Modern gurus: The business of consolation, the business of confirmation

neelam-indiaI had a “guru” ask for his vibration today. Nice guy. Low vibration.

Another guru, 1 some 6 years ago told him that there was no need to seek, he could start his own guru business…

Horrible disservice.

Note: the illustrations are the fake gurus’ method… don’t follow unless you want to stay low vibration!

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AttainingPerfectionYou see, not everyone is going to have the humility and the courage to admit that one is on the path.

People in search of a guru are looking for perfection, which is not to be found in someone alive: the moment you are perfect, you pass on. There is no perfection in the physical world.

So, everyone who is alive is at some point on a perfection continuum; I guess the vibrational number I measure is an indicator of that.

What can keep you on the low end of the spectrum, on the low end of vibration, is everything that you know, everything that you are that you can find someone to confirm that it’s OK.

For example, Indians are the least spiritual, greediest people you can find anywhere. What they know is that they are already god. If that is the result you crave, then buy into that “knowledge” and you got it.

If any teacher, any guru, tells you that you already have it, spit, or if you are too cultured, and too polite, just politely excuse yourself, and go find another teacher, find another guru.

You really didn’t go to find a guru because you think you got it… you want a guru to hold your feet to the fire. You know where you are at… and that’s why you are seeking.

Of course, you are two-headed about it: your ego wants you to hear that you are already perfect, but that isn’t going to help you: it will just deepen the anguish, deepen the misery you experience life through.

Many keep on looking for a teacher until they find someone who tells them they are perfect, and then go deeper and deeper into the misery.

This is what happened to this “guru” guy that contacted me today.

You can’t grow if you are already there… but your experience doesn’t lie: you are not there.

And then you have to participate in the charade of gurudom, sit in satsang, and really, what you need is guidance, what you need is being free to be where you authentically are, wherever that is.

That is the problem with the paid aspect, the luxury aspect, the adulation aspect of spiritual work: it taps you and you’ll never grow.

You live in an illusion, arrogant, conceited illusion that you are a Buddha, you are a Jesus, you are a whatever… you aren’t.

But stupid people who only want confirmation that they are at the feet of a real guru, that they are worthy to be in the presence of a real guru, will eat up everything you say… so they themselves don’t have to grow.

reaching for perfectionThe work of growth is arduous. Growth is only possible through friction, through suffering, through hard… It is much easier to pretend to be alert, and aware, and spiritual, that to actually get there.

And life is passing you by, and death is coming nearer every minute, and you lived a life that wasn’t hard, but wasn’t worth living either.

You have to go through the fire, there is no other way… don’t believe a word these so called gurus tell you about you, about the path: they don’t know it, because they themselves haven’t done the work.

Actually, that is what muscle test says about Osho: he hasn’t done the work. His claim to fame is to get to 300 vibration without work. I choose the work, and I choose to leave this physical plane in perfection: whatever it takes.

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  1. Neelem of personal vibration: 100
    truth value of her teaching: 3%
    She is typical of “I’ll give you confirmation, you give me money” type of “guru”
    utter and total fakeness and deception.

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