Dark mood… what caused it and how I got out of it?

dark-mood-2Today I descended into the kind of dark mood I used to live in all the time.

It’s been long coming. Even someone with my abilities, can be worn thin… and this is what’s been happening. I can only imagine what it must be like for you to be so near to where I am now, all the time.

Irritant after irritant, I won’t go into detail about all of them, but will mention a few.

  1. Osho’s antisemitic ranting… hard to take it again. It is really easy to feel justified that his vibration is 300… not quite the sage he makes everyone believe he is.

    This doesn’t take away from the good stuff he has said, but makes me really doubt his whole “work.”

  2. A woman sent me $3 yesterday to check if she has attachments. Being “in” her was torturous, and she has 20 attachments. I instructed her to send me a payment for 6 15 minute sessions. She sent money for 15 minutes, thinking that that is the rate. This made me look deeper into her.

    She herself puts attachments on people, and the attachments on her are the cords she drags around… the cords she put on others. Hm. I never thought this is how it works, I simply didn’t think anything.

    So, I checked myself for attachments. Lo and behold I had an attachment, straight into my heart. Lovely. I removed it. No wonder I went into this dark mood.

    But how does this work, really?

    Apparently some people, Eastern European mostly, are trained is witchcraft. I am from Eastern Europe, somewhat, but Hungary is not part of this witch culture. It’s mostly Slavic. She is from a Slavic country. And she lives in Canada… what a combination!

    I feel better after the attachment removal. Interestingly, I felt exactly the way she felt to me yesterday when I first checked her… so it seems that the “cord” distributes her internal state, which is toxic.

  3. Also, Carol Tuttle’s launch is coming very near, so I checked, and muscle test says that she puts a cord on the participants of her webinar and that is how she manipulates them into believing that they connected to their souls.

    And, of course, after the webinar, which is free, these people will have these dangling cords… sucking their life force, or even used to further manipulate them, like puppets on a string.

    Enough to think that dying would be better. That living consciously and aware in the world today is not something I am happy to do.

  4. Oh, and there was a fourth irritant… A software I bought two days ago stopped working today… And it was expensive too. lol.
  5. I am working on an invention. It is something that is sorely missing from the world, and although it is already working, and does what it is supposed to do, I am more anxious than happy. So, instead of a good thing, it is just another stressor.

OK, if you are curious of Carol Tuttle’s webinar, and see and experience what she does, please go and then come back and ask if you have any attachments… with this link https://bit.ly/cordcheck

If you have attachments, I’ll offer to remove them for you for a modest price.

To my knowledge, the only thing that works is removing the attachment directly grabbing to it and pulling.

If you are interested in learning how to do it, please comment below.

The only problem you’ll run into is finding them. For example the Slavic woman has 20 attachments. How is she going to find them?

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

14 thoughts on “Dark mood… what caused it and how I got out of it?”

  1. sorry Elaine, that I can’t help you with. But if you know where it is, and if you have a well developed sense of energies, I can teach you to remove them. Finding them? That is the issue, isn’t it?

    By the way, you don’t have any attachments

    Interesting, none of the three of you have any attachments. Hm. Interesting.

  2. Hi Sophie, Your willingness to share your ‘human beingness’ is really refreshing. I am interested in learning how to remove attachments.
    Thank you.

  3. Elide, I am starting to see that unless you can find it you can’t remove it. And for you to find it, you need a lot more awareness than what you have… you as in plural you…

    Start increasing your awareness, inner, not outer.

  4. Yes Sophie – I’m running in the opposite direction of them. 🙂 It was an eye opener to learn that you can get attachments also from listening to them on iTunes or Youtube etc . Thank you!

  5. Hi, Sophie, how do you protect yourself from getting cords? They sound very tiresome even if one knows how to find and remove them. Thank you.

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