What Holds You Back… Part 2

what-holds-you-backNew: someone can put attachments on you, back on you? through their audio recordings.

One of my readers, the first one I removed attachments/cords from, sent me a donation yesterday: do I have attachments on me? And she did… I was mortified… so I muscle tested it a few times.

What did you do?!

Turns out that she was listening to… eh, let me quote her email answer:

I listened to Julie Renee while clearing out my audios. Instantly after that I have pain in the back of my neck on the right and also through my right side heart area through to the back of my shoulder blade. Sort of down my right arm and my top left buttock. I have been listening to Kenji and his light weaving with no negative effects. This was almost instant and I new I had made a big mistake.

Now, I haven’t checked if indeed she felt the correct locations of the new (2) attachments, but this brings up a new issue:

What holds you back in life is adhering to old practices, practices that you have seen are either harmful or ineffective or both.

I’ll continue this article once I clear off her attachments, but I wanted to warn you: those “healers” are only too willing to oblige, but you invite them, you listen to their words, you keep them around. If that is the case, consider yourself fired from me.

I have actually sent someone away who was unwilling to let go of her Russian “Siberian” shaman… please. Thank you.


OK, I am back. I have removed both attachments. Both were from Julie Renee. It seems, that you feel referred pain… not the point of attachment.

One of the attachment, the nastier one, was just right from above the heart, looking at it from your point of view: don’t forget that I am in YOUR body when I connect to you, I am not looking at you. The other one was almost where she felt it… the right front of the neck. My neck cracked free as I was removing it.

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