What is all-of-it like? benevolent and disinterested? angry and frustrated?

angry antromorphic godI had the most peculiar experience today that forever changed my relationship to Source.

I have been muscle testing everything, and the results have been erratic, and even my name came out as no: Is my name Sophie? No.

That phenomenon is called “turned” when what means “no” become what normally means “yes”.

There is a way to turn oneself back… so no worries.

This “turning” has been becoming more and more frequent, so today I asked the question…

CosmicEggNow, today is a special day: I did a “attachment pulling” for my friend and student, and it was very emotional: I could not even start the work until I cried my eyes out. Not mine, mind you, but it was cleansing like a shower. Most of what was there is fragments of her soul denied and yet draining her. I cut the connection and encouraged her to accept those part she has denied.

I was intimately connected to her and to Source.

When I was done pulling the attachments I came back to my own body that was itching… I mean ITCHING!

I was frantically asking questions and muscle tested them… and I noticed that the response to my muscle tests was mighty flippant, angry, frustrated, annoyed… none of those characteristics are ones that one would associate with an Indian type god… oh no… very human.

angry-godI had the thought that maybe the Hebrews weren’t so far off with their angry, jealous, vengeful god concept… maybe their description of the Creator is more right on, than the impartial, benevolent, and unfeeling god of Osho. 1

Now, what brought on this strong emotional response is my bumbling and fumbling around finding a good solution to the mite epidemic. Really… lol.

I have been following the “scientist” step by step investigation, and it’s been miserable, horrible, and keeping me sleepless, frazzled, frayed nerves.

I wasn’t getting the message with getting “turned”. I wasn’t getting the message, period.

I was doing this project like a typical Virgo, step by step, doggedly, being right, being wrong, my way… doggone it.

In a way very funny, and very educational.

So once I got the anger and the frustration and the dismay… I said… “Oh, OK… what am I doing wrong?” “All” was the answer… Oops, I am going about this all wrong.

I don’t remember the steps, but I got that I am following the Western tradition: trying to heal a condition by treating the symptom, or just underneath it…

angry-god1OK, I get it. Kill the beasts earlier, before they can make havoc and mayhem, right? Yes, was the now joyful answer… lol… What an experience, being the little stupid person with the opposable thumb, and the Creator with no opposable thumb trying to communicate through yes and no… very funny.

It turns out that I have the ingredients to do what Source says I should do, or at least they are in the mail.

I am giddy… I like this anthropomorphic thing much more than the other one.

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  1. This is not the first time I experienced the emotional side of All-of-it: back about 10-20 years ago, I was begging to be the one doing this work (what was I thinking?! lol) and the answer was dismissing, ridicule, discouraging, poopooing me… but I am not giving up… it is not my nature. But it was very clear, that there is an emotional aspect to what I was talking to, and it did not like me…

    I also remember when it gave in. Then the mood completely changed, and since then it is been always supportive, even when I was an idiot, like now.

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