What does the Unconditional Love Activator do? Will it make you love yourself?


It helps you to bring a kind and sober eye to what you see...

But it is you who needs to do the looking.

One tool to force you to do the looking is my articles. In almost every article asks you to look at yourself, and if you told the truth, if you looked, you would see something ugly about yourself. If not, then you are lying. Those of you that got stuck at a relatively low vibration, in spite of your participation, are unwilling to look. So you lie.

When I look, I see ugly too

When I look, I see ugly too. The ugliness doesn't change because you have a higher vibration. What changes is three things

  1. Your willingness to look
  2. You bringing a kind and sober eye to the looking.
  3. You can clearly see that just because you think something you don't have to act on it... not even in your attitude

I tell you, the reason I am having such a hard time to teach you how to look, because I didn't have a hard time looking. When I was shown something, I mapped it on myself, I looked at the same thing in myself, and I always found it.

Judgment, jealousy, envy, greed, deceit, forcing, superiority, waiting, wanting to be rescued... etc.

All the stuff that I talk about, and all the stuff Andy Shaw so simply talks about.

That's why I recommend that book, as a guide, to everyone.

It's not a book to read, it is a book to knock yourself conscious with.

Getting knocked conscious is not pleasant, but is a necessary step, otherwise nothing, I repeat, nothing will make a difference.

Of course, if you are a sissy, it is not for you.

7% of the general population will find that book useful, and 28% of the people on this blog. That may include you, may not. You know yourself, you know if you are a sissy or not.

Using the Unconditional Love Activator with the book that guides you to look, one new ugliness a day, you can get through the whole thing in a couple of months. It took me two months to get through it.

I hated it. And I loved it. That is the right attitude. You hate it for the experience, you love it for what it does to you. Like a lot of other things in life.

If you expect the path to be something you love... leave my site now. You've chosen the wrong teacher.

You need hard, you need suffering, to crystallize who you are. At the moment you don't have a core, it's empty.

Going through hardship, even if it is only facing your ugliness, reading a book you don't like, doing some exercise you don't enjoy, will start creating a density in your core, a core that can then crystallize.

Looking at your ugliness is a good tool, and the only tool that raises your vibration.

All the nice-nice stuff you see on the internet is hogwash, bullcrap, and chocolate covering on turd... turd covered in chocolate is not a m&m make. (English?)

So stop wanting nice-nice, buckle down, and do the work.

Unless you are a sissy, or course.

PS: Knowing your soul correction is an excellent guidance to tell you what are the main ugliness you should look for.

For example, if your soul correction talks about you hiding your darkness, you are going to be very judgmental, and not notice that you do the same things you so ready to point out to others.

It's not a pleasant thing to discover, and even beyond that, your only way to relate to other people is through your judgment... you superior to them... So you'll have to learn new ways to relate... right?

So, as you see, it takes work, it takes humility, it takes patience with yourself to do this work.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “What does the Unconditional Love Activator do? Will it make you love yourself?”

  1. Hi Sophie. I hadn’t tried using the unclove bundle w/ HOE while reading the book. I will try that out.

    This video you posted is amazing. The speakers and the music is just uplifting. I think I have watched it a dozen times already. I realized that I don’t have that fire in me. How do I get that spark going within myself?

    One of my favorite quotes (I’m paraphrasing) ‘But will cause you to hide out behind fear, come up with excuses and not act on your dream. BUT is a dream killer’.

    Thank you!

  2. Yes, I did. I see how saying ‘but’ as an excuse to constantly to stop myself from decisions or moving forward with things that I have wanted to pursue. I see how I’m surrounded at work and personal life with people that constantly say ‘but’ and how I have infused it in my language as well. Ugh!

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