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raise your vibration. it is like a score on the scoreboard Raise your vibration, 19 ways, 22 ways, eat this, do that, breathe this way, visualize that…

The misinformation of what raises your vibration proliferates. It’s a popular topic. People want to feel better. People want to be part of the new humanity. People want to survive 2012.

So what is vibration, for god’s sake?

Vibration is a number. It’s like a score. It’s like the number on the scoreboard.

Imagine it’s Sunday. You have a team of players and you are playing basketball. There are the opponents, there are the judges, there are the fans.

You play. As well or as poorly as you do. You either bring all of you to the game or you are a lame duck… and anything in between.

The numbers on the scoreboard change accordingly.

Next Sunday, next game. You either come to the game with the same attitude, the same level of skills or you do something better. The scoreboard will reflect the effort you put in during the week.

Easy, simple, easy to understand. The opponent is always the same. Your dark side. Your pretenses. Your stories. Your stuck ways of being, your attitude, your propensity for drama, your complaints, etc. Doing things the same way, expecting different results.

Now imagine that you come to my classes or my connection calls. You learn to connect to Source. You learn to step back. You learn to talk to your Ego and to your Soul. I give you energies, strong ones, transformational energies. They feel good.

raise your vibration by increasing your skills, and facing your dark side It is as if you had an a-team player throw some baskets for your team. Your scores jump higher, but you didn’t earn it. Next Sunday when the a-team player won’t be there, your numbers will drop to accurately reflect your state of being.

You try something else to raise your vibration. Let’s do Heaven on Earth, or HOE. The numbers stay the same. You feel good about yourself, your emotions are nicer, but the numbers don’t go up. WTF?

OK, you order some energized water from Sophie to raise your vibration… you get it, you feel better, you sleep better, you may lose some weight, but the numbers stay the same. Now, that is depressing.

Let’s try Tr.’s program… his water, his blah blah blah… I am sure that will raise my vibration! Sophie said it raised her vibration! It will work, I just know it. I muscle test and the answer is yes. OK, expensive, $200 a week, no problem. Anything to raise my vibration, right?

Oops, what happened? My vibration dropped. WTF?

OK, let’s donate. Let’s give Kiva loans! It worked in the past… WTF? it is not working any more?

Why? Let me illustrate it to you with another modality: business.

In Internet Marketing Circles there is a saying: you can work your way in, or you can buy your way in.

The first one is doing it on your own, trying this and trying that… most of it doesn’t work, disjointed information, wrong information at the right time, or right information at the wrong time. It takes 7 years of working 24/7 before you get the hang of it, if ever. (It took ME seven years)

Or you can buy your way in. Sounds good, right? Lots of people buy expensive courses, coaching, etc. And yet only 1% of those succeed… WTF, right?

But if you look, there is a misunderstanding. The expression “buy your way in” seems to suggest ‘no work’, right? Correct me if I am wrong, but it is misleading. After all it should say: ‘hire a guide through the swamps so you don’t get sucked into doing the wrong thing, and (if you do the work) you will get to the other side safely… But no matter what, you have to do the work! The guide won’t do it for you. Hired hands can’t do it for you. YOU need to do the work. Bummer, right?

I have even fallen into the trap! I tried to help a friend create a business, by doing it for him, but I could not succeed. He can’t do anything with what I built: now I am stuck even to write emails for him… and he has nothing. Not a business… nothing. I have another business I didn’t want!

In the area of vibration: no one can do it for you. Just like on the basketball field: YOU need to score baskets. YOU need to increase your skills, drop bad habits, recover fast from disappointments, give up conceived notions, and WITH THAT you can have a chance at increasing your scores.

Practice, practice, practice. The right way, the right things, under the right guidance, in the right order. Or you will end up like a number of my students that didn’t do the work: their scores dropped back a hundred or so…

There is no free lunch in the world of the Original Design. Original Design stands for REALITY.

In your dreams, in your fantasies, of course you can win the lottery, live happily ever after, knight on white horse, blah blah blah. Not in reality. In reality you need to work. You need to earn.

