Nature, Life is on the side of the mites, not humans, not you… Morgellons is killing you

Bhagavad-Gita-Spiritual-QuotesIn our battle with the mites that are living in and on our bodies, we are in a losing streak.

Why would that be? I have now spent hours meditating over that, and this is what I have seen so far:

If Life wants more life, then when taking sides, Life is going the take the side of the opponent that is more interested in more life than the side that is interested in something else…

Life is not personal.

When you are only interested in what is for you, you are not really interested in Life, you are interested in looking good, in feeling good, in what you can get out of something, often at the detriment of Life, and the “other”.

I had a brief call yesterday with a 65 year old man who has stage 4 cancer in his colon and in the liver. He is desperately scrambling to “cure” his cancer.

osho-imgI recommended to him that instead he concentrates in dying well… given that obviously he did not live well. But he is hellbent in spending his money, taking out loans, and leaving his wife in abject poverty, while, muscle test said, there is nothing that can reverse this process of dying.

Now, if you examine, is he on the side of Life? Not at all. He is on the side of ego, on the side of fear, on the side of “me, me, me.”

But if you look, he is typical. Even though most of us have a thick veneer of caring, magnanimity, social mindedness, and whatever the heck we pretend, we actually don’t care about anyone, and anything, not even our children.

To be on the side of Life is to live well, and die well. 1

These mites, as I am observing them, bring brilliance, timing, diligence, to living well, and to forward the issue of Life… offspring well trained, protected, rallying their resources for that.

They even do tests… to see what time I can be best taken over, without my knowledge.

I know it is not funny, but it is very educational.

Is this how you live? Oh no. You live in your head. You would not notice that you are under attack until there is no saving you… How do I know it? I have had these mites for years, some even decades, and I scratched, and itched, and ignored the fact that it wasn’t going away… but I was too busy doing other things.

You may want to wake up… regardless.

osho-img-2Your consciousness is asleep, you are asleep, you are unaware, and self-absorbed, hellbent on maintaining the status quo that you are a good person, and respectable.

You want to be safe without having to do anything.

You want to learn muscle testing to avoid being present, being aware, being alert, and being skilled at taking care of life.

It’s not working.

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  1. Maude in Herold and Maude dies well…

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “Nature, Life is on the side of the mites, not humans, not you… Morgellons is killing you”

  1. Great movie, Harold and Maude. I watched it two times last night and today. It really spoke to me. That is what I am missing to have fun and live life like it hits me. I am so serious all the time. Lol..

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