Being an empath is no picnic…

being an empath is a bitchBeing an empath is a bitch… You don’t only feel another’s duplicity when they allow you, you feel it when they are dead and you are reading their stuff. You feel it in a movie, when the whole movie, on the surface is supposed to be a compliment, but underneath it it is a left-handed compliment.

This whole issue always exists, but recently it has been stirred up and made personal by my temporary difficulty of handling some stuff… and it will last for a few more weeks, I can tell. Another aggravating factor was Osho’s Jew-bashing.

I have been pondering this issue…

Being able to see the two facedness of people… Particularly I remember two movies made by Germans, and a movie made by the Brits. All dealing with morality issues that actually discredit Jews, while it pretends to say something nice about them. 1 I have written about them, because, well, because I have a weakness tolerating left handed compliments. I am too much of a straight shooter.

Here is a question I’d like you to ponder

If you and your loved ones would be in danger for your life and/or your well being, but you could, as a woman, using your body, eliminate the danger: would you do it?

And if you were the husband: would you condemn her for it?
And if you were the child: would you understand what she did?

Each country, each religion answers those questions differently, in an Islamic country the woman would be stoned…

Whether you know it or not, your right and wrong is shaped by the culture you live in, and culture is mostly the religion that dictates your conduct.

The dictates of any religion, the dictates of society are intended to make it unnecessary, even unpleasant to you to be present, to be aware, to observe. The dictates of society and religion are always setting you up to do what doesn’t serve you, and not do what does… or lie about it, and feel divided inside, split, guilty, and hating yourself.

I am against anything dictated…

I am against anything dictated… I am against anything dictated… I only trust awareness, consciousness, and that renders me an outsider, an rebel, a troublemaker.

This is the price I have to pay for not being split inside, not being split to what I show the world, and who I am.

Please be generous with your sharing. If you don’t want to be known, just share what your culture says about that question, OK? You may not be ready to tell the truth.

Part 2: Now, let’s talk a little bit about your standards of what is considered enlightened, and what isn’t.

Your standards are YOUR standards… or standards that you put together from listening to people who don’t know what they are talking about.

Enlightened is mainly the position from where you are looking at things, looking at the world. The higher your position is, the more of past, present, and future you see in the same glance.

When future disappears into what you see as present, your desires disappear, because what keeps future in place is your desires.

Once future disappears, the past can disappear as well.

It is also a matter of degrees. You may still have some desires and some future, and consequently you may have some past.

The reactivity, fear, etc. that you experience in your daily life is a direct consequence of the position you are looking from.

But… you can’t just jump onto a high position… unless you are pretending. Unless you are trying to hide who you really are.

You need to start with the skill of being in the present moment, where nothing means anything, nothing has a name, and there is nothing wrong. If you don’t get really good at this, your life will be even more miserable, because you are going to pretend even more.

Look, bring no mind to it

And starting with that ability to just look and bring no mind to it, no labels, no meaning, no wrong, you will be able to start to transform yourself and your view of life… and it will result in you getting higher and higher on the observer position.

When something jerks you off your heights, as it happened to me recently, you will re-experience near forgotten states of upset, and anger. If you can allow it to be without fighting it, without meaning, then you’ll be able to climb back naturally, to your previous height of seeing the world, where nothing means anything.

PS: I never tried to become enlightened

I never tried to become enlightened, never tried to become one, never tried anything. I just looked at what I was doing, inside and out, observed it, laughed at it, or cried at it, and it moved , whatever it was, on its own accord.

Trying, wanting to, striving, seeking, aspiring, all stand in the way of the exact results it seeks to achieve… because trying, wanting to, striving, etc. brings in desire, future, and the whole miserable mind, instantly.

Morality – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

On this view, moral codes are ultimately founded on emotional instincts and intuitions that were selected for in the past because they aided survival and …

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  1. The boy in the striped pajamas is the British movie, Nowhere in Africa, and Gloomy Sunday are the German movies.

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