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The first part of the 1900’s was when all the nonsense about the power of the mind, think and grow rich, the science of getting rich, and such were born.

Some is more nonsense than others.

There is some truth in The Science of Getting rich, about 10%, while most others scrape the barrel at 1~2% truth value.

Then there is a unique book, that is although could be seen as b.s. it might just be a significant tool at awakening the consciousness within… and that book is The Magic Story.

One of the biggest issues I see with students that are actually doing the work comes from their Judeo-Christian upbringing: they try to think their way to greatness, try to override and restrict their freedom to act.

What is missing, profoundly missing, is trust. Trust in consciousness. Trust in the invisible part of you that knows. Because if Christianity allowed you to know that you have a part that knows, they would have lost you as a customer. Paying customer.

Christianity is based on “someone else knows what’s right and what’s wrong” and you are nothing, a child, not to be trusted.

So, my students are afraid to hand the power over to the Observer, consciousness to know what’s right and what’s wrong, and they are trying to force themselves to abide by their minds’ concept of what’s right and what’s wrong.

But, of course, if you do that, you will stay miserable, and low vibration. Low achiever, and for you surrender will be an illusion, because ego is running the show.

This “book”, The Magic Story, sets you up more similarly to what works, where you allow your higher Self (Consciousness) occupy your body and call the shot.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Free book: The Magic Story”

  1. Sophie – The combination of this article and the free e-book knocked me into the experience of being the Observer last night! The ACTUAL EXPERIENCE of being the Observer, not just my mind imagining it. I can’t even describe what it was like, but it definitely felt like I belonged there. And I realized that, in the past, I had been trying to move into being the Observer with my mind (good luck with that!) and had considered the Observer as something separate from myself and therefore was having a lot of difficulty. My experience last night didn’t happen from my mind. I was just knocked into it. And it was easy and natural. And the Observer was me, not something separate. This morning I’m no longer in the Observer position, but I feel closer to being there and I’m more relaxed and less stressed. And I now have this article and e-book as tools to use to practice moving into being the Observer. Thank you for this gift!

  2. congratulations, Kathryn. What you experienced is valuable, because now you know. You’ve been there. And you know where to LOOK, because it is a physically stepping into a position, not thinking it, not becoming someone else, but YOU stepping a small step backwards… at least in my experience. The distance between the Observer and the observed is increasing… that is the trick.

    Very good work. well said.

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