Penetrating the mysteries of existence

ayahuasca offered by a "shaman"There are two kinds of thinkings… or really maybe three.

  1. You grab onto something about what you hear or see, attach it to what you already think you know… and then either go deeper, or not, but definitely not go wider. Most people “think” this way.
  2. This is really the third way: no thinking… lol
  3. This is what I want to talk about in this article… holographic thinking. This is an uncommon way of penetrating the mysteries of existence…

Let’s define what we are talking about.

What is a hologram?

A hologram is a three-dimensional projection of reality through a plate that has the data of reality engraved on it. What is special about a hologram is that it contains every aspect of the reality it projects, but only sharp to the same degree that the plate is detailed.

Now, we are using this as a simile… we have no hologram, no plate, and yet, our relationship can be holographic to reality… as can our approach to discovering its hidden mystery.

Looking vs. Understanding

Most people cannot be with not understanding, cannot tolerate the uncertainty, so they jump the gun. They make up s-h-i-t and then they are OK.

Our history, human history is full of tragedies because of it. On all levels, individual, community, and worldwide… making a decision before seeing the big picture, jumping into conclusion, prematurely… big mistake.

You are most likely like this… If you are somewhat flexible, then you don’t stop looking or listening, if you are not flexible, then once you read an article, you know, and you leave.


shaman-2Mystery? Fuzzy on the edges? Confused? Intolerable! Must run to the next thing.

99% of humanity.

Confusion is a high state. Understanding is the lowest.

Now, returning to the simile of the hologram: what happens if you don’t quit. If you keep on looking. NOT staring, mind you, but looking…

Another thing of the hologram will reveal itself: if reality is holographic, then the patterns of the “gross” match the patterns of the “minute”, so wherever you look you can faintly see indications of a pattern, and you can see it if you train your eyes on patterns.

You may not know exactly what you are doing, but your experience will be this: you are going to start seeing connections, patterns, something that you can wrap your brain around, slowly but surely.

Especially when you stop looking like a “scientist” looking to justify your hypothesis, or what you are doing. The moment you stop dragging your past into the picture, you’ll start seeing stuff… like this morning one of my students emailed me: My remedy is made of fake ingredients, not the good stuff… She muscle tested. I checked, and it was true.


the-great-thing-about-the-heart-is-that-it-has-no-master-despite-what-reason-may-think-neil-strauss-270322But what made her muscle test is the incongruency between what she saw and the pattern that should have been there… had the remedy worked. Remedy for mites… if you are curious. I am still up to my chin in that project.

Noticing incongruency is a sign of someone getting unstuck from their agenda.

Another area where I have been experiencing and treating existence holographically is the area of energetic attachments, cords, attacks.

One of my healing clients had the “brilliant” idea to participate in an Ayahuasca camp, drank Ayahuasca 1 for five days, and continued after he returned home.

The stuff (watch my language! it is fuzzy. I haven’t decided what it is I am seeing, I am just seeing with no understanding!) seems to have released a lot of his inhibitions. It is also making him sick. It is also unleashing darkness on people around him.

He has thrown about 40 (and the number is growing) attachment to a student of mine, and my taking the attachments off can barely keep up with him.

He seems to be now a puppet in the hand of some dark force, unconscious, unaware, wreaking havoc and mayhem.

quote-theology-is-just-like-sex-the-art-of-penetrating-the-mystery-leon-bertoletti-210745Another holographic inquiry area is the attachments themselves: I can feel them, I can feel them as their roots come out causing pain, breathlessness, nasty stuff… and I have to look at them without understanding. Otherwise they will never reveal the whole picture, otherwise I’ll be left with the limited understanding of my human mind… stuck in the mud…

In another article I said: intelligence is looking… “smart” is knowing the answer.

If you can start looking instead of knowing, you will become one of the one percent who is intelligent.

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  1. When I meditated over this Ayahuasca, I saw that “shamans” of the Native Americans made the warriors drink this, so they can kill, indiscriminately, savagely, kill the “enemy”… people, men, women, children, under the influence. You may already know that I am not a fan of the spirit-culture of the Native Americans, which is, by the way, a lot like the Mongols… kill, kill, kill. Not much to like. Its truth value and vibration is under 200, and this Ayahuasca is 170. Stirring up your shadow, stirring up your lower self and making it dominant.

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