Your soul correction is killing you… but how?

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soul-correction-climbing-the-tree-of-lifeEach soul correction deals with a dominant pretense. A front, that hides the truth. A way to have two you’s, a dualistic way of living that is killing life.

If you read the few articles I have published on soul corrections, you may be able to see below the surface, and see what the pretense is. Most can’t. Especially their own.

But it’s there, hiding one or two layers deep.

  • Why pretend? Because the truth, although it sets you free, is also painful.
  • Why pretend? Because in the horizontal plane, in the world of the “other” survival seems to depend on this pretense… birds ruffle up their feathers to look bigger. Cats, dogs look fierce and big and threatening. It’s all pretense; it is all survival mechanism.

Then we believe our own lies, make our masks permanent, and suffer.

Because the other side of belief is doubt: we know we are lying.

So we live an existence that is all lying, cheating, faking it… and then people love us for who we are not… can you imagine misery deeper than that?

But that is life in the valley… the valley of the shadow of death… All of life is waiting for death to relieve us of the burden of our lies.

I will look at three people and three soul corrections.

  1. sophie benshitta maven soul correctionI’ll start with mine: “Forget Thyself”

    This soul correction is all about significance, all about who has the biggest… hm-hm, who is right, who is wrong.

    The main move: putting oneself above others. The main attitude: condescending. The hidden: insignificant. Not personally, we are all insignificant.

    Only by recognizing that it is how it is: we are all insignificant, that one can close the gap between the two you’s… arduous, and fraught with a lot of half-solutions. And a half-solution is just another lie.

  2. osho soul correctionOsho: “Dialing God”

    There is static on the line… and the static is caused by one’s own significance, once own self-importance, one’s own superiority.

    Very similar to “Forget Thyself” in that.

    The solution is the same… except the pull for lying about one’s own insignificance is very strong.

  3. soul correction: removing hatred“Removing Hatred”

    I won’t tell you who this is… sorry.

    There is hatred in the heart of his person who has this soul correction. Envy, feeling slighted, and feeling slighted in the face of feeling superior.

    One must express one’s own superiority by going around and offering advice on how people should live their lives. The judgment is very thinly veiled, so this person is quite lonesome: no one likes others to offer them advice if the price one has to pay is being treated as being less.

    The internal pull to overcome feeling slighted 2 is tremendous. No peace is possible. And the more proof the person piles up to prove that they have the truth and they are superior, the worse they feel, and the more open they become to illness.

So how does illness know where to move in?

The gap between the two you’s is an open invitation for anything to invade the space.

There is no harmony, and there is a 24/7 suppression of the truth: that your life is a gift, you never earned it, your job is to be grateful for the gift of life, to make the best of it. Your attention on the other is death… the other has nothing to do with you, with your life, with anything. You are alone, and all else is an illusion.

Comparing, making wrong, pontificating, advising, dominating, controlling, is all death…

The more you are in the grip of it, the faster you die.

Some people die early. I see the god in them… they only saw there was no god in others.

Some other “gurus” and their soul correction:
Eckhart Tolle February 16, 1948: Finish What you Start (reaching for the impossible)
Sathya Sai Baba November 23, 1926: Speak your mind (the master deceiver)
Jiddu Krishnamurti May 12, 1895: Finish what you start (reaching for the impossible)

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  1. There are other soul corrections with a strong feeling of being slighted, but they deal with it differently
  2. There are other soul corrections with a strong feeling of being slighted, but they deal with it differently

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