But working on your tan won’t earn you scores. THAT won’t raise your vibration.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

10 thoughts on “Raise your vibration”

  1. No free lunch!!!….hahaahaaa that is a good one!

    If working on my tan would rasise my vibration I would be at 1000….LOL

    I get the message here LOUD and Clear!

  2. I received an e-mail over the weekend to attend a Free, 2hr, Transcendental Rebirthing Webinar, to include AH Codes (whatever they are), help raise humanity, needed to ascend, etc.

    I know these people, and their prices have skyrocketed over the last few years. Free is unheard of, so it was very tempting. It was so tempting, that I registered for it. It was Saturday morning when I registered, and the webinar was scheduled for Sunday morning.

    By Saturday evening, I knew I wouldn’t attend. I had time to think things through, and what kept coming up was, why would I want to take the chance and jeopardize the positive work I’ve done in the past few months, something that’s actually working?? Quite simply, I didn’t.

    There really are no shortcuts in life. I too get the message Loud & Clear!

  3. yes. most of what’s free comes with strings attached. And as it turns out, the Trivedi products sold on Amazon come with energetic strings attached… nothing is safe. Nothing.

  4. I always wanted free lunch. Tried everywhere to find someone or something that would do the work for me. A magic pill that I could take before sleep and wake up enlightened! That would be awesome!

    Now I’m slowly facing and accepting reality. Little baby step by little baby step. If all those years looking outside of myself I’d been doing the work instead, I could be in a neat place right now.

    No more short cuts for me. Rather face my tigers with my own eyes.

  5. Somehow, while processing this article, I realized that I allowed fear to turn me into the Cowardly Lion. “Put ’em up, put ’em up.”
    I was so scared, I used to be a bully as a kid… bullying and hitting others.
    Now, I’ve been doing it to my self and unconsciously and insidiously to others. (ANGUISH!!)
    I see how anxiety/fear triggers the vertigo/right ear buzzing & hearing loss. I still don’t like the anxiety/fear, but now, I WELCOME it!

  6. Anguish, that’s how I would describe last night and this morning. My vibration hasn’t budged in weeks, WTF? I’ve been doing all the work, attending as many classes as I can.

    Reality check! Exposing one’s monster is no easy task. I prefer to continue to hide in plain sight. I’ve always used humor and laughter as a shield, but it’s no longer working.

    I have a huge monster hanging over my head. I haven’t confronted it because it will expose the fraudulent part of me that I’ve been so busy hiding.

    This lie that I’ve been living has been for purely selfish reasons, my own personal gain. By conjuring up the past, I have been able to justify my behavior, knowing full well that two wrongs don’t make a right. Facing the truth will require complete honesty, and admitting that I knew my intentions were deceitful. That requires courage and a bit of faith. I also have to deliver the message in an unhurtful
    way, which means controlling deep set anger from the past. I am a true Libra, and can already feel the scales tipping, it’s very uncomfortable. I may even be causing myself physical illness.

    The opportunity is not present to confront it right now, I have about a month to prepare. I feel the fear.

    So, there you have it. Excuse me while I go crawl under a rock!

  7. Wow, Christine B. THANK YOU. I’m going to read your post over and over… I recognize myself too.
    I’ve used the abusive behavior of others to justify my own poor behavior and to make things all about me… poor little me.

    I face my first hurdle on Friday and I’m feeling the fear too… I think vertigo this morning helped me by making me stop the fearful mental messages I wasn’t aware of, keeping me the victim. (could that be accurate, Sophie?)

    I find talking to soul and ego is empowering and helping immensely… that, and I’m thinking of the beautiful peacock feathers and light I’ll have the opportunity to earn! 🙂

  8. Audrey, I muscle tested and it said yes to “one of the gifts of vertigo for Audrey is slowing her down and taking her out of her fretting about the future”

    Now, there you have it… lol

    I like the picture of the peacock feathers you earn…

  9. YW Audrey! Reminds me of the saying, “Misery Loves Company!”

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