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doc martin vs. create a bug free mindThe hardest bad behavior, for me, to get rid of is blame… pointing fingers, feeling superior to others.

I can see bad behavior, but to identify with it, to map it on myself is difficult.

But, ultimately that is what the Bug Free Mind book does: bring into conscious awareness that which you can’t do when you are aware and conscious… The behaviors that are below you, the behaviors that harm others, the behaviors that harm you. It’s a path to self-knowledge, a crystallization of the self… which you need to raise your vibration.

So, I finished the Bug Free Mind book, the first book…

I am not interested in the second that, I think, is teaching how to manifest your thoughts and desires… I am interested in being thoughtless and desireless.

And the more you desire, the more desires come with it… it multiplies and with it misery multiplies.

But also multiplies the inability and unwillingness to look for the Kingdom within.

Anyway, I finished the book, it made me more conscious… now what?

British TV series to the rescue: it’s like the Bug Free Mind book, with a story line… lol.

There is a huge difference between British television and American television. The difference I see and appreciate is that Brits have a more honest, more vitriolic way to look at people and life. A lot more.

Actually, in this comparison, any honesty is a lot: American television is whitewashed, sanitized, everybody is either good or bad, and good people never do anything wrong.

Hogwash, and you know it. You are good people who do a lot of bad stuff.

So, I stopped watching anything American, and I am on a steady diet of British series.

The more concentrated of them is Doc Martin. I it good? I don’t know. Is it useful? Hell yeah.

In Doc Martin everyone is a nice person and nasty nasty nasty. Except for the two meek characters, and the main character, who is maybe rude, but not nasty.

If you have Netflix, watch it, when you have time. And make sure you watch it for your own consciousness, for your own awareness, for that it’s invaluable.

I am serious.

There is a way to read that contributes to being aware and being conscious, and there is a way to watch a movie, watch others the same way.

You are asleep most of the time, but you can awaken little by little, and then, your consciousness will guide you, without you asking it, to doing good, drop the nastiness, drop the slothfulness, drop hope, drop dreams and desires, and start living in the present moment where it is actually quite nice…

The clips below have no contribution to make to this article, but it looks good that I have a video in most of my posts… Please forgive me.

PS: This is a very loved show. So I meditated over it, to see why people love it so much. Turns out that it is bromide: as long as other people are worse than you, worse off than you, you are gleeful.

Don’t fall into that trap, please. That is not why I recommend that you watch it. It is going the opposite way… into more misery, into the illusion of progress, into more nastiness, more horizontal plane. Please, I beg you.

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