Guru learning from another guru: guru teaching another guru: is it possible?

Guru learning from another guru: guru teaching another guru: is it possible?

One of my students is a relationship guru.

I am not an expert at relationship. I don't like them, I don't want them. I consider them an inconvenience, a prison. An imposition.

Regardless, my students have the most breakthroughs in their relationships: weird.

It doesn't make me proud. I actually feel ashamed. As if I wanted to create a good method to feed humanity and accidentally I created a method to create gold from sand... who cares. Humanity won't be fed by gold.

So what is it that I really want to teach my people? I want them to immerse themselves into the relationship they have with themselves and into the relationship they have with reality.

The relationship with other people is a societal construct: keeps you on the surface, engaged with what's not important, keeping you from your depths. Society loves puppets on a string: they are easy to manipulate.

Imagine teaching a relationship guru about relationships...

Everything that you say gets caught up in their well-defined filters, like chunky stuff in the filter of your sink... They take what fits, leave behind what doesn't. No learning happened.

What would happen if they actually took in what you are trying to say?

When you know a lot, and supposedly gurus do, then every information that is counter with what you know forces you to take apart what you know, and grow out of it something new.

This is a lot like what the worm needs to go through to become a butterfly. Except that it's programmed into their genetics. It is the opposite of what humans are genetically programmed to do.

I know this experientially: I have to go through this every single day. And I literally mean every single day.

If I want to be a champion for the Original Design, if I want to be a champion for the new humanity, I have to continually revise, fundamentally, what I see and how I see it, how I experience it.

Including, of course, relationships. And the heartbreaks they bring. And the learning (about myself) they bring.

My main vehicle is "public authenticity."

Public authenticity is when I share, in my articles, my darkness, my failings, my stupidity, my evil inclinations.

That makes me an unusual guru.

A guru is a legend in its own time. Their hallmark is that they have the answers. From their head: Tree of Knowledge, all the way.

With Victor Hugo's words:

He who is a legend in his own time is ruled by that legend. It may begin in absolute innocence. But, to cover up flaws and maintain the myth of Divine Power, one must employ desperate measures.

It is a great quote to look at the world through. You will be reluctant to endorse anyone, to declare about anyone that they are the real deal... because if they are still in the innocence state, they will enter the legend state, as certain as that night comes after day, or if they are in the legend state: oh, just read the quote again...

So, the enemy is not the FDA, the FCC, the other gurus, the enemy is your legend. The enemy is you. And your support is the guru guild: other gurus that endorse you...

Got imprisoned by your legend? Your actions will be dictated by the legend, not by a divine power. Then you'll dance around that.

When you care what people think about you: you are hooked. When you care what people know about you: you are hooked. When you must keep up appearances to prove that you still have it (the magic!!!), you are hooked.

And these are the students a guru's guru has to teach.

I have quite a few guru students. Or clients.

Hungary is famous about a few products, two of them have a lot to do with this:

  1. down, light fluffy, white down filling for your comforter or your parka.
  2. goose liver... melt in your mouth, egg-yolk yellow, ripe delicacy, about a hundred bucks a pound.

How do they do it, those pesky Hungarians? They hand-stuff the geese with corn. They stuff the corn down the long neck of the goose until there is no more room for more. Then they do it again the next day.

I wish it were as easy with teaching. You would find me with students trapped between my knees, new knowledge stuffed down their throats. I would get to my desired 1,000 new humanity specimens in no time. I can work around the clock, you know?

My ancestor, King David only slept 20 minutes a night. I can do that? It runs in the family... lol

How is that for a guru confession?

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Guru learning from another guru: guru teaching another guru: is it possible?”

  1. I laughed out loud, imagining us waddling around, stuffed to the top with knowledge like fat, silly geese…a great mental image that pops the bubble of self-importance…

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