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simple-fake-solutions-2Cheap Closure Now

As you know I am working, instead of the CDC that, truthfully, should do this work, but doesn’t… I am working on effective methods of turning this epidemic of biting mites around.

And while I am doing the work of a scientist, being scientist, guinea pig, janitor, judge and executioner at the same time, I learn more than I have bargained for.

I have learned something today, and I’d like to share it with you. It is one of the main moves you render yourself a miserable loser in this game called Life.

The move is called: Cheap Closure Now.

You act before you see the big picture. You act to prove that you are smart. 1 You can’t allow life to come at its own pace, you need to force it.

Action can be talking, too. It often is…

Let me tell you what happened: I was working, patiently, methodically, with attention to detail, on eradicating the spider mites, that no one seems to know about… They are here, and they are here to stay.

I have confirmed that it looks and acts different from what is written on the internet. I have also established, that most likely what people call Morgellons, is the same offender… so lots of people are going insane, especially because they can’t see the offender.

What you can’t see and yet it bites can drive you mad!

That is where the true empath comes in: the True Empath sees not with the eyes. But sees. Clearly, precisely, even when she sleeps.

A fully evolved True Empath is a precision instrument… lol… doesn’t that sound good? My colleagues back in Hungary used to say that I was like an earthquake sensor… so sensitive and discerning. Long time ago.

School-Matters_webAnyway: I have some students that are “early adapters”, meaning they are willing to test something with me while it is in the development stage. Without them this whole product line, the activators, the courses, and then this biting mites eradication would have never happened. I am very grateful to them.

But this was only the second time that they could actively and creatively screw it up… and this is how I learned this Cheap Closure Now move.

I started to publish my findings, what I was testing, what was working, before I made my final decision on a regiment that will be simple, cheap, and effective.

I tested about 30 different methods, painful, expensive, some even dubious if it was going to kill me before it killed the mites…

Two of my students followed it in earnest.

Both jumped the gun… which is part of the Cheap Closure Now move.

Bought stuff I was testing, even large quantities… Sorry guys, that wasn’t my intention.

And asking questions. Smart ones, stupid ones, clarifying ones, etc. Questions that indicate that you are smart, that you can think on your own, find your own answers… without understanding the issue, without understanding the task, without understanding the whole picture, without understanding the process. And then proceeding doing what you want to do…

It seems that going deep, fully understanding, waiting for answers from whatever source, triggers an “I must be stupid” thought, so you always stay fast, forceful, and unsuccessful.

The biggest enemy anyone has is being quick.

Everything is worth knowing is covered by layers and layers of false solutions, false perceptions, stuff that everybody knows but is wrong.

Simple_solutionsEinstein didn’t come up with his theory fast. Archimedes didn’t come up with his solution of measuring the volume of solid stuff fast. Picasso 2 didn’t start with cubism… he actually learned how to draw well before he went there. Everything worth its salt is the result of a slow and painstaking process, no matter what others day… It looks like overnight success, but appearances are deceiving.

I didn’t come up with the method of killing mites that bite you fast. I started working on it at Christmas! Five months!

Did I go to Cheap Closure Now? Yes. But I didn’t stay there. I then tested it. I was even stupid enough to test stuff that muscle test said would not work!

Being stupid again and again is the price you pay for solutions that seem brilliant, that are simple, and look like anyone could have come up with them.

If you are not willing to be stupid, you are stuck with it!

Remember, embracing your greatest fear? I have taught it, and I will teach it until at least one person will truly get it!

This is the same skill that allows entrepreneurs to do things that fail. 3

painted-solutionOthers, the majority, will put on a blinder, and willfully ignore everything to be proven smart and right… and fail. And won’t even know why.

Find the areas where you practice this move “Cheap Closure Now” and observe it. Observe the urge, observe the pull to look in a certain way, to feel in a certain way. Observe that every fiber of your being wants to go with the urge, to get it done, to get it over with.

Don’t force anything, just observe. Keep on observing. Make it your spiritual practice. The more you see it, the more you bring awareness and consciousness to it the more it will fall by its own accord.

It’s a 1-100 scale… You’ll never get to 100, you’ll always be somewhere on the continuum. The higher you get, the more useful your mistakes will be, and the more you’ll make: consciously. And the more love, joy, productivity, creativity you’ll have… Guaranteed.

Because in the Light of consciousness it won’t really be closure… it will be just a momentary idea. You won’t have paralyzed your life, it will be a river… the way it is when you don’t interfere.

Need energetic help? The Heaven on Earth helps you to slow down and keep your eyes open. Helps you to stay conscious while things are going on, inner or outer. You have to consciously work with it… It helps, which means you have to attempt and then you can be helped. It won’t carry you in its arms, that would not be help… Only when you are doing the work you can be helped. That is the secret of help.

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  1. Thousands of people come to my site to read my review on the Geniuxole program that promises to make you smarter. All of these people feel stupid. All of these people come from developing countries, or from an area the United States where poverty dominates. All of these people feel: if I could be smarter, everything would be good.
  2. early picasso, perfect proportionshere is an early Picasso… to show how well he drew. People who don’t know how to draw and draw… are called primitives…
  3. Then people buy the solutions as a push-button solution, but it doesn’t work for them, because they didn’t have the work invested, the foundation, for it to work. Like starting painting cubist pictures, hoping that it will make you rich like a Picasso… Or you buy solutions from rich energy practitioners who promise that you’ll become rich just by repeating some affirmations, or attending a mind block removal session or two… bah humbug. Or buy my activators to do YOUR WORK… or go to chakra healing, and other fake solutions, simple and fake go hand in hand. Simple and easy and fake definitely go hand in hand. Simple can only be effective if it is a result of a lot of complicated failures… no other way, sorry to disappoint…

    Many people opt for the “lets throw a lot of stuff against the wall and see what sticks… very unscientific. This is the root of huge packages with hundreds of seemingly honest solutions… even the originators haven’t take the time to analyze what simple five steps caused the results, if any. And then, of course, they can’t repeat it. False gurus… clueless. The world is full of them. And your desire for cheap closure now, you are a sucker!

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