Why aren’t you happy? What Kabbalah has to say about that…

According to Kabbalah 1 (I studied  at the Kabbalah Centre. Most Kabbalists disagree with the Kabbalah Centre’s take on Kabbalah… ) you EARN your light.

Light is everything that keeps you alive, everything that you enjoy, everything you value. Sustenance, sex, pleasure, fulfillment… everything.

Obviously you want more of it, and obviously you don’t want to work for it… unless you enjoy work…

Work here doesn’t apply only to work that you do to earn money. Anything that you have to do consciously against your own laziness, ego, dark side, is considered work in Kabbalah.

The Soul Corrections are a list of types of work, one can do to earn light. Tell the truth, face the tiger, reveal your dark side, let go of superiority, circulate money, honor, respect, care for and about others… lots of them, and you probably have heard at least most of them. You consider them virtues…

Now, like all useful systems, it works on checks and balances, and it can be rigged.

Empty-Promise-Pete-WilsonOne such rigging the system move is empty promises. 2

When you make a promise that can earn you light, you immediatly receive the Light… and then you either deliver or not… mostly not.

Your moves are designed by you to avoid doing work, but still get light. 3

In this regard, with All-of-it, you are like the criminals that steal, rob, and go to jail.

Examples: In the physical reality,

  • a teacher promises to produce this result or that result but doesn’t do what it takes to get it done… You get some lecture, some question and answer sessions, but no results. Why? Because to produce the results you’d need handholding… and that is not happening.
  • Or the supplement seller, who promises this result or that, but no results are forthcoming, because it is not that simple… you’d need to do a lot on your own. They use testimonials from people who got way more than what you are paying for.

So, how do you do it in the non-physical realm?

You read a sales letter, you see the small print, you want the result. You buy the thing… Then don’t use it, or use it once… You got the light when you paid for it: paying for something is like a promise to actually do the work involved to get the result.

Nearly every promise you make, you break it. Especially the promises you make to yourself.

Need some energy? Let’s make some promises.

But, just like in the physical reality, there are consequences.

In the non-physical reality we call this “integrity.”

Without integrity nothing works, not your health, not your money, not your inner state, not your relationships.

You are like a petty thief that has to steal every day to be able to get any nourishment…

Your castle of lies is collapsing on you.

You delivered, with your life, a cent on the dollar… Whereas, had you done the work you promised, you’d have received equal if not more light for your dollar work.

And because you did something right once doesn’t mean you’ll do it again.

Laziness, business, the lure of making promises that you won’t keep, empty promises, is taking over for nearly every person I observe. Your promises are like outstanding debts and the debtors want to collect. But it all happens really between you and you…

You won’t allow the light to come through, because you know you are guilty.

When your life really stops working, which is what happens, you come to me. You want ME to remove your out of integrity, your outstanding debt. I can remove some of it, but not all of it. Life is a co-creative phenomenon… you need to pull your weight.

Some of your soul fragments that you denied or lost, I can cut the cords and you can you regain some of your aliveness.

But if you don’t do your work, you are dead meat, you stay in debt, or debtor’s prison.

So what is there to do?

Here are the tools that I use, that know work to restore life, power, and integrity for you.

Tool #1: Responsibility. Telling the truth. Owning the truth.

Many of you think you are taking responsibility, because you do self-deprecating statements, and hate yourself… But responsibility, the type that frees you, is only possible when you have Unconditional Love and compassion between you and You. 4

These are moves, make believe, and add more deceit to an already bad lie.

Responsibility is not emotional. No self-blame, no blame. No cause. Not your personality, not your lack of time, nor your laziness. Not even saying: this is how I am…

Responsibility refrains from making generalizations, or projections to the future.

Its language is present tense or past tense. It is always specific. There is an air of recognition in the act of taking responsibility: you come from your power.

Examples: You’ve been forceful with your children who you claim to love and care about. They do what you tell them to do, begrudgingly, and you are frustrated.

You could say: I have been forcing my kids to do what I want them to do… and that is a generalization. Nothing recognized, you can hear the “tails between legs” guilty dog whining.

You could say: oops, that was forceful (just after you issued a command). You can hear the recognition. You can hear the power.

When you recognize, it is Consciousness that does that. And when you bring consciousness to anything, life, smoothly and gently changes: you do your thievery only in the darkness, and vagueness or your unconscious sleepwalking life… In the areas where Consciousness brings in the operating room lights… you can’t, you won’t. Your better self won’t let you.

When you can sit down and make an inventory of all the lies you threw out to the Universe, and start telling the truth, your life will start working, and the more lies you tell the truth about, the more it will work.

  • You see, as long as you pretend that you know everything, you never need to apply yourself.
  • As long as you pretend that you are diligent, hard working, you never have to actually do any real work.
  • As long as you pretend that you can do it (the things you’ve been pretending but not doing) you won’t have to stop and see what it is you cannot do without learning something, practicing something, reading something, i.e. work that you’ve been unwilling to do thus far.

A friend of mine doesn’t read. Everything he aspires to do requires him to read and then do… But his vocabulary is small… and crucial words he doesn’t know. He would have to look up many many words to be able to get what the book is saying. But that conflicts with his self-image of “I can”.

