Ayahuasca opens you and your friends up to be annihilated

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ayahuascaHumans are the hapless, ignorant, trappers of their brethren.

I have written about the client who, without asking me, went and done an Ayahuasca retreat, then continued to drink that stuff after he returned home.

Result: I needed to do 200+ dollars worth of work on him, 200+ dollars worth of work on a friend of his, and then 200+ dollars worth of work on me.

These are the people who we know were effected.

The spells (attachments) were debilitating and painful. I experienced them both directly and indirectly.

The attitude behind putting them on us was: die damn white folks, all 300 million of you.

Now, I am not saying that every Native American is secretly an ardent hater of all other kinds, and cast spells in their spare time.

I am a lot more interested how thousands of experience-seekers are opening the energetic doors for us, others, to be annihilated.

Nice. Thank you. I mean it… no nicer way to die than to be killed because you like some excitement. Really…

And not everyone has me to remove the spells and save their lives.

Stop being a whore for excitement, for experiences, and start living like a human being… not a whore.

As you can tell, I am quite angry. Angry, because there is not much I can do!

I have cloaked myself and will do it hourly, to fend off any more spells and attachments on me.

But what are YOU going to do?

PS: it could be that only the Kentucky establishment is so full of hatred… I don’t know… this client of mine did his retreat in Kentucky.

PPS: Ayahuasca vibration: 170. The people who consider themselves shamans: vibration: 70

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