conscience is a backwards judging movement. To keep you suppressed, closed, fearful.

The current “leadership” of

So conscience and ego, and to a lesser degree Mind run the shop, while WE are absent. We, the real we, are Consciousness. Not some persona, not even a personality.

All those, persona, personality, are created by and for the outside world, with the world’s desire to put you in a box, and consider and treat you like a thing. At which time, you too, start to treat yourself like a thing. A thing to present, a thing to change, a thing to know.

But you are not a thing, and you aren’t knowable, all the knowable parts are frozen and fixed by “knowing” them… ‘I am lazy’, ‘I am stupid’, ‘I am a freeloader’, have taken over from Consciousness to guide you to be more of the same, by virtue of you resisting those statements, condemning them.

Anything that you resist persists. Anything that you don’t allow to be won’t allow you to be.

The job, if you every want to be free, if you ever want to raise your vibration, is to hold these labels close to the heart. The job is to embrace these. Embrace them, not like the truth but as a tendency we have learned to be.

bad things about you The damning labels

My guess is that we have more than one damning label… I have managed to embrace the label “stupid” and it has reduced my incidents of stupid by about 70%.

bad things behind youI have embraced the label “gossip”, the label “condescending”, the label “know it all”.

My next label to embrace, and I have started it, is my mother’s label for me: “whore”. 1

This has been harder than ‘stupid’, although at the time, I can’t remember any more, but stupid must have been excruciating.

You can embrace only in an environment of trust, inner, or outer.

I have been doing this work by myself, with myself. What has given me the courage to trust is the image of the spirit flying. 2

This is an example where setting your eyes high can give you a context, inside which the alternative to trust is to never accomplish what you really want to accomplish.

How this article came about… about surrender

This article was triggered by an ex student of mine commenting on the blog, posting on my facebook wall. I know her intimately, and I can see the air of pretense, the air of personality constructed to hide the impotent, unwilling, resistant persona just below it.

Obviously, there is no trust between us, and there is no trust between her and herself.

The societal pull to look more, look better, look different than you are is very strong. We live in the age of pretense

But yet, if there is one amongst you who has the courage to tell the truth and to embrace, this article was worth my time and passion to write.

And I think you will enjoy this Osho video

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  1. My mother called me a whore when I was raped and 4 years of age.
  2. The Rainer Maria Rilke poem: the spirit is only interested that there be flying. who is doing the flying the spirit only has a passing interest…”

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  1. Hi Sophie, I am having some difficulty with the distinction in the statement “Embrace them, not like the truth but as a tendency we have learned to be”. For instance, I am slow/dumb. Would embracing this as a tendency I’ve learned to be be like saying to myself ‘hey, I’ve learned to be dumb…no big deal’?

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