Why do I feel lethargic?

Lethargic is a way of being where there is no energy to live, to move forward, and there is not even hope.

It feels like deflated, the life force that was there before disappeared.

Tiredness that doesn’t ease up with rest, a good night’s sleep, isn’t tiredness. It is probably lethargy, depression, or purposelessness.

Why meaning disappears… when the future to live for disappears.

Lethargic-2 I experienced lethargy after my first time winning a national competition for architects. I won enough money to buy my first car, and out of the blue I had no mojo, no desire to get up, and I even got ill.

When your actions are project oriented, outer directed, the result is always a let-down, a disappointment, because nothing outward will ever give you what you hoped for.

lethargic-sealsNo happiness, no success, no fulfillment.

Nothing fails like success.

Why? Because, and try to imagine this, no matter where you are on the “mountain of success”: the lower you are the more hope you have. It still seems that if you could get money, a nice house, a better job, a nicer partner, a prettier body, then you could be fulfilled. Because, after all, we are all looking for fulfillment.

LIfe-Belongs-to-the-EnergeticBut, if you had a chance to look at the people who have what you think will make you happy, you’ll see that they are the most wretched; they have lost hope too.

So, what is the solution?

Of course, you want to take care of your health… because as it is, it is the end of a harsh winter, where you didn’t get much air, didn’t get much sun, didn’t get much fresh produce, so it is natural for the body to go into survival mode. Vitamin D-3, Vitamin C, Vitamin A… Look out the window if you can’t go out…

Spring will be here soon, and if your lethargy is health related, it will lift soon enough.

lethargic-bearOf course, if your cells are in survival mode, nothing will change.

Find out if that is the case… I’ll advise you how to take care of it. In fact, 99.99% of the people I have ever tested test that their cells are in survival…

copingwithlowenergBut if your lethargy is spiritual – chances are 70% that your lethargy is spiritual, then start looking for meaningful goals, and start seeking for yourself.

Because in all this struggle to achieve something in the world, you have forgotten who you are, you have left yourself behind, and you are paying the price.

lethargic-after-eathingThis is true for everyone, with every soul correction: your job is to find yourself. Start to look within, not outside.

NOTHING on the outside will every make you happy, fulfilled, peaceful, serene, and feel good about yourself for more than a few gleeful seconds.

Distractions-290x220Once you find yourself, and it takes a while, your activity on the outside isn’t coming from an outside goal, but from an inside goal.

I have an inner drive to do the work I do, to work 12 hours a day. I have no goals to achieve, and yet I am doing the work. Why? It is fulfilling.

lethargic-tigerThe biggest question I get from people: if I am unmotivated because I have given up outside goals: how am I going to make a living?

Well, you may be starting to make a living in a more satisfying way… or bring peace, presence, awareness to your current occupation, and consider it a spiritual practice.

There are a few things I have in my life that I would not choose, but they are there, so I choose them. But I choose them as a fire to move through, a struggle through which I can grow.

Quite a different experience. Because, don’t forget, context is decisive.

The content may be still unpleasant, but now it serves a purpose, and that makes all the difference.

Consider your lethargy a divine warning that you are on the wrong path.

When I researched what people look for when they search for lethargy, I found that 99.899% of them were looking for solutions to lethargy in some pet, or children.

That tells me that you don’t even care about yourself, that all your focus is on other people, pets, the world.

No wonder you feel miserable, tired, listless, and lethargic.

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