Mites, especially spider mites (Morgellons), act much smarter than most humans.

What do most humans do when they are attacked? They sulk, argue, weep, yell, think about it, threaten, that’s what they do.

What do human mites do when they are attacked? They regroup. They get smarter. They do more of what works, and beat the attacker at their own game, by being stronger, smarter, and more capable, by counting on the human’s emotions to come in the way, on them sleepwalking or falling asleep at the wheel of their life.

Do you recognize yourself reacting like a human or reacting like a mite?

Mites have been around for much longer than humans, and will be around much longer than humans, because mites love Life, instead of thinking Life owes them a living, happiness, health, etc.

I am not saying mites don’t get angry, or huffy puffy for the injustices they receive.

They get angry, they may huff and puff, but then they say f… it, and get to work… doing what they need to do to have what they want.Life wants more life… And for mites that means more babies. Spider mites are actually sacrificing themselves for their offspring.

Humans, on the other hand,

  • get drunk, go to sleep, get depressed.
  • Go on Facebook and complain.
  • Make memes and post it on social media
  • Make noise, riots, protests, looting… beat someone up, kill someone…
  • Go out and get someone pregnant.

Humans have sex because they like it, because it’s an escape, and babies are just an afterthought.

The more time you have to have sex, the more babies you make… whether you can feed them or not.

So humans create more of themselves if they lose in the fight fro survival of the fittest, and the fittest, that work for a living, learn new things, get fitter and fitter by the day, see that they have time and energy for two kids… so their number stays the same.

And the humans that screwed and drank and cursed, hate the motherf…er smart people, because they have more, and talk down to them.

Yesterday this gal from Portugal wrote to me

I’ve been feeling different lately, for some time now I’ve been feeling that something is changing, my soul is crying for a change for a long long time, and I feel that I’m reaching some kind of “momentum” but I also know that I have ties that bind me, deep energetic ties that are making it difficult for me to connect deeply to my inner power, and live the life I’ve always longed for.

Sorry for any eventual errors in my english, but english is not my first language, I’m from Portugal.

Is there any way you can help me with this matter? Cutting ties (chords)?

I don’t check people without them first sending me a donation, but I said… heck, Portugal, I’ll do it.

I wrote back:

yes. you have nine attachments, that I can remove for a fee… it’s about $75 worth of work.

Her answer came promptly:

Thank you for your answer. Can you reveal a little more information, or is it not possible? In order for me to make a conscious decision about cutting ties, I need to understand more. If it’s ok for you, would you mind being a little more specific about these attachments? Where do they come from.

It’s important for me to be aware of what is going on and what should I expect after they’re removed.

Hah… enough… so I wrote:

Sorry, but you are asking for information that others pay for.

To which she wrote, huffy-puffy, self-justified, like a typical human:

Well I think it would be simpler if you explained that from the beginning rather than answering that other people pay for this kind of information. You just had to say “Yes, I can give you this information, the fee for that is…”

And besides, who ever said I cannot pay for that information? You just had to inform me of this in the first place.

Nevermind, now I don’t feel anymore you are the right person to help me.

Stupid, right? As far as I know I am the only person who can do this… and she needs it… Oh well, removed her from my mailing list.

What would have a spider mite do in similar situation?

Can you guess?

The spider mite would have said: ooops, my bad. Where is the link to pay?

Because for a mite it is more important to have what they want than being right or self-righteous.

But for a human? They will give up anything for that!

Some people learn, and they are my success stories.

Trish from the UK:

Hi Sophie,

Just thought I would give you a quick update in response to your article a couple of days ago where you mention me. I have been on the look out for something, as for as a business goes for a while. Being in a busy tourist town and looking for a gap in the market. Anyway I decided to put this on the Reticular Activator “A shop on the front”( front being on the harbour by the sea) so a few weeks go by and a great place in the perfect position comes available, I put in an offer and things took three months to get the shop not much bigger than a food truck! I am now in the process of getting the kitchen together after rewiring, and rebuilding the interior walls.

I am selling my husbands catch (he’s a fisherman) cutting out the middle man, although this will have to be supplemented with other suppliers as well to begin with Cooked Fish, Hand dived Scallop served with different sauces and the very British Fish and Chips!!

You where the second person on the day to tell me to watch the film “Chef” so I did ( great film also if you need to know how twitter works) I got it now, Thank you for the recommendation” Babette’s Feast” is one of my all time favourite films Felt sure you must have seen it which you had as realised in the article. It Is one of those films you love to love for people you just know are going to love it !! As I did for you. hopefully that makes sense?

Things are set to Open end of May. I could never have done this, I know for sure with out your help and support which you continue to do.

lots and lots of thank you very, very much

Or Matsa, who is now a real artist in training. Are you one of my success stories? Please let me know…

One of the “things” that worked with them is the energy remedies. The other: through conversations, them finding that they don’t have to follow the mainstream’s intellectual idea of success, they can use what they are strongest in for creation, doing things they love and get really good at it.

Both of them are non-verbal smart people… and now they are successful in a non-verbal field… Smart.

What keeps you from keeping your eyes on what matters: obeying Life, is your self-righteous emotions, your self-pity, your comparing yourself with others.

Instead of doing what is innately programmed and works, like for mites.

Creating more life, instead of just babies.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “Mites, especially spider mites (Morgellons), act much smarter than most humans.”

  1. Here I am J!
    You know that it has been almost a year I discovered some things, firstly paintings, and then crafts I even didn’t know they existed and I started to acquire some new skills, spending hours, days to learn ‘how to’

    I found my purpose, and I AM IN MY ELEMENT, my inside is flying, my heart is dancing when I do them.

    People start smiling and laughing when I talk excitingly about my WORK, creating my ‘stuff ‘, playing with colours and design.

    I don’t care what anybody is going to think; whether anybody will like it hasn’t the slightest importance.

    It is important to me and I KNOW I must do it – IT TAKES ME OVER, it seizes me, it is the only thing that matters. I KNOW I am on my way and (finally) I KNOW WHAT TO DO: I do what I love and love what I do – that’s the secret.

    I’m getting new ideas wherever I am in a moment, and if I’m not at home, I can’t wait to get there to realise them, to try them out, to find my way ‘how to’…

    I’m feeling I’m being myself and I’m not running from it anymore, I recognised it finally and hugged it with both my hands…

    Here and there emerges the old fear of an old voice in my head ‘will you be able/how are you supposed to do it/how do you think you’ll make it?’ and I take the fear of pursuing my intent under my arm and it disappears , dissolves… just as you said it would, so many times.

    Now I know why all the things I was trying during the last few years didn’t work or didn’t hold – it wasn’t what I wanted. It wasn’t my element – it was something like: I should do something… anything. It was 3 years ago, but I still remember you saying ‘aloud’ “find something to do with your hands’… I was looking around my home where there are so many things I made, invented, improved upon, but didn’t get what you were saying. Well, I got it and I’m doing it now with all my heart.

    And this, what I do now, started almost accidentally, like discovery, as if it came to me – as if it chose me and it nudges me to get up, as if it has its own existence, its own life…

    And all of it came thanks to you, your contribution to my awakening, your energy, activators (in the past 3 years, there is no single day I didn’t play one of them), Energizer… The list goes on and on…

    A big, big thank you, my dear Sophie, for your supporting me in finding my way.

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