What is your approach to spirituality? Feminine and Masculine? Osho on silence

masculine-feminine-energies-behaviorThis article is not for everyone. If you haven’t been a seeker, this is not for you. This article is quotes from an email conversation with a client who can’t create a powerful blockage to energetic, malicious, attachments and spells…

What is your approach to spirituality? Feminine and Masculine?

Feminine is: waiting for it to come to you, passive.

Spirituality, access to the beyond, your relationship to life needs to be feminine… an agressive male approach will take you away from what you are trying to accomplish.

This whole topic came up because a student of mine needs to frequently cloak herself. She also wants to bubble.

Cloaking is very easy, and enough for temporary protection against attachments, but she wants to bubble herself too. Why? I didn’t ask.

Here are the instructions, as I published them: “Imagine blowing soap bubbles. Pick one bubble….Start growing it to become big enough for you to step into it. Then using your palms, fill it with thick white light, and allow it to float off the ground, with you in it.”

Sophie, I’ve been doing both cloaking and blowing a bubble, walking in to it and then filling it with foam or I’ve also been imagining like a light coming from the pyramids on my hands and filling the bubble, all around me. How long does bubble covering lasts if what I am doing effective? You said my cloaking lasts an hour. Thank you.

Sophie, I tried to create a bubble covering again. This time I tried to connect and turned the muscle testing audio. I re-read the instruction again also. Did I do it right this time? Thank you.

I guess this one is harder for me to do. I got blowing bubble from when you said “Imagine blowing soap bubbles. Pick one bubble….Start growing it to become big enough for you to step into it.” So that’s what I’ve been doing blowing a bubble and then growing it. And then filling with foamy light. “fill up the bubble with thick white foamy light”. Maybe it’s hard for me to imagine foamy light. I stretch my palms and imagine white, bright light coming out from them and filling the bubble starting from the bottom and going up. I just tried doing it with open eyes. I don’t think though I take 60-90 min to fill up the bubble with light. I’ll keep working on it.

Are you stepping into the bubble? Yes, one foot at a time and then I saw (in my imagination) the bubble close behind me. Then I see myself in the bubble with open hands and I open them physically too. Then I see light coming out of them and falling on the floor of the bubble and then filling up the whole bubble with light covering me. Then I see it float up to the sky.

Thank you.

If you read what she wrote, you see the male aggressive tendency.

In reality, you playfully blow some soap bubbles, watch them as they shine and shimmer with the colors of the rainbow.

You pick one that you like and allow it to come close to you. As it comes closer, it becomes big, it shimmers right next to you. Slowly, as if you stepped through a threshold, one foot at a time, step into the bubble… it is not sitting on the ground.

Once you are in and are protected within its walls, gently fill the bubble with white light coming from your palms. Gently… and enjoy as it floats away.

Now, I don’t know if you can tell the difference, but how I write it, it’s a feminine, passive approach, how my student writes it: It is making it happen.

The same is with meditation, with love, with success. Anything that you pursue, (and pursuit is a mindset… a male mindset, aggressive.) is going to come out wrong… you need to allow sleep, meditation, love, success, to find you and come to you.

Our culture has effected women to forge ahead, to force, to charge, to initiate, to lose their femininity.


Osho: Allow Silence to Grow

It is a very simple thing. People go on talking, ninety-nine percent, unnecessarily. One percent perhaps may be necessary but that can be written. Just keep a notebook with yourself and watch your mind for, why you want to say something? Is it necessary? Is it going to serve any purpose? Or it is just the fear of silence that makes you talk?

The fear of being alone that makes you talk? Because that is the only communication you feel with somebody. If two persons are sitting silently, they may be sitting very close but they are as far away as they can be.
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