I tried it once and it didn’t work — pretending to want a better life

good bye survival modeThis is another article using Roy Williams’ Monday Morning Memo for today.

They say: every journey starts with the first step, and no one listens.They say: “I can remove your blockages to action, I can remove the fear…” and you flock to them… them “gurus”.

Are you stupid, or something?

I did Pam Ragland’s Quantum Though Shifting thing some eight years ago. 24 people in the class, only one person with lasting results. Why? Because I knew that it was all up to me, and they didn’t.



Man-in-BoxWhat on Earth, who on Earth taught you that your life can be arranged to be fulfilling, to be free, to be wonderful by somebody else?

If I came to you and told you how to live your life, you’d throw me out! You don’t want anyone to give you your life, and yet you go to witches, and shamans, and “energy practitioners” to do it… But why? Because you know that what they do doesn’t do anything for you… secretly you know. You may not have admitted it to yourself, but you know.

But why on Earth would you lie?

Because you are unwilling to admit to yourself that you are comfortable the way you are, that you don’t trust yourself, that you are going to settle for survival, not for living? I think so…

Yet, one of you, just one, will read this article and wake up and say: Hell yeah… I can do that… And start taking charge of her life, and the world will be better for it.

Here is Roy Williams’ article about changing your future

Thou Shalt Not Be Average


If you can’t tell funny stories about embarrassing mistakes you’ve made, you’re not taking enough chances.

Are you letting the fear of failure turn you into a narrow guardian of the status quo?

Good judgment comes from experience.
Experience comes from bad judgment.

I met a woman when I was a boy – I promise I’m not making this up – who had the power to change the future. She taught me how to do it, too.
Shall I teach you?

The past was written by the choices of yesterday.
The future is written by the choices you make today.
The key is to do things that matter.

You spent your day yesterday. You invested your time. But did you make a difference? Did you bring anyone joy? Did you matter? Or did you play it safe because you were worried that you might make a mistake?

I’m not suggesting that you try something new all the time, just 5% of the time.
The time to try something new is when:

  1. you feel itchy that there’s room for improvement,
  2. you’ve counted the cost,
  3. you can afford to fail.

That’s when you should take a chance. Follow your instinct.

Few things turn out as well as we had hoped or as badly as we had feared.

You learn a little from small mistakes. You learn a lot from big ones. You learn nothing at all from mediocrity.

Failure is never a waste of time. Mediocrity always is. The fear of failure is what keeps you average. Success is the result of taking chances.

America is plagued by mediocre primary schools, subpar infrastructure, and dysfunctional government. But somehow, this country manages to get at least one big, important thing right: innovation. That’s the deep magic of the world’s leading economy.”
– James Pethokoukis, May 9, 2014

Innovation occurs when you take a chance that you might be wrong.

We want to encourage greatness in men. We want to encourage ambition. We believe that nobody wants to be sort of gray-normal. Often, the definition of normal is ‘average.’ We live, it seems to us, in an age under the curse of normalcy, characterized by the elevation of the mediocre.”
– Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette, King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine

“When you worry about what ‘might’ happen, you’re living in the shattered wreckage of your future.”
– Teresa Shapiro

Pennie and I will spend April in Paris with the woman who taught me how to change the future.

She married my father before I was born.

Roy H. Williams

NOTE FROM INDY – The wizard has authorized me to confess to you – on his behalf – that the phrase “the power to change the future” was not exactly how his mother worded her advice to him when he was a boy. He owes the wit and elegance of that phrase to the great American novelist, Brad Whittington.

Above him the heavens were a rich blue black. He settled in a chair facing east and looked across the valley. At the horizon, just above the opposite ridge, the sky was bleached out to a grey white. He watched that spot and tried not to think about the evidence in the muffin bag. Or the dream. He thought about the first time he looked out over the town from this ridge, the day he realized he had the power to change the future.” – Muffin Man, p. 56

if it is to be it's up to me

If it is to be, it is up to me

you try-handsBy the way, this ATTITUDE that it is up to you, up to the actions you take today, up to your willingness to take risks, calculated risks you can learn from, does not only apply to visible stuff.

It also applies to your invisible, inside stuff. I have a “customer” who buys two-three bottles of remedies a month from me, even though she has the audio that makes it in her kitchen, for no cost. She tried it once, and didn’t like the result… so she stopped.

I have another customer who tried to connect to Source once, and she didn’t succeed, so she abandoned the project.

I have yet another customer who tried to look at herself with kind eyes, but she didn’t succeed. So she stopped.

Your life is full of trying once and quitting. Disgusting, if you ask me. You are building a case, gathering evidence for a self-view, self-image of nebbich, that is Yiddish for “never do well”.

If it didn’t work the first try, then try and try again… until you get the hang of it. Please.

And here is a child singing it… almost… lol. But it shows to me, that unless you are a rebel, you’ll NEVER going to amount to anything. Other than miserable.

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