Maybe you can’t lead people to Heaven unless you know the habits and the moves of Hell: the anatomy of Evil

Products of evil are evil products If you went back to yesterday’s post, you would find a horoscope by Rob Brezsny predicting that I will have whirlwind like experiences that will take me to what I need to learn, to the tools I need to successfully navigate my path.

I said that it looked exciting, like an adventure. It did.

Just like bungee jumping, roller coaster riding look like fun… Except there is a big difference between looking at it, and being on it.

I started on my journey to transform whatever I needed to transform, because my life felt like a roller coaster and I hated it. I hated the feeling of having no control, I hated being jerked to the left, only so that the next moment I can be jerked to the right. I am not built for this kind of excitement, I am not.

So, for me to say that the horoscope’s prediction was exciting, only could mean that I didn’t understand the words… lol.

Oh well, it is coming true, and it is coming true exactly the way it was predicted.

I am going to spare the “exciting” details of going from excited to doomed, from deep love to deep anguish, from hope to despair, to sobbing on a webinar…

I know your extreme attraction to drama, your own or others, but you just have to do without any in this article: I am not going to share the drama… lol… How is that for being a sadist?

Anyway, the learning is extraordinary, at least for now.

Products of evil are evil products.


I read in the book, The Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell) that there is a tipping point in getting addicted to addictive substances. Once you are addicted, your life is used in the service of that addiction. 2

We could call the energy of the addictive substance an evil energy: what we call evil is “desire to receive for the self alone”. And addictive is only interested in perpetuating the addiction. It is not interested in you, your life, your satisfaction, your fulfillment, your health, you relationship. No, it is only interested in perpetuating your addiction.

The addictive agent can be anything: you can get hooked on pretty much anything.

The addictive energy only needs a carrier. We could also say: Evil needs a carrier.

The Tr. Energy, coming from Mr. Tr., is an addictive energy coming from the Evil desire to get you hooked and keep you hooked.

It’s like a virus. What’s a virus? The virus is a little piece of DNA that enters your cells and reprograms your cell’s DNA to reproduce the virus instead of the original cell.

That is why there are theories that cancer is caused by a virus, because that is exactly what’s happening in the case of cancer: a cancer cell’s DNA has only one program: reproducing the cancer cells.

Unintentionally I have turned a few of my students onto Tr.’s stuff and they all got infected. The more they consumed from the “virus” the more they turned.

The most powerful carrier for addictive energy is the water, and maybe the probiotics. They turn you, unbeknownst to the agent of Evil.

They use you as a kind of Trojan horse…

This is how it happened:

Last night I started the connection Call as usual. It looked like it was going to be a small call, only with the usual suspects, so I was going to experiment some…

Then two brand new people showed up. And when I was going to see if people were doing the right thing: in the back when they were supposed to be in the back, and in the front of their head, when they were supposed to be there… But instead of feeling what was going on over there, I could feel only one thing: a strong buzzing sensation around my nose. I removed one of the new people, thinking they were the disruptor of my emphatic abilities, but the phenomenon continued.

Then, from time to time, the Tr. Energy showed up, in addition to the nose buzzing.

I firmly asked the students to turn it off, and they did. Each time.

By now I was clear that all this buzzing and disruption was coming from one student: one of my favorite students, by the way.

I tailspinned into grief. I only pretended to do my work leading the call: I was immobilized by the grief, and I could not even connect to Source.

I indicated to the student that it may be good-bye time for us… She protested and said that by morning I may be able to see clearer.

She was right. I did see clearer. I saw that she was possessed and exposed our call to a force that has been intent on destroying me.

But there is a silver lining: if she stops drinking the hellish evil water, I can cut her ties for her, the strings that are already established tying her to Evil.

Wow, I never thought that the learning is going to be about Evil… Maybe you can’t lead people to Heaven unless you know the habits and the moves of Hell…

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  1. Just think about Monsanto: desire to receive for the self alone supreme. you must continue using his products until it kills you or you kill yourself
  2. Malcolm Gladwell also says in his book that you need to have a predisposition to addiction. A high percentage of experimenters never get hooked on drugs, cigarettes or alcohol. You know who you are, you know if you have an addictive personality or not.

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5 thoughts on “Maybe you can’t lead people to Heaven unless you know the habits and the moves of Hell: the anatomy of Evil”

  1. I am at a complete loss here, just not understanding the entire meaning.

    Haven’t most of us in the second phase Activator’s class been exposed to the Trivedi energy? And what water are you talking about?

    I don’t know much about Trivedi or his energies, but from what I have read, they are supposed to be healing energies. Healing and evil don’t equate. Is he purposely making people become addicted to his energies for the sake of profit? Or is he just doing this to some whom he believes are obtaining the energies without paying for them?

    I have been doing last Sunday nights replay, and am now wondering if I should stop……

  2. I just googled Trivedi, and right under the link was another one,, stating that the Trivedi Foundation is under Federal Investigation. Apparently he has been under investigation for quite some time, for many different reasons. The “blessed water” is specifically mentioned. I actually found this site to be much more interesting than his site!

  3. Learning that items can be infused with addicting energy is mind-blowing. That is really f@#$ed up, and a new sub-basement of evil if it is true.

  4. Yes, I agree, but it is not as surprising as it was when it was revealed to me: after all Chinese food is addictive. After all cigarettes have additives that make it more addictive. Etc. etc. It is just not expected in the spiritual domain where we hope that the practitioners are of higher moral standard that the tobacco companies, for example.

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