One surprise side effect of fighting the mite epidemic…

unexpected positive side effectsThere have been a surprise side effect to fighting the mite epidemic: people are able to see if they are conscious or not, if they are awake or not, if they are in their head or not.

Now, that doesn’t seem like much… after all they have to do it, because otherwise the mites kill them, maim them, or just plain make them miserable.

But the truth is a lot simpler and at the same time a lot more complicated: awareness doesn’t care what you are aware of. Awareness, once it there, is aware of a lot more than where it’s directed.

So, people got aware of their attitude, their forcefulness, their moods, their actions, their inner monologue… and, surprise, this sudden awareness, this sudden bringing conscious awareness, consciousness to life, has started to raise people’s vibration.

Compared to where you have looked before, this is almost like you have been pulling back your attention and looking inward… after all the mites are too small to see, but they can be felt… if you are awake.

This sudden awareness has expanded to others’ well being, to education, to your opportunities, to how you go about getting stuff done… has caused, for a lot of us, unexpected benefits.

As I have said in another article, friction raises your vibration… unless, of course, you opt to hide, or ask mind-based questions… you hear me Will?

But people who have been participating in the fight… amazing results.

Of course, if you don’t have mites, you can still participate with us… Maybe you have attachments? That is another friction that can raise your vibration.

One of the main benefits of having your attachments removed, in addition, of course, that you feel better and lighter, and healthier, is that your attention is drawn to where you could do some work to be more integrated, more wholesome, and therefore more sturdy… Being sturdy means not everything flips you out… and that’s a good thing.

Almost like it builds your core, your center, that without that you are like a reed in the wind. Not a good life, not a good feeling, not a good starting point for living a life worth living.

Another benefit for people who participate: they have now an area where they can muscle test, and really benefit from it…

Having watched people before, they only had questions formed by the inquiring mind, about the future, about being safe, etc.

With fighting the invisible enemy, the mites, the questions are more grounded… and definitely out of the mind.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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