So he won’t read, won’t do, and his psychic load grows by the minute… This psychic load is your integrity balance sheet: you owe the Universe… a lot. Your unfulfilled potential, your unfulfilled dreams, your unfulfilled promises.

you don't know that you don't know itTool #2: Make less promises and unmake the ones you have made. It’s simple: You say: I won’t do that.

Every time you say that, you get energy that was tied up in that broken promise.

And then, you regroup, and then spend more time looking BEFORE you make a new promise, if you, in fact, can and will deliver on it.

Example: a new software is being advertised that could increase a website’s traffic tremendously. I want my website traffic to increase. Shall I buy it? Buying it would be a promise that I’d use it to its fullest.

So, I ask some questions: Can it, in fact, increase MY traffic? Do I have the time to invest in doing the work? Is it a good use of my time and attention? Am I going to enjoy using the software? Do I have the knowledge it assumes I have to be able to use it? Is it a good investment with a big return? Is it taking me in the right direction?

You see, a simple $27 dollar software… but buying it can create a million dollar deficit in my integrity balance.

I have tens if not hundreds of unused software, where I didn’t ask these questions, or didn’t care about the answers: I wanted it… lol. I had to undo the damage and declare: I am not going to use this.

Some of them I even returned (gasp) and asked for a refund. Quite out of character for me.

Tool #3: Stop pretending that you are someone other than you are

When I was 16 years old, I was expelled from a decent high school, where, without any work invested, I was considered one of the best.

In the new school I was one of the worst. To become one of the best in the new school, I had to study 4-5 hours a day, in addition to extracurricular activities:  sports, language lessons, music lessons, and gigs.

I did it. I laid a solid foundation for a future: discipline, self-control, delayed gratification, doing the work that was required.

When I watch you, you didn’t get so lucky. You could get away with having no foundation, with winging it, with no self-discipline, and not much work.

And most of you can get away with not having any thinking tools, not practicing any structured thinking, whatsoever.

It’s costing you.

My recommendation is that you clear the decks by doing the above steps, and start building a foundation for a life of integrity, a life that works, a life that is not a pretense.

You’ll thank me for it.


  1. Kabbalah is an oral tradition, a conversation between learned Hebrews, rabbis, sages, about what the Bible says, what the Bible means, what life is about, what virtues are, what the Universe is and how it works. It also has its mystical, magical aspect, numerology, astrology… after all how the heck are you going to glean secrets that are invisible to the naked eyes, that are unknowable to you. I do not give much credence to the mystical Kabbalah, but have gleaned a ton of useful teachings in the conversations of the sages. The Bible, the Five books (scrolls) of Moses, The Old Testament, as you probably call it, is deep, and can be interpreted in many many different ways, make to mean many different things, you could say it’s written in code… for which we never had the key.

    I am planning to write an article about why people study Kabbalah, and how it has helped me to get that in life it is all checks and balances, and nothing can be really hidden… in the field of energy all lies show up as debts.


  2. Disclaimer: I haven’t read this book, Empty Promises, so this is not a recommendation… It may be bad bad bad for you, for all I know. Update April 2018: the author’s vibration is 100 and his accurate vocabulary is 400… So no, it is not good for you to read it.
  3. This is what we called an integrity issue in “normal” language
  4. Until you absorbed at least 40% of what is in the Unconditional Love pdf, you are unable to take responsibility. But understanding the pdf won’t help. It is an activator: it activates the dormant capacity to love yourself.

    Actually, without having that love relationship between you and You, you can’t do much.

    People who have it, don’t know they have it. People who don’t have it: they don’t really know they don’t have it… they don’t even know they could have it.

    In the millions of articles that talk about what successful people do or don’t do, they never mention the fact that successful people have an inner harmony between their you and their You, the two selves everyone has… because all this is an inner game. People who are successful have this capacity activated to a certain degree… often by accident. Or by race, yes, race.

    A true near death experience can activate Unconditional Love. Or you can have it activated by repetition of the Unconditional Love Activator: an energetic form, like drops of water eat away the stuff that’s between you and You.

    Most of you would have to drink the energy for it to work: your vibration is not high enough for this etheric energy to penetrate your physical self.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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6 thoughts on “Why aren’t you happy? What Kabbalah has to say about that…”

  1. hi Sophie, how much should I drink (daily) of the unconditional love activator ? And can I combine it with energized water made with the Energizer?

  2. Yes, please combine it with the energizer… same water. I use both on all my drinking cooking water, and I can tell the difference in my mood, my energy level, and of course on the taste of the water, tea, or coffee.

    I drink about 5 liter a liquids a day, most of it is tea… Don’t drink water just to get the activator in yourself. But if you can, drink it throughout the day.

  3. Sophie, thank you so much for writing this article. It helped me see the most of what work to do.

    I’ve been doing the three steps for three days now. I already see the difference between force and allowing. I’ll keep doing the work. Catching nasty gets easier too.

    Making promises and not sticking to the promise is the big one for me. I didn’t even see it until I read your article. I went back and started looking through my life how many promises I’ve made and didn’t keep. I had to unmake most of them.

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