If you could buy one program, what should it be?

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Why should I bother dealing with your health issues, or your money issues, instead of teaching you how to get enlightened?

Isn’t that a great question? And it makes so much sense… After all there are thousands, hundreds of thousands, who claim to be experts in the health field, your bodily and financial health field… shouldn’t I just leave you to them, and do what only I can do? And just deal with you on the level of self-realization?

I got a glimpse at clarity a few years ago because I myself was dealing with a ‘health’ issue… the mites.

I saw that until the health aspect of my life would be reasonably well, I would have to arrest my own journey, my own enlightenment. Then I also saw that until and unless my money is in decent shape… there is no other thing to deal with…

I was having a real hard time staying connected. The the crawling itching sensation on my body, and that I reacted to it pulled me out of the connection… and the connection was disconnected.

I was reacting, because it was WRONG.

This is why I suddenly welcomed every request to connect, every request to measure something, or requests remove attachments, psychic or otherwise, cords, whatnot.

When I ‘had to’, I could stay connected, but not a minute longer.

I had a hard time to even step into the Observer position and watch the drama unfold…

Only when I finally decided that the condition wasn’t WRONG that I found a solution that worked. I still don’t like it, but allowed it to be and now it allows me to be.

Look at your life and observe. Can you see, that your life plays out in that horizontal plane that is full of drama and intrigue?

The world of mind-drama, real life conflicts, money issues, physical pain or discomfort. These are strong forces that will prevent you from moving inward and upward, unless you handle what you need to handle.

Handle them on the level where they issues are… instead of trying the higher levels of the hierarchy… wishing them away. Hoping that if you learn spiritual principles they will go away. They won’t.

Horizontal Plane issues need to be handled on the horizontal plane. With work (action), communication, and setting an empowering context. Not willing? You won’t rise… Guaranteed.

You need to get to a place of relative stability, relative safety, before anything I have to say, anything I recommend can be effective.

I have been watching many of you, through my visitor statistics program, and I see what you read, how long you read it, how many times you return and read it again, or skim it because something on the horizontal plane pulls you out.

I can tell, through feeling you and your activity, what is keeping you busy and on the horizontal plane.

And unless I use my empath capacities to find some solutions for you and your concerns, you’ll be stuck on the horizontal plane, no matter how much you’d like to ascend. No matter… really. All efforts are futile.

You need to handle things on the level where you live, instead of hoping, wishing, head in the clouds, that by some magic will lift you out of your misery.

If you cannot look at what’s going on with you and in your world from the Observer position, when you only see yourself from behind your eyeballs, the drama of your life is winning. And will keep on winning until you can see your life from an outside point and see solutions to your health or your money or both.

Maslow’s hierarchy, a principle he set, is quite accurate. It says that lower needs that you don’t fulfill will prevent you from fulfilling higher needs.

image-will-to-powerOsho says: Buddha, Mahavira (a Jaina sage) were kings, needing for nothing, when they started on their journey.

When I started I had a business that provided me with an income with very little work. I also had very few needs…

Friedrich-NietzscheIf you have a health issue, if you have money issues, if you think that blockages are preventing you from getting healthy or have an income, think again.

You are trying to handle things on a level above where things happen.

You probably have unhealthy practices, and instead of looking at them square in the eye, you escape to a pretense. The pretense that you want to be enlightened… You know if I am talking to you.

nietzsche-4Wake up. You can only handle things where they are…

You think you are worthless? Create worth on the level where your worthless lives! Let me repeat it: where your worthlessness lives.

Oh, it’s work? It’s blood, sweat and tears? Hell yeah, it is the same for everyone. Blood, sweat and tears.

Escaping in the imaginary world of visions to escape your worthlessness is just that: escape. Maya. Mirage.

  • If you have no skills, build some.
  • If you have no marketable knowledge, buckle down and learn some.

There is NO OTHER WAY! You need to go through the blood sweat and tears…

6a01156e650ae8970c0120a618baa1970c-800wiYou thought tears will be enough? Feeling bad? Grieving about it?

You are mistaken. And every moment you spend in that state is a waste of your opportunity.

Example: buying a spiritual program BEFORE you know what steps are missing in your path, is a waste of your money, a waste of your life, because it gets you deeper into the mirage.

Here are some questions that drive up the real issues, if you are willing to look.

Question: I want a restaurant. Because I want to be the boss, tell people what to do. I don’t have the money? What would you do in my place?

nietzsche-3You see, the setup is quite good: the answer is going to fit your situation like a missing piece in the jig saw puzzle.

Not having money, I bet, is not the issue. The issue is hidden… the issue is wanting to be the boss without the knowledge, without the experience, without the financial stake, without the responsibility

nietzsche-1That is the issue. The attitude. The context.

So, even without doing paradigm jumping, I can tell you: you may need to learn business, you may need to apprentice UNDER someone who owns a place, so you can grow some chops. Because ‘wanting’ gives you away squarely: you are a whining baby: no chops.

Nietzsche calls this attitude ‘Infantile Will To Power’… that is what you are doing: crying for the bottle.

PS: Nietzsche went mad because he didn’t know about the vertical plane. All his statements are true on the horizontal plane, where you live. Where he lived.

People come to me because they think I am a spiritual teacher… and being spiritual gives them some class.

But when they hear me saying what there is to say:

  • that their attitude is off, that
  • that their attitude is stingy, give as little as you can get as much as you can, that
  • they are all about ‘desire to receive for the self alone’,
  • and that they want other people to dig out the potato for them,
  • while they don’t know what they are themselves doing…

The idea that you need to do something offends you and you go to the shysters who instead give you ‘belief elimination’ bullshit.

It seems that nowadays no one wants to work… You seem above it, beyond it, you want it without work… and you suffer.

Work on your integrity, for god’s sake… Integrity has levels, just like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs… Your life is going to grow with your integrity… and that is probably the key no one says to you.

Want to learn the hierarchy of integrity? You can.

Learn the levels of integrity. Your life depends on it.
PS: It is possible to grow and grow on the basic levels fast if you bring principles of integrity to it, especially the principle that unless you do what you do in an empowering context, the action has no integrity.

This is true for every action… including actions you take for your health and actions you take for your money. And of course the actions you take for your relationships.

This is the most ignored principle: that you can do marvelous things in a disempowering context and the actions won’t work because they have no integrity. Or they word only as fixes… not as actions that build something of integrity.

If you are a student of mine doing a lot of things that don’t work… look at your context and see what it is… I bet you are doing things in a disempowering context… Expecting things to work.